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Wednesday, December 5, 2012


TSN is reporting the Roughriders have parted ways with offensive line coach Kris Sweet. Sportsnet's Arash Madani has confirmed the news saying Sweet was in fact, fired.  2012 was Sweet's first season with the club. The Roughriders will have an announcement on the matter on Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed Mr. Sweets enthusiasm! Too bad!

Anonymous said...

WTF? I guess the expectations were set higher for this young offensive line? It takes time to gel from overhaul.


Anonymous said...

Wonder where Kris Sweet will end up? Now that is three assistant coaches that will not be back next year, who's next?

Dale W said...

Expect an announcement of Bob Wylie back as OL coach

Larry said...

I was getting sick of his yelling and swearing at all the players....think they were also.

Anna said...

It would be great if Bob Wylie came back. I was extremely sorry to see him go - best coach at that position we've seen in a long while, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Can everybody what's happening here? **cough cough** Going back to the good old days I see.

Old Roy days are coming back!!

Anonymous said...

Sweet isnt the problem. OC ws overmatched and didnt use the QB properly. DC is just so passive and predictable. Every 2nd and long series had Ferri blitzing. Ineffective. I dont think he got 1 sack all year.

Anonymous said...

We got a piss poor performance from our offensive line again this year. We have all these high-priced players, yet Darian still got the snot knocked out of him several times. If it's the coach's fault, then good, we need a new coach.

Bob in Bethune

Anonymous said...

Sweet !