Realty One


Thursday, December 6, 2012


Free Agent list by team:

Montreal Alouettes
Dwight Anderson, DB
Brian Bratton, WR
Anthony Calvillo, QB
Tad Crawford, DB
Dahrran Diedrick, RB
Moton Hopkins, DL
Chima Ihekoaba, DE
Kristian Matte, OL
Adrian McPherson, QB
Jeff Perrett, OT
Brandon Whitaker, RB
Seth Williams, DB
Andrew Woodruff, OL

Toronto Argonauts
Tristan Black, LB
Ryan Christian, WR
Joe Eppele, OL
Ricky Foley, DL
Cedric Gagne-Marcoux, OL
Chad Kackert, RB
Maurice Mann, WR
Evan McCollough, DB
Spencer Watt, WR

Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Dylan Barker, DB
Yannick Carter, LB
Peter Dyakowski, OL
Terry Grant, RB
Marwan Hage, OL
Jonathan Hood, DB
Ray Mariuz, LB
Quinton Porter, QB
Chris Rwabukamba, DB
Brian Simmons, OL
Bo Smith, DB
Eddie Steele, DL
Daryl Stephenson, RB
Marcus Thigpen, RB
Carlos Thomas, DB
Geoff Tisdale, DB
Marcell Young, DB

Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Deon Beasley, DB
Marcellus Bowman, LB
Kelly Butler, OL
Clarence Denmark, WR
Chris Garrett, RB
Justin Goltz, QB
Jonathan Hefney, DB
Fernand Kashama, DL
Johnny Sears, DB
Bryant Turner, DE
Jason Vega, DL
Carl Volny, RB

Saskatchewan Roughriders
Rob Bagg, WR
Tyron Brackenridge, DB
Tearrius George, DE
Dan Goodspeed, OT
Cory Huclack, LB
Neal Hughes, RB
Alexander Krausnick-Groh, OL
Gene Makowsky, OL
Mike McCullough, LB
Scott McHenry, SB
Chris McKenzie, CB
Patrick Neufield, OL
Eddie Russ, DB
Jordan Sisco, WR
Shomari Williams, LB
Odell Willis, DL

Calgary Stampeders
Romby Bryant, WR
Stanley Bryant, OT
Brian Bulcke, DE
Devone Claybrooks, DT
Mark Dewit, OL
Eric Fraser, DB
Corey Mace, DT
Rob Maver, P
Chris McCoy, DE
Justin Phillips, DL
Larry Taylor, WR

Edmonton Eskimos
Weldon Brown, DB
Mike Cornell, LB
Pascal Fils, RB
Marcus Henry, WR
TJ Hill, DB
Marcus Howard, DL
Taylor Inglis, OT
Brian Ramsay, OT
Lee Robinson, DE
Tyler Scott, WR
Grant Shaw, K
JC Sherritt, LB
Dylan Steenbergen, OL
Chris Thompson, DB
Julius Williams, DL
Roderick Williams, DB

BC Lions
Solomon Elimimian, LB
Stanley Franks, DB
Shawn Gore, WR
John Hameister-Ries, OL
Brent Johnson, DL
Cauchy Muamba, DB
Jesse Newman, OL
Jovan Olafioye, OT
Mike Reilly, QB
Jamal Robertson, RB
Davis Sanchez, DB
Ryan Thelwell, WR
James Yurichuck, LB


Anonymous said...

If Edmonton can't re-sign him, break the bank for Sherritt. He is this year's prize.

Don Mitchell said...

I thought Gene retired.

CM said...

cant believe they gave a first rounder for 1 yr of Odell. Dumb.

Parkside said...

Great crop of free agents this year. Hope Taman can bring back a few of our key guys.

The Woz said...

Odells sack total was down but generally speaking he was usually applying pressure and/or getting double teamed so not as bad as some people think. He apparently wants to try the NFL but I can't see him making it there - so if the Riders want him he could be back.

Sherritt would be great but can't see Edmonton letting him go. Personally given our Canadian receiver situation Shawn Gore would look pretty good in green.

Mr.Morin said...


Given the potential that Odell has as a pass rusher I think it was worth the risk. He didn't pan out and I wouldn't expect him to be back. On the flip side, maybe Odell comes back and the change at DL coach leads to bigger things. Only time will tell.

Anonymous said...

sign Shawn Gore and Marcus Howard

Anonymous said...

Lots of interesting players on our free agent list; it would be nice to see most of those guys coming back. I'm sure that BT and CC have a good idea of what the they want the team to look like already; probably a few tricks up their sleeve as well.


Armchair GM said...

We can let Bagg, Williams,Sisco McHenry walk! We need Willis,Russ,Brackenrich,George,Groh,Neufieldback! Like to us take a shot at Gore,Howard,Romby Bryant,Foley,Bratton,Anderson!

Anonymous said...

Haaaahaaa - Odell in the NFL?? He was so out of shape - As soon as the opposition had any kind of sustained drive he was useless. he was good for 2 or 3 plays / drive then forget it....and with the Riche Hall bend, but don't break defence there were alot of sustained drives for the opposition.
Maybe Odell thinks the 30 second play clock will help him?

Anonymous said...

Very interesting names here: Some I'd maybe go after are: Muamba, Tj Hill, Johnny sears, and Jonathan Hefney are interesting db's! Marcus Howard, Shawn Gore, and Eliminian I like cause as much as a beast Sheritt is, Edmonton will re-sign him! yes he dropped a clutch ball vs TO but the under the radar pick up would be Bratton!!

I hope the following are back: Tyron, George, McCullough,Russ,Odell, and Hughes!

Anonymous said...

Riders get rid of all your free agents and take a go at these players on this list from the other clubs. Clean the house Cory and build this team your way.

GWils26 said...

What is the reasoning behind wanting Eddie Russ back?

I don't want to be confrontational just curious as to what rationale you have for wanting to keep him?

From what I saw this season he was arguably the worst DB we had. He constantly gets beat over and over. I would much rather have kept Lance Frazier.

I'd like to see us pick up Elimimian and a DB, some fine tuning and coaching adjustments and we will win allot of games.