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Wednesday, November 7, 2012



GLOBAL: Were you okay with the decision to open practice to the media?

CHAMBLIN: Yes. The biggest thing was just the understanding what the league policy is. It wasn't a thing where we wanted to be first at it. It was just something that I thought was being done (across the league). It's not about the fine. We want to follow league rules and that's the biggest thing. Even with closing the practice during the year, if it wasn't within league rules I wouldn't have done it.

SCRUFFY: Did your team have the fire in them that was absent the last four games?

CHAMBLIN: The guys understand this is a new season. If you look across the league, not to point fingers, but there was a lot of teams that didn't have that fire. I think once you clinch early, you can some guys that mentally say 'we have it'. But right now, the guys practiced pretty good today and they have the focus. They understand that it's a one-game shot.

LEADER POST: Do you have any coaching ploys to reignite this bunch?

CHAMBLIN: Yah you win or you go home. And I doubt those guys wanna go home. It's a chance for them to, in the post-season, everything you've worked for during the season, to me, practice, this is what it's really about. You play all those games to get to this point to see who's gonna be the champion.

CTV: What helped your run defence since Labour Day? Joe Lobendahn?

CHAMBLIN: Joe's a run-stopper. We did change some things. We moved Shomari Williams to the WILL spot. We've also added Jay Alford and a number of guys and we also had the rotation thing. I just think it's the mix of things. Abe (Kromah), when he was in there, there were some things being done.

GLOBE AND MAIL: What did you learn during your 5-game slide this summer that might help you get out of this losing skid?

CHAMBLIN: We're not in a losing skid. It's 0-0 .... We're not in one. It's 0-0. But the one thing we've learned by having two losing skids is that there's always a win coming after it.

CTV: How did the Riders win in Calgary in the 2010 WDF? (Chamblin was on Calgary's staff)

CHAMBLIN: It was close to Christmas. We gave 'em a gift.

SCRUFFY: How much of a distraction or pain were Rider fans for the Stampeders in 2010 in the WDF?

CHAMBLIN: It's not just that game. It was all during the season. I was fairly new to it, so from that standpoint it was like 'Whose home is this?' I mean I'm serious. Sometimes it looked like it was 50/50 in those stands because the green would stand out and the crowd was going for both sides. It's a very exciting place to play when the green comes to town.


CBC: Does the body feel better after the one week break?

DURANT: It does. Feel refreshed, feel good, and just ready to go. Looking forward to going to Calgary and having a semi-home playoff game.

SCRUFFY: What's the mood knowing you can't lose anymore games?

DURANT: It's self-explanatory. It's win or go home. I think the mood in the locker room is good. We know what's at stake. We've played these guys tough all three games so we know we're capable of winning. We just have to go out, execute, and make sure we limit the mistakes and give ourselves a better chance to come out on top at the end.

GLOBAL: Are there any secrets left between these two teams?

DURANT: No, not really. These two teams, especially the veteran guys, know each other. We've played each other at least 4, 5 times every year since I've been here. We know what they're gonna do and they know what we're gonna do. It's just about the team that goes out there and executes the best.

GLOBAL: Do you watch for DE Charleston Hughes?

DURANT: Not really. It just comes down to us not holding onto the ball and allowing him to make those effort plays that he's good at. He has a high motor, is relentless, and makes a lot of plays just hustling.

GLOBAL: Can you believe Jock Sanders may play this soon after his injury?

DURANT: It's unbelievable. That's just a tribute to the young legs that he has, to be able to heal up that fast. To be able to come out and practice and go through these drills, it's remarkable. We'll work him in a little more tomorrow and see if he's good to go come Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Globe and Mail In attendance along with mandated CFL policy must have put CC back In his rightful place, cost the team a fine on top of It all. How many years has this man been In this league and he still doesn't know policy and rules, some backtracking with humble pie.

Anonymous said...

It would make my year if the Riders could be the ones to end Cornish's and Lewis's seasons. There is no doubt in my mind that this team can do that; at the very least.


Anonymous said...

I'm on board with whatever Coach wants to do....closing practice doesn't affect me at all as you'll notice Rod doesn't post details of practice other than who is back from injury. So really, all Rod posts is the post practice interviews which he'd get either way.

Just glad Taman got his way the 2nd time around. Players quit on Marshall within 6 weeks, not so with Chamblin, results are not great but it's been an improvement.

Anonymous said...

Stranger there is no question the Riders can go into McMahon and upset those dirty Stamps. We have the talent to do it, now we just wait and see which Rider team shows up. Nobody expected us to win in 06 WSF either. Difference this year is that we want to win this game and the next two as well. Grey Cup or bust.


Anonymous said...

" Know your game and own It " enough said ! ElA

Anonymous said...

The Riders do not have the talent nor the coaching staff to upset the Stamps this weekend. Anyone who thinks the Riders will actually win is a fool and only fooling themselves. The Stamps are dominant in almost every position over the Riders . It's going to be men vs boys on Sunday and my money is already on the Stamps and Argos.

Anonymous said...

I must admit I am not a Chamblin fan. Not a Dyce, Hall or Taman fan either! This staff is lucky to of won 8 games if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

I hope the Riders dump the Stamps to 1) advance to face BC and 2) shut you part time fans up.

Anonymous said...

Those sniveling bitches in the Regina media get their way after making a fuss.

Rod, do people in the local media want the team to lose? I'm not saying they need to be mindless shills who only report good news, but there is a huge sense of animosity coming from the local media.

Anonymous said...

I have a better chance of winning a million dollars than this very poor Rider team does of beating a good Stamps team. The KoolAid drinkers will be quiet after Sunday thank god

Anonymous said...

hell of a show tonight roddy!!!

Durant throws for 300 2 tds 50 yards rushing

James Patrick the leader of the anemic secondary gets his first pic of the season.

and its bedlam in cowtown

Anonymous said...

Who's Durant throwing the 300 yards to exactly? Scott McHenry the game breaker? Too funny!

Anonymous said...

The scoreboard in the photo says Riders 17 Stamps 3, are these Riders for real or this is for motivation?


Anonymous said...

'The KoolAid drinkers will be quiet after Sunday thank god'

Yeah, those people that cheer for their team are awful, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

So our head coach is under the impression that we're not on a losing streak. That's comforting.


Anonymous said...

CC is on quite an ego trip. That will get old in a hurry.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sniveling B,

The media didn't get practices open again. Chamblin announced publicly that he was closing practice. The league informed him he wasn't.

Do you actually think someone in Regina filed a complaint with the league? The story was all over TSN. I'm pretty sure word got back without any sniveling b's.

Give your head a shake and wake up.

Parkside said...

Still with the belly aching. Come off it. I hope the one "anonymous" fella gets his million dollars. Because the Riders will win! Why can't you be happy and cheer for our Riders that have a shot at the Cup! Like CC says, we're 0-0. Fresh start!

Magie Struck said...

Actually rod speculated on his radio show that someone in Regina complained to the cfl.....