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Tuesday, November 20, 2012


TORONTO - The Hamilton Tiger-Cats will play CFL home games next season at the University of Guelph.

Team president Scott Mitchell says the facility is a good fit and will be large enough to accommodate all Ticats' season ticket holders.

It currently seats 7,500 but he says the team and university are discussing ways to expand seating.

A new 24,000-seat field is being built on the site of the old Ivor Wynne Stadium that was the team's home for 84 years.

Mitchell says they're confident the new facility will be ready on time.

It will also be used as the soccer venue for the 2015 Pan-American games.

(The Canadian Press)


Anonymous said...

Long term Instability for both the Hamilton franchise and and all Involved with the CFL 2013 season and beyond. Anyone with any sense of sensibility knows stadium builds have unforseen problems and opening day delays. Refer to Winnipeg stadium build, hindsight 20/20 by not demolishing Canads Stadium where the Blue Bombers played out this current 2012 season.

Anonymous said...

I agree that this situation and Ottawa's stadium situation has me nervous. What if there's unforeseen significant delays like WPG? Ottawa Montreal? Hamilton uses an undersized CIS facility in 2014, too? These seem like tight deadlines for such a monumentus task.

Anonymous said...

Good move for TiCat fans - sounds like TiCat season holders can renew their tix for next year. Forty minute drive? I and a lot.of Rider fans got to drive longer than that to get to our home games!

Anonymous said...

Guelph ,7,500 current seating capacity. Ticat's negotiating for further added seating ? Shouldn't this business have been conducted at least one year In advance and secured when the team knew they had to move out of their current facility due to demolishing and new construction.The CFL and Ticats organization have dropped the ball on this business transaction, not good for long term stability for all Involved. Delays predicted on stadium build and nothing but scheduled headaches for the rest of the leagues remaining franchises.

Anonymous said...

Not all secluded 2013 season games will be played at Guelph. Ticats will be roving to other venues to be determined. CFL needs to address this looming Issue asap, some teams will not be happy with the schedule outcome. Travel Itinerary will be a Issue along with financial exspences.

Gored said...

A 24,000 seat stadium is being built? This is sup[posed to be sufficient for well into the future? There should be a league minimum seating capacity of 30,000.