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Thursday, November 15, 2012


The Silver Fox Kelly Remple co-hosted Thursday's show and we discussed Brendan Taman's year-end comments and heard from Moose Jaw Warriors GM Alan Millar.  You can listen here:


Anonymous said...

Love the Vikings and Warriors in the same show. -jim from assiniboia

Anonymous said...

The Vikings report is lame! Grow up Pedersen!

Anonymous said...

Hair on Kelly Remple for pointing out that the Riders never had a pass rush and they always gave up big yardage when they had the opposition in second and long. Good on you Kelly although you may be banned from any more media scrums.


Anonymous said...

"Grow up Pedersen"??? What am I missing? Why would some idiot say that? What's your point? Because you don't like the Vikings, or the NFL, or are you just a prick?