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Monday, November 19, 2012



* We waited 51 weeks to find out who will go head-to-head in the 100th Grey Cup in Toronto and on Sunday we discovered who it will be: Toronto and Calgary.  Honestly, who, outside of Calgary, would have predicted that?

* This is a glorious match-up although right after Toronto vanquished Montreal in the East Division Final, Twitter was abuzz about the potential of a Braley Bowl.  Fans and media were anticipaing a scandal if Toronto were to face the BC Lions in the Grey Cup since both teams are owned by David Braley.  Personally I thought that would be a fantastic story for the 100th Grey Cup but alas, it didn't happen.

* Given our squabbles with the Stampeders over the past couple of years it would be hard to make them our rooting interest in this year's CFL championship however we've found a reason: Kevin Glenn.  He's first-class all the way and the story of him returning to Rogers Centre to finish the business he started in 2007 with Winnipeg is remarkable stuff.  Plus, if I pull for Calgary, they'll probably lose!  That's usually how it goes.

* This is the first Grey Cup appearance for the Argonauts at home since 1982.  They're holding a pep rally in downtown Toronto Tuesday evening.  It will be interesting to see what the Stamps do for a pep rally before leaving.  Remember before the 2010 West Final against Saskatchewan when the Stampeders held a pep rally and only two people showed up?  And one was a Rider fan!

* The media is grinning from ear-to-ear that the Argos are in the Grey Cup for the first time since 2004, when they beat BC in Ottawa.  As one TSN reporter said to me, "What else can be said about Anthony Calvillo?"  The Argos in the Grey Cup in Toronto has put a fantastic spin on the upcoming week.

* Montreal looked "off" in Sunday's East Final to begin with.  They had three first half 2-and-outs and their offence was barely on the field. Their defence came to play in the first half however, as the Als led 17-10 at the break.  They even had a chance to win it at the end, but for the inexplicable drop by Brian Bratton in the endzone.  To hear his explanation of the play, see the post below.  You've got to wonder if changes are in store for the Montreal defence.

* The Argos didn't have a 2-and-out until the fourth quarter.  And hey, they've made it to the Grey Cup as a 9-9 team!

* There were 50,112 at Olympic Stadium for the Toronto-Montreal game.  It begs the question; where were they all year?

* The TSN announcers said near the end of the game "This is why the Argos got Ricky Ray!"  I'm sure they're right but it certainly adds to the conspiracy theory about how they got Ricky in the first place.  The trade STILL doesn't make sense to me.

* All this is happening while Eric Tillman sits at home in Regina and watches.  Some have speculated that he'll never work in the CFL again but I say not-so-fast!  People said the exact same thing after his tenure with the Roughriders but eight months later he was running the Eskimos.  Never say never.

* Last year we came up with the fictitious Leo Cahill Award for the CFL's GM of the Year.  Please tell me this year's three finalists and I'll post a poll to decide the champ.  The WHL hands out a trophy like this so why can't the CFL?

* Paul Lapolice looked good while hosting the Coaches Playbook segment on the TSN panel on Sunday.  He looked so good that I bet he doesn't really want to leave however I'm sure he'll take the next good coaching job offer.

* Don't know if it was the beautiful backdrop of BC Place Stadium or what, but the TSN panel looked resplendent on Sunday.  It looked like an NFL broadcast.

* While we're handing out bouquets, TSN's Sara Orlesky looked great in Rider Green on Sunday's broadcast.

* It seems to be in vogue to bash former Rider quarterback Drew Tate, now of Calgary.  Some say the talk of his broken wrist is a smokescreen for a concussion but really, does it matter?  And as for him taunting the fans in B.C. Place, our quarterback Darian Durant did the exact same thing in the 2011 Banjo Bowl.  Sometimes it's hard to resist.

* One issue we haven't raised on here yet, but should, is the topic of Durant and the Rider offence "scoring too soon" in the last minute of last week's CFL WSF at Calgary, and leaving too much time on the clock.  You know that's a ridiculous thought, right?  When asked about that on locker room cleanout day, Darian rolled his eyes.

* Rider Pep Band leader Bob Mossing and I discussed this Saturday night at the Pep Band's fundraiser at Applause Dinner Theatre.  "You score when you can!" Bob said.

Here are some photos from Saturday's performance at Applause.  It's too late to get out and support the Pep Band, but definitely go watch this show over the holidays!!

* Over the weekend the Riders parted ways with assistant coaches Alex Smith (linebackers) and Mike Walker (defensive line).  Not sure if production at these positions had anything to do with their departures as much as they were inherited by Corey Chamblin for 2012, and he may want his own guys.  Both are great men so in that respect, it's disappointing to see change.  After the playoff loss in Calgary I hopped on the team bus and Alex was staring out the window alone.  There was something about that scene that made me think he might have been reflecting on his last-ever game with the Riders.  Who knows?  There are also rumblings that this split was mutual and that Alex is ready for retirement.  We may find out after Grey Cup.  Remember there's a moratorium on team announcements during Grey Cup week.

* As for the vacant defensive line coaching position, Rider great Scott Schultz said he'd be willing to talk to the Riders about it.

* A more likely candidate is Rider great Bobby Jurasin who's sitting at home in Michigan waiting for a call.  You'll remember he told us there are only two football teams he wants to coach:  the Saskatchewan Roughriders and Northern Michigan.  Now's the time!

* This blog will have you covered for all of Grey Cup week by the way.  With our Canadian Press content, Jarrett Rusnak's festival columns and my photo-blogging and reporting from Toronto, we'll have all the coverage you need.

* If you're going to Grey Cup, please get your tickets to Friday's Riderville luncheon at the Westin Bayshore, sponsored by SaskCanola.  I'll be the emcee for the event!  Call the Rider office at 569-2323 for tickets or visit the Mosaic Stadium ticket office.   Here's the poster once again:

* For three years running (2002 Edmonton, 2003 Regina, 2004 Ottawa) yours truly hosted the CFL Cheerleader Competition but for some reason the tradition died in 2005 in Vancouver.   What happened??  Can we get it fired up again???   Did I do something wrong?!  Likely.

* More heartache for Saskatoon.  The Saskatoon Sirens lost the 2012 Canadian Lingerie Bowl to the BC Angels, 25-12, in Abbottsford, BC on Saturday.  Here are some photos of the game courtesy of the LFL.  Check out the referee in the pic above!

* Of course the Regina Rage lost out to Saskatoon in the semifinals.  Here's hoping everybody is back for another kick at it in 2013.

* According to Jim Bender of the Winnipeg Free Press, the BC Lions were the most-searched team on Google in 2012.  This, according to a statement from Google itself.  Apparently the Blue Bombers were second and the Roughriders third.  The least-searched team were the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.  I say good for BC and Winnipeg! These Google searchers likely already had the Riders bookmarked in their computers anyways ;)

* Happy belated birthday to former Rider Wayne Smith who turned 33 on Saturday.

* Speaking of Rider alumni, "Mr. Furious" Daved Benefield posted on Facebook on Sunday that he's considering dumping Facebook.  I've gotta say that if that social media website wasn't so handy for blogging, I'd be with him.


* The Prince Albert Raiders suffered a 6-1 loss at Red Deer on Sunday which was their first loss to an Alberta opponent all season.  They were a perfect 7-0 up until Sunday.

* How gratifying for the P.A. Raider Board of Directors (and President Dale "Mucker" McFee) to have followed their hunch and retained GM Bruno Campese, Coach Steve Young and head scout Dale Derkatch this off-season.  The Raiders are 15-7-0-1 and in first-place in the WHL's Eastern Conference.

* The Saskatoon Blades won the annual Battle of the Brodskys Friday night by beating the Cougars in Prince George 4-0.  The Brodsky family owns both teams.  HEY they can do it in the WHL so why not the CFL?

* White City, SK's Ryan Murray of the WHL's Everett Silvertips injured his shoulder in a fall over the weekend and will reportedly miss some time.  "It's not good news," Columbus Blue Jackets GM Scott Howson told the Columbus Post-Dispatch of their #2 pick.  "He's in a lot of pain."  Ryan will get an MRI done today or tomorrow.

* Stanley Cup champions Bryan Trottier and Troy Brouwer have been added to the list of talent at the annual Milestone Sportsman's Dinner on Saturday, December 1.  The keynote speaker is St. Louis Blues alumni and current colour commentator Kelly Chase.  Unfortunately I'm unavailable to emcee the event because I'll be in Dallas but if you want to go, call my brother Lee at 306-436-4515!

* WHEN this NHL lockout ends I hope the TV networks will continue with the spectacular coverage of the CHL and AHL.  It's been amazing.  Last week's feature on Connor McDavid of the Erie Otters was sensational and he's being compared to Wayne Gretzky by Eric coach Robbie Ftorek.

* Will there ever be another Wayne Gretzky?  EVER??

* Who's better dressed: Gary Bettman or Mark Cohon?  Bud Selig doesn't enter the equation and UFC President Dana White usually only wears t-shirts and jeans.

* The greatest television show I've seen in weeks was Undercover Boss: Tilted Kilt.

* I've been getting up real early on weekends and surfing  I don't know why.  On Saturday I found a part-time job as a Santa at the Southland Mall.  That instantly brought back memories of the drunk Santa who was arrested last year at the Cornwall Centre.  Remember that?  It was AWESOME!  It made international news.  Here's the story:

* I think that's enough for today.  Don't forget Monday Night Football tonight at the Press Box Sports Bar between Chicago and San Francisco in a 7:30 kickoff!  You can enjoy a full rib dinner for $7.99 plus the Press Box features the All You Can Eat Soup & Salad lunch special for $7.99.



Anonymous said...

Why would anyone be surprised Calgary is representing the West after posting the second-best CFL record this season???

Anonymous said...

I am soooo praying the Argos kick Stamps you know what to the curb.

Anonymous said...

Can't cheer for Kevin Glenn, won't cheer for Kevin Glenn. If he is wearing Calgary red, his drought can continue. Toronto all the way. I may not even watch it.

Anonymous said...

Sigh....another long Rider off season. Just win a couple games at the end of the year and you're in the Grey Cup...whats so hard about that?

Gored said...

I find it difficult to get interested in the playoffs and the Grey Cup if the Riders are out.

Here's a bouquet for Pat Conacher and his coaching staff. They get the most out of the injury depleted Pats night after night.

Nice photos. It's great to see guys in a restaurant with their baseball caps on, such a touch of class.

Saw the new James Bond movie last night - non stop action - great movie. There was a trailer for a Jack Reacher movie (a character in a series of books by Lee Child). Reacher is a 6'5", 235# ex army MP so who do they cast as the title character - Tom Cruise who is a skinny little twerp. This may be the worst casting since an aging Morgan Freeman played Alex Cross in two movies (has been replaced by a much younger Tyler Perry for a 2012 release)or Frank Sinatra played Edward X. Delaney in the First Deadly Sin.

Anonymous said...

All these Rider fans are talking about how playoffs are not the same without the Rider in it.

Do you forget they've only one the championship THREE times. Its not like they get there every year and its shocking when they lose.

Only 3 times in 100 years people. Thats not good odds.

Anonymous said...

I agree its nice to see CHL and AHL on TV.

Breathe of fresh air.

I still miss Saturday nights and seeing the Leafs lose.

Anonymous said...

Bobby J. has always been one of my all-time faves. Would LOVE to see him on the coaching staff! Riders in '13! I'm already excited!

Anonymous said...

I like Kevin Glenn but it is so damn hard to cheer for Calgary when they have horrible human beings playing for them. So I hope Toronto kicks the living snot out of them.

Anonymous said...

You blog on facebook?? Do you have a public page? or just your private one?

Keith said...

Top GM's:

1. Huffnagel
2. Barker
3. Taman

Rod Pedersen said...

No Facebook is handy for doing THIS blog.

Larry said...

Rod - Are you going to the Gregg Zaun Grey Cup Bash on Friday?

My wife and I are...anyone else from Regina going?

Rod Pedersen said...

I will be there. Please come up and say hi

Larry said...

Will do...hope other Rider Fans attend!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rod, why is it that everyone is questioning whether or not Odell Willis will re-sign with the Riders? Is it that he didn't like it in SK or would it be related to the Riders not re-signing him because of his "drop off in production"?

Just curious


Anonymous said...

Goooo Argos!!!!

Anonymous said...

Top CFL GM's #1- Mr.Buono, #2- Mr. Hufnagle, #3-Mr. Popp.

Anonymous said...

Top CFL GMs:
1. Buono
2. Huff
3. Popp
4. Barker
5. Tillman
6. Taman
7. OB
8. Mack

Anonymous said...

Canadian Football League fans should only be so grateful for Mr.David Braley, where would this league be without his long term financial support. This man must really love his Canadian football with his extra big wallet full of money, who else would give so generously that he has 2 teams, can't think of anyone else. Thank you Mr. Braley for keeping this league alive and entertaining for all to enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Braley, buy the Saskatchewan Roughriders and make them Into a winning franchise, thank you please, please, please !

Anonymous said...

Good thing the Pats have good goaltending. If they didn't they'd quite literally have about 5 wins this year.

Anonymous said...

Sara Orlesky-green leprechaun lucky charm.

Anonymous said...

Interview with Greg Zauhn please. His love for the Riders is a great story. I'm with you Rod it would be great to see Kevin Glenn get a ring.

Anonymous said...

Don't like Cornish but he made a good statement about Kevin Glenn after the game yesterday. Glenn has excelled this year because he finally has a great group of talent around him. This can always make a quarterback look better. I am happy for Glenn, but would have a hard time cheering for the stumps.

Anonymous said...

Scott Shultz is great, but he didn't have it in himself to finish the season he started, as he 'retired' from football to run his company... I am okay with that, but suddenly he is okay to run his company and have time for coaching? I am not sure about that...

If you have Bobby Jurasin sitting there waiting to coach... grab him now! But will Coach Chamblin get along with him, I don't know.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Glenn seems a good reason to cheer the Stampeders, and the fact that they represent the West is another. However it is all the same team that has a**face John Corn-hole-ish... no class at all.

The new 'hated' man in Calgary!

Mike said...

I woould be awesome to have Bobby Jurasin back as our defensive line coach. If our defensive line plays with the same intensity he had as a player, our defensive line would be waesome. He was one of my favorites of whom brought it every play along with Eddie Lowe. Same Mentality. Jurasin would be a good fit.

Anonymous said...

GM of the year:
1) Barker - for fleecing Edm
2) Huffnagel - for fleecing Ham
3) Rider fans

Anwar Stewart is riding into the sunset with this Grey Cup, I think he’d be a better option than Bobby J as the new D-line coach.

CM said...

Stamps are well coached. Don't think their players are better than the Riders or the Lions, for sure. The Vancouver papers say Dickenson should ge the game ball for his game plan. Great coaches put a team over the top. Now we know why Glenn looks great at age 33, and Joseph had a career yr under Austin. Still don't understand how so many fans defend Hall after his D gave up 300 yards in a half in must win game. Brutal. And Dyce's short passing NFL offence is the opposite of how Dickenson attacked BC.

Anonymous said...

Let the Riders head coach make his own desicion on who will be added to his staff, Bobby Jurasin ? get real people who are commenting he would be a coach In waiting, where, pee-wee football. A lot of qualified people to select from, and that will be on Cory Chamblin.

Anonymous said...

Like It or not, John Cornish Is a very good player.All the haters out there, get over It and enjoy the game for what It Is. Go Calgary Stampeders, you earned the right to play for the Grey Cup Championship.

Anonymous said...

Cornish is a great player alright but so were Reynolds and Pringle , nearly unstoppable, however they went about their business and walked back off the field, none of the antics Cornish feels the need to do. Pretty sure Calgary will beat Toronto easily and if they do then they are the champs, doesn't mean we have to like them or cheer for them, therefore, Go Toronto!

Anonymous said...

To the commentor who said people should 'get real' for suggesting Bobby Jurasin as an assistant coach, you seem like a bit of a blog police, are you really that qualified to tell people not to comment or have an opinion?

Maybe RP should not have suggested the idea in his column, would that of made you happy? Maybe the rest of us should not make comments, maybe that would make you happy?

My friend you are not the police of the blog... RP's column made a point that either Schultz or Jurasin could be considered for the job... People are aloud to reply - get real or get off the site!

Anonymous said...

Sara Orlesky looks great in anything, anytime!!

Anonymous said...

We may not need the blog police but we DO need the grammar police!

Anonymous said...

Gary Bettman should go back to his regular role as the count on sesame street. No live NHL on television In Canada, just not right.

Anonymous said...

Blue Jays trade finally official.

S.White said...

Would like to see Ricky Ray and The Agros win The Grey Cup.
Was wondering if LaPo would come back to The Riders and If there would be a place for him. He was a Very Good OC.

Anonymous said...

Scott Schultz says -

I'm not interested nor qualified to coach at the pro level. I was completly joking with Rod. I do however think a guy like Bobby J could be a candidate the only drawback would be him subbing himself into the game for a "boost"

The Ol' 96er

Switzer said...

Hey Rod, using the Google Keyword tool anyone can check and see what get's Googled and how often.

BC does have the most searches. Sask and Winnipeg are tied for second.

BTW, you have about 2 and a half times as many searches for your name as Gormley does.

Anonymous said...

Ex Stamp fan here. Cannot cheer for a team with Cornish and Lewis. They embarrassed the organization, the fans and the city. Very sad that ownership puts winning ahead of class.

Anonymous said...

The correct spelling for aloud Is ; allowed, courtesy of the correct english spelling " blog police " ????

Anonymous said...

For the fellow who wondered if Chamblin would get along with Bobbeh, let's look at what #71 stood for as a player. He was an intense, energetic player who gave it 110% on every single play. He was committed to excellence and did his best to encourage and coach those around him to make the whole defence better. And finally, he had (still does have) a strong sense of community and family; a guy who realizes what this team means to this province. Chamblin seems to believe in these same principles as well. I'd say they'd get along just fine. Bring him in!

Anyone else see Don Cherry talking about the Grey Cup on Twitter? I had no idea that he's a CFL fan. Wonder if somehow he'll be involved in the Grey Cup festivities in TO this week. Maybe TSN can put their war with CBC aside and invite him to share his thoughts on the big game.


Anonymous said...

Last thing I need to hear is Don Cherry commenting on anything. That is one of the best things about this lockout. No hockey is #1 but no Cherry/Maclean is #1A

Anonymous said...

Hey Rod shouldn't Lee's phone number be 436-4515.

Anonymous said...

If the Stamps win this weekend, Hufnagel should be coach and GM of the year. No one gave Calgary much of a chance this year including many from the media.

Hopefully Toronto does win however and maybe spark some interest again in the franchise. The only franchise that can win in the big smoke and it gets the least support.


Anonymous said...

Stampeders !!!! 2012 CFL Grey Cup Champions !!!!