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Thursday, November 8, 2012


"On behalf of the Calgary Stampeder Football Club, I would like to state that we do not in any manner condone the highly inappropriate comments made Wednesday morning by an on-air employee of Sportsnet 960 concerning the Saskatchewan Roughriders. These comments do not reflect the views of the football club or of the Canadian Football League and we can not stress enough that they have no place in our sport.
"We pride ourselves on fierce rivalries and intense competition but also our great partnerships with the other Canadian Football clubs including the Roughriders. We look forward to Sunday's West Division semifinal at McMahon Stadium against Saskatchewan and know the contest will be hotly contested but played in the spirit of sportsmanship that we value so highly."


Anonymous said...

What were he comments? Roddy this release means nothing to me without context.

Anonymous said...

Well, well! And just what else could they say? Bunch of BS as far as I am concerned.

Doug said...

Geez, dont make this any bigger than it is. I have been a diehard Rider fan since 1963, but guys make stupid comments, we make stupid comments. He apologized and that should be good enough.

Anonymous said...

Value sportsmanship highly ???? what a f$#kin two faced liar. They just banned our mascot from their stadium. STFU Lyle Bauer, just shows how smart this guy is, no wonder his team looks and acts like a bunch of clowns. I like Tate, the rest of the team is as bad as Cornish and this absolute ignorant ignoramous Bauer .

Anonymous said...

The Stamps have been a classless organization for years, going back to the Tom Higgins era, if not before. The fan 960 is station has a bunch of classless individuals working there. Living in Medicine Hat, if I wish to have an all sports station, it is my only choice unless I go to sat radio(something I will now check out). I will no longer listen when that idiot is on air. The dorks in the afternoon are no better though.

Anonymous said...

Totally crossed the line. He should be fired!

Anonymous said...

They did not ban Gainer, that was from 2006