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Thursday, November 22, 2012


The Calgary Stampeder Football Club is happy to announce that, after negotiations between the club, the Canadian Football League and officials from the Rogers Centre, the Stampeders touchdown horse will be in attendance at Sunday's Grey Cup in Toronto.
In addition to the horse, rider Karyn Drake will also be on site as the Stampeders face the Toronto Argonauts in the 100th edition of the Grey Cup.
"This is fabulous news and the Calgary Stampeder Football Club would like to thank the Rogers Centre, the Canadian Football League and the Grey Cup committee for allowing this great tradition to continue," said Stampeders president/COO Lyle Bauer. "This is very important to our fans and it is only fitting that the horse would be present to mark the occasion of the 100th Grey Cup and celebrate the tradition of the Grey Cup festivities that started with Stampeders fans in 1948."
While logistics of the venue will not permit Quick Six to race down the sidelines after a Stampeders major, the horse will be visible during the game as a symbol of one of the team's greatest traditions.


Anonymous said...

So next year when we want Gainer to go to MacMahon it shouldn't be a problem, right?


Dale W said...

WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!

Mike from Vita said...

I concur about Gainer

Anonymous said...

(A) the Grey Cup isn't in Calgary next year

(B) the Riders won't be in it anyway

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping those tools don't have a need to run the horse up and down the sidelines all day. Suck it Stamps.

Tom Hallick said...

Just run the horse along the end zone! Been done before!

Anonymous said...

I hope the horse and the Stamps drop a duece this Sunday in the Skydome

Anonymous said...

A) was talking about regular season in Calgary next year (never mentioned Grey Cup)
B) the Rider WILL be in the Grey Cup next year
C) you are a tool shed


Anonymous said...

Here is another update:

Gainer will again be denied to the next Calgary Saskatchewan game in Calgary.

A speeding horse running down the sidelines at a Grey Cup game with literally thousands of reporters and whatever else is in Toronto, but Gainer can not be in Calgary to help cheer on the 10,000 Rider fans in attendance.

I guess Calgary always gets there way!

Anonymous said...

Good to see all the sour-puss Rider fans have accepted their loss in the West semi...waaaahhhhh!

Anonymous said...

The Calgary stampeders are a low class organization. They will lose this game. And the class of the league (Saskatchewan Roughriders) will win it next year! Case closed!

Anonymous said...

If the Saskatchewan Roughrider Football Club Is the class of the CFLeague, then why the classless opinions/comments from It's so called fanbase that make the Roughriders team/organization that has conducted themselves accordingly with humble professionalism look bad for all the world to see and read on these blog sights. Some opinion/comments, no class at all. Saskatchewan Roughriders will not win the championship next year based on most of very own fanbase opinion that they are a young team, give them time, haven't we all heard that time and again on this blog sight. Excuse after excuse for a team that was just all out bad and couldn't get the job done, which Is winning. Case closed.

Anonymous said...

We'll see who'll be crying next year. Go ARGOS!!

Anonymous said...