Realty One


Tuesday, November 13, 2012


TORONTO - Drew Tate, Keon Raymond, Chad Owens and Jon Cornish were named the Gibson's Finest CFL Semi Final Players of the Week, the Canadian Football League announced today.

The four players were chosen by a panel of judges that includes former Canadian Football League players Matt Dunigan and Duane Forde, now of TSN, and Pierre Vercheval of RDS.


Anonymous said...

For the life of me can't believe Durant didn't get the award over Tate. Darian has his best game of the season and he doesn't get recognized, give me a break. Shouldn't have to win a game to get an weekly award, or Henry wouldn't have won a couple of his!! Please tell me this wasn't a 'Pity Pat' for Tate.

Hank said...

Tate got it because he won the game, plain and simple!

Anonymous said...

DD didn't win because Bob Dyce doesn't know how to manage the clock.

Anonymous said...

Roughriders shut out again ! The Rod Dangerfields of CFL, they just don't get any respect. Drew Tate ???? Owens, Cornish, Raymond deserved.

Anonymous said...

Honestly I don't comment here much but I am so tired of people going on and on about clock management and how the Riders left too much time on the clock when they scored. Do you really think teams will not take the scoring oppurtunity when it is there? I can imagine the converstaion" Heh Durant why didn't you throw to the wide open receiver where noone was covering him? "well coach I didn't wanna throw it as it would leave too much time on the clock" You score when you can no matter what the time is. Can you imagine the uproar if we would have ran out of time as we were trying to milk the clock and scored nothing? Take it for what it is the defence didn't make the stop when they had to. End of story. Ill be in the stands cheering em on next yr and excited for the Grey Cup to be here. At least this way it gives all you belly achers something to complain and bitch about all winter, it wouldn't be right if Rider fans didn't have something to complain about.

Anonymous said...

To the moron talking about clock management, your an idiot. Try getting some brain management.

The previous play before we scored we made a great catch at the sidelines and the momentum took us out of bounds. That wasn't Bob Dyce's or the receivers fault. The next play we scored a touchdown.

Are you suggesting Durant shouldn't have thrown the touchdown pass? That he should have thrown it short of the endzone a few times to kill some more clock?? If you are, you're a moron.

I agree there was way too much time left when we scored but you take a touchdown however you can get a touchdown and I fail to see a way we could play call that differently to change that.

We could have went ball control but there's no guarantee you'll score. Durant had a guy open and hit him. Less time left would be ideal but when you're losing you're not in the position of trying to kill the clock.

Or perhaps you're suggesting scoring with :12 seconds left in the 1st half was too much time and the coaches fault. Either way, guess what? You're a moron.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, you play to score. As a qb you aren't thinking, "Our defense can't stop them in 50 seconds so we had better just wait for 10 seconds left to score."

Also, Tate, as big a goof as he is, won the game, and scored a TD to win. End of story. The conspiery theories are old. Get a life. We weren't good enough. Live with it!


Anonymous said...

Durant should have won this hands down. It's not even close. Keep in mind it doesn't say "Players of the week who won the game" it says " players of the week". I guarantee if roles were reversed and Tate had the big numbers, he would have won.

Anonymous said...

Agree with anon #6 and #7 on all points.