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Monday, November 26, 2012


We recapped the 100th Grey Cup on Monday's Sports Cage, a Rider Monday on 620 CKRM.  We had a massive roundtable discussion and were joined later on by Rider great Scott Schultz. You can listen here  :


Wanda said...

Great show Monday.

I agree that Toronto was a great time. The game came in second to all the other fun we had.

Question for 2013 -- Have tried booking rooms already and nothing. Have the Grey Cup Committee and/or Dash Tours and/or the CFL blocked everything?

Checked the Dash Tours site but they have just ticket/hotel packages.

For us season ticket holders who will be purchasing GC tickets on our own, that's not a logical option.

Anyone know if hotel rooms will be available for us common folk?

Hope so. Otherwise I can see there being some irate fans.

Anonymous said...

I hope you don't believe some of the crap that you spew. I can't believe you sat there and said the half-time show was alright. Scruffy was right. The CFL embarassed themselves by having one act that is too old and two acts that are way too young for what the CFL wants to have for a demographic.

You said the act had to be Canadian. Why? Are all the players Canadian? I think Scruffy said Taylor Swift would have made a better half-time act. He's right. If you want a Canadian act, get Michael Buble out there but not some punk-ass kid. It was disgraceful!


Anonymous said...

Scruffy is sounding like an old woman with his comments about the half-time show. I am old too and for the most part enjoyed it. These were all Canadian acts so kudos to Toronto for using all-Canadian talent.

Scruffy get over yourself.

Anonymous said...

The half-time show was embarassing. Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepsen were terrible decisions. There are many great Canadian performers that could have been used ahead of those two. I'm guessing the old Beebs has never been to a CFL game and won't be at one again for a long time. Leave the Beebs and Jepsen for the Muchmusic crowd and give us some real music. I'm hoping GC101 is a LOT better for halftime entertainment.

Eric Mandziak

Anonymous said...

Hey Rod:

I sent a text in yesterday, but I didn't sign it so I guess you didn't read it.

55-thousand people were inside the RC and when Bieber's face came on to promote the show, they booed. Is this not a clue that a huge mistake was made? I understand wanting a big name performer, but give me a big name performer that Canadians ages 19-54 which I think is the CFL's main demo would want to watch.

I am surprised Z99 didn't try and simulcast the halftime show live since that is their audience.

As someone who was at the game and spent the weekend in Toronto, that was the only black mark of what was a great weekend in Toronto.

Bill O