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Monday, November 19, 2012


It was a Rider Monday in the Sports Cage as we discussed the 100th Grey Cup with co-host John Lynch and asked listeners if they'll be cheering for Toronto or Calgary in the big game.  Also Rider great Scott Schultz joined us to clear things up about the Rider DL coaching vacancy and radio legend Lorne Harasen was on the program as well.  You can listen here:


Anonymous said...

RP regarding your poll, I do 'care' about the Grey Cup, I just don't care about the two teams. So there was not a box I could check on your poll...

I will watch, as I love football and the CFL, again, hard to cheer for those two teams...

Although I will say that both have very likeable QB's. And nice to see them both get another shot at the Cup.

ps., Cornholeish sucks!

The Woz said...

Hello Rod - us old timers remember Garner Ekstran very well. I was listening to the cage on Monday and Lorne Harasen made a passionate plea for Rider fans to send a note or card to the former Rider star Ekstran who lives and bleeds Rider football and loves Saskatchewan but is in a battle with cancer of the esophogus. I imagine I can get Garner's address from the podcast but would it be possible to say something in your blog with the address for those who did not hear the cage? I know that Garner would love to get some get well wishes from Rider fans. Thanks Rod.