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Thursday, November 8, 2012


From 2006 and CBC News:

REGINA -- Gophers are cute, harmless creatures to some, but to the CFL's Calgary Stampeders one particular creature, Gainer the Gopher, is seen as something else.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders' mascot has been banned from Sunday's CFL semifinal game in Calgary.

Gainer the Gopher is the Saskatchewan Roughriders' mascot.

And now public outrage over the banning has even spilled onto the floor of the Saskatchewan legislature.

It all started a few days ago, when the Saskatchewan Roughriders were preparing to send the man who wears the Gainer the Gopher costume to Calgary for the CFL Western Division Final on Sunday.

However, the Calgary Stampeders organization has decided to ban the mascot from McMahon Stadium, saying he would detract from their own mascot, Ralph the Dog.

"Our fans have earned the right for us to be led on the field by our own mascot without competition from Gainer," Stampeders president Ted Hellard said.

The move drew a quick response in Saskatchewan Tuesday on sports pages and radio call-in shows — and then the politicians got involved.

"It is a sad day in Saskatchewan," Glenn Hagel, the province's Culture, Youth and Recreation minister, said in the legislative assembly.

"Imagine our shock and dismay at our opponent's display of bad blood and poor sportsmanship."

Saskatchewan Party MLA Ken Cheveldayoff joined in, but couldn't resist a few digs at New Democrats.

Never, he said, has Saskatchewan won a Grey Cup while the NDP has been in power.

He ended on a non-partisan note, however, saying: "Go Riders."
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Anonymous said...

Rod. I am very disappointed to read about the comments coming out of Calgary.

This should be fun and exciting with the Riders in the playoffs. Shame on him. Hope people just realize he's doing it for attention.

Go Riders!

Russ from Saskatoon

Anonymous said...

Remember when Chevy actually had some pull within the SaskParty caucas? Mismanaging the Stadium file, and one blunder after another knocked him down the ladder in the Wall Cabinet.

CJ Evans said...

Rod... have you heard anything about the illedges comments on SN960 radio out of Calgary by Dean Mulborg... apparently wishing that the Rider charter flight would crash??

Anonymous said...

At least there'll be no chance of Gainer slipping on all the horse manure and putting his back out.

Jared D said...

Let's not get blinded here, why do you think they are doing this ? They are trying to distract the fans and the Team away from the game itself, just like Chamblain calling out Cornish. This is the best rebuddle they got, and it's not very good. Had Calgary just sat back and acted like the bigger people about what went on this year they may have got a favor or two from the football gods, however they are trying to retaliate in the most childish way by banning our mascot from the stadium, which puts the Gods right back in our favor. Who cares that they did this, we should just all laugh at them for this very feeble attempt at getting back at a genius move by Chamblain. We all know what happens when you retaliate, you get penalized, in this case it will be by the football Gods, thanks Calgary for being so childish and ignorant. Riders win 33-16.

willy said...

What a "GUTLESS" friggin organization Calgary is!! If what I read is true about the radio station saying that they hope Saskatchewan's charter flight would crash, someone should grab that radio announcer and grab him by the balls and hang him out of an airplane. GUTLESS CALGARIANS IS WHAT THEY ARE !! And I would wish they would let Gainer do the hangin .

Anonymous said...

Are the comments from 2006 as well?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Calagay organization doesn't need Sask to add thousands in capacity to their stadium for each home game when the Riders play.

Maybe they simply don't appreciate the ticket sales.

I know it would be hard, but maybe next year during a regular season game, a boycott should be arranged by the Rider fans. I am sure sitting one out in Calgary, staying at home and watching on TV (which I regularly don't think is a good idea), maybe that is what is needed to get some respect by that team.

I am sure adding Gainer, a mascot, to the sidelines is really not such a bad thing... Calgary, you may want to think twice...

Anonymous said...

Rod, What a great game it was!!! The sea of green was incredible that day, hope this years game is equal in Rider support. Was hillarious all the home made Gainers that were in attendance.


Anonymous said...

They have to be joking about banning Gainer. Those paranoid pansies should be more concerned with shutting down our offence. Go Riders, knock these jokers out of the playoffs. I will forgive the Calgary radio guy's faux pas on the plane crash. His apology says he admits he was wrong, big time.
But Gainer? Who are the banjo-pickers now, us or Calgary?

Anonymous said...

Um, you guys know that this was an article from 2006? This looked so stupid on the Stumps that they would not do it again. Well, then again they are the Stumps...