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Saturday, November 10, 2012


The Roughriders will visit the Calgary Stampeders in the 2012 CFL Western Semifinal Sunday at McMahon Stadium (3:30 pm Sask time, TSN, CKRM Rider Radio Network).  Here are some pregame quotes:


Q.  Are you underdogs?

CC:  There's many tags that can be placed on you.  The biggest tag I think right now is that we're a playoff football team.  When you go into the playoffs, both teams right now are 0-0.  Whoever wins the game is the winner and the other guys simply are the underdog or the loser.

Q.  What challenges do Stamps QB Drew Tate present?

CC:  Anytime you haven't a seen a guy, same thing for Drew, he hasn't seen us either.  It'll be tough on him and of course we've put some new things in because we know that he's new.  We'll have more film on him than he will on us.  Drew's a runner, a guy with a big arm, so we know that.  He hasn't played a lot of games this year but I'm sure he'll be fired up and ready to go.

Q.  Did the choice of Tate surprise you?

CC:  No.  I've been here before and I know that Drew's the guy.  They've always loved Drew for awhile here and he's done some good things to grow in this organization so I figured it'd be him.

Q.  What about your playoff success against Calgary?

CC:  It's more of a disadvantage for Calgary than it is an advantage for us because our locker room is new.  Whether it was previous years, they don't understand that.  Our guys are so new that they just know that this is the playoffs and this is a Calgary Stampeders football team.  Other than Darian and one or two guys, there aren't many who understand the history so it's a brand new game and a playoff game.

Q.  Do the weather conditions force you to change your game plan?

CC: Well, from where we're from, in Regina, this is like Honolulu because there's not a lot of wind. That's the biggest thing.  It's cold in both places but there won't be a lot of wind and I always think that's the biggest factor.  There's heaters on the sideline and once they play ball, their temperatures will rise and they'll be ready to go.

Q.  What's with the addition of Kierrie Johnson?

CC:  He's a good football player.  Any time we're able to add good football players, and make ourselves stronger whether it's for the end of the season or the beginning of next season, we have to do it.  He had a number of good plays against us with BC so we thought 'Hey why not?'.  He won't play tomorrow.


Q.  Did you talk with Drew Tate at all this week?

DD:  No not this week.  I'm pretty sure I'll see him before the game but with me being good friends with him and knowing how competitive he is, I'm just happy for him.  Happy that he has an opportunity to lead his team because that's all he wanted when he was with Saskatchewan.  I'm happy for him.

Q.  What's it like for him not having seen your defence on the field?

DD:  It could be good and bad.  In one point we don't know what to expect from him.  He doesn't have much film from this year.  I'm pretty sure he's a smarter, more mature quarterback than he was in last year's playoffs and also he doesn't have that familiarity with us so it could go either way.  I think once all the hoopla dies down and it's time to play football then he'll do what he does best.

Q.  What about the conditions?

DD:  This is Saskatchewan and Alberta.  This is what we're used to.  For the younger guys who haven't been part of this rivalry and atmosphere, it may be a little different but for the veterans, this is what it's all about.  When you sign a contract to play in the CFL you know it's gonna be cold come October, November and you have to be ready.  I think if BC or someone had to come into these conditions, the outside teams have the advantage.

Q.  What is about these two teams and their great rivalry?

DD:  When you see someone so much, you get familiar with them and that makes it a rivalry.  People were saying the same thing about Montreal when we faced 'em so much over the past couple years but Calgary is definitely our rival and we've played 'em three times this year and every game was close. I don't see this one being any different.


Q.  Talk about your decision to go with Drew Tate

JH:  Both quarterbacks played equal time in the last two regular season games and they've had very similar stats.  Drew got as much time in those two games as if they were two preseason games leading up to the first game versus Montreal.  In those two games that he played he showed that his shoulder is fully recovered, throwing the ball accurately and seeing the field well.  He has the ability to extend some plays a little bit better than Kevin so that's the reason for the decision.

Q.  Was it an easier decision because you were a quarterback?

JH:  I didn't parlay my past experience to make my decision on Drew and Kevin.  They both have the ability to win football games and I just think that Drew was the starter for this team and he's healthy and ready to go and full kudos for putting this team in the position it's in.  Again because of Drew's ability to extend some plays, I thought he would be the best choice.

Q.  Anwar Stewart has really helped ignite your defence...

JH:  Yes he has.  Our defence has gotten a lot better as the year has progressed, especially in the defensive line.  With the addition of Anwar that has really solidified that group.

Q.  The Riders' offence is all about Darian...

JH:  Yes. Darian and Kory Sheets and Weston Dressler and Chris Getzlaf.  They're all great players, it all starts with the quarterback obviously and we have to do a great job of keeping Darian in the pocket but that's easier said than done obviously.  We'll try to make him nervous and hopefully make a mistake or two.

Q.  How big is homefield advantage?

JH:  It's huge.  Our fans have been great fans all year long and we wanted to try and get homefield advantage.  We've been a good football team at McMahon Stadium this year so hopefully our fans will get behind us and make life a little miserable for Saskatchewan's offence and we can all get this job done.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, OT, but the crowd at the Dinos Rams game was pathetic! Maybe 400 fans? Embarrassing since it was on TSN

Shane said...

I heard tomorrow's game isn't sold out yet either. Go Riders and represent all you Rider fan in those seats tomorrow. Be cheering loud and proud at Joe's in Toon with a Pil in my hand. GO RIDERS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

There's still some room in the fun sections...that would be the edge sections that are typically 'Rider' sections. Gonna be a nice day for football...sunshine, -5 and no wind. Go Riders!