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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


The Saskatchewan Roughriders will be holding the official kick-off to Grey Cup 101 on Thursday, November 29th in the Agribition Building at Evraz Place. The evening will consist of a short program starting at 7:00pm where the Club will be making a number of announcements, including the unveiling of the Grey Cup 101 logo and theme.

Following the announcements the evening will continue with live music from Foxx Worthee and Wonderland.

Admission is free!


Anonymous said...

Attendance is free, but will the cab ride home be free too? Could be a long Friday!

Anonymous said...

Ok a comment here. I just got back from Grey Cup and saw both these acts in Riderville. Good bands -very enjoyable. In Toronto it costs $20 to get in the door and here it's free hmmm.
By comparison , Spirit of Edmonton runs it's room every year at Grey Cup with good bands etc. and charges nothing to get in . I say If they can do it so can Riderville. The Riders do very well off the loyalty of their fans - This comes off a little bit like that loyalty is being taken advantage of for the sake of making (even more) of a quick buck.

Regards, Pat Strain

Anonymous said...

Pat those are some excellent comments. There is no reason for Riderville to be charging such stupid amounts to get into their venue. The team is awash in cash as it is so charging excessively like that is nothing more than another money grab by Hopson.

Larry said...

I would like to see all the team events at the Cooperators Centre and utilze the rinks.

Instead of $20 per team party, make it $40 - 50 and you can come and go to all of them!

Individual day tickets can stay at $20.00 each.

Anonymous said...

The same bands play the same songs every year at Riderville. And, the songs they play aren't party songs. I am willing to pay more than $20 just so we get someone different.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Larry, why not charge a flat rate for all the Teams venues ($50 fee to access all them at the Grey Cup) this encourages people to support each other and everyone wins. We will continue to attend the parties but would be nice to see the others as well.

Wanda said...

It's too bad this event is on Thursday as I'm sure many season ticket holders from out-of-Regina such as my family would love to attend but we just can't swing it on a weeknight.

And Larry, I like your idea. I'd be more than willing to pay $50 for the opportunity to visit Riderville and the other team parties in one evening.