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Wednesday, November 7, 2012


It's been an eventful day. Over the lunch hour the Calgary Stampeders announced they will start Drew Tate at quarterback against the Riders in Sunday's CFL Western Semifinal at McMahon Stadium. Shortly before that the Riders announced their practice schedule for the week and we learned their workouts will be closed to both fans and the media all week long. Those were the hot topics in Rider coach Corey Chamblin's Tuesday media scrum:

GLOBAL: Why the decision to close practice?

CHAMBLIN: Just looking at it, it's playoff time and there's some things that you'll probably do that you haven't been doing and that's just one of those things that you're always looking for a competitive advantage.

GLOBAL: With all due respect closing practice didn't really help the regular season that much. Why do it in the playoffs?

CHAMBLIN: It helped us get to the playoffs.

GLOBAL: It was 8-10 though. You know...

CHAMBLIN: 9-9, still in the playoffs. First round, playing Calgary 12-6, first round.

GLOBAL: Didn't get first place either...

CHAMBLIN: We wanna go back and forth all day?

LEADER POST: Is there that much information out there from practice?

CHAMBLIN: No there's not but the biggest thing is the practice is not closed. There's a partial portion of it that's closed. You want to make sure you have a competitive advantage at certain times. That's all it is. It's not that you're not trusting the media or anything like that. At the same time we have a job to do and you want to make sure you don't read what you're doing before you actually see it.

CBC: Do you have an example of where practice reports have benefitted a team?

CHAMBLIN: I've been on several coaching staffs and some have been where it's been closed and we've been in first-place and home playoffs. Some of that is because of information we've used and there a couple of teams doing it now, especially western teams. I don't want to dive into the past but we were able to use some of that information.

LEADER POST: You got it from the media?

CHAMBLIN: No, no, no. If you read that Nik Lewis is lined up at 1-Strong today, well that's something you don't usually have. Those are things you can use. Having a coach's mind is different from a fan's mind.

CTV: Drew Tate will start for them. Does that change anything for you?

CHAMBLIN: No they named the starter but they didn't say the finisher so you still gotta prepare for both.

CTV: Are Tate and Glenn similar?

CHAMBLIN: No they're different. Kevin knows that he isn't a runner so he has a great, quick release where as if you look at Drew, he doesn't have as quick a release as Kevin but he has a bigger arm and he has legs.

SCRUFFY: Does this decision surprise you?

CHAMBLIN: No. There's a couple of people who wanted to bet me on it but I always knew Drew Tate would be there. He was their starter and he started the season. Kevin's done some good things for their organization but that's the decision they decided to go with.

CBC: Could this divide a locker room?

CHAMBLIN: I don't know. That's something that's yet to be seen. I don't know what's going on in their locker room. They may have 90% of the guys for Drew Tate and 10% for Kevin. Maybe there was something all year they didn't like. It's put out there that he's the starter, but that could be only one play. That's what a starter means to me. If they come out and say he's the full-game starter, and he'll play the whole game, I'd go off that info.

CTV: How much do you hammer the fact this is a new season and the four straight losses don't matter?

CHAMBLIN: It doesn't because you're in the playoffs and what I mean by that is if you look at it, not to dive back in the history, the 13-5 or 14-4 teams haven't always won it. Also if you look at it, you just take it one game from one game, not how many games they won. 9, 10, 12 wins, there are still losses. All eight teams have had losses. You go into the playoffs, it's a one game run and if you lose that, you're out.

LEADER POST: Any guarantees for this game?

CHAMBLIN: I think the guarantee right now is the playoffs. This is the biggest thing and we knew what we had to do during that stretch to get to the playoffs. The guys did it and played with a lot of intensity and a lot of focus. I think they know that it's the playoffs now and if you win it, you move on to the next one. If you lose it, you're done.

LEADER POST: Anything for Jon Cornish this time around?

CHAMBLIN: No we need to stop Cornish. Now there's an added threat in Drew Tate and Nik Lewis. We just gotta play quality football.

LEADER POST: The league policy says the practice has to be open. Did you talk to the league about this?

CHAMBLIN: I think Ryan Whippler already addressed that before I came in. We're still in the works with it. Ryan and those guys do a good job with it and they'll take care of it.

GLOBAL: Has this been part of your plan all along?

CHAMBLIN: Actually Murray (McCormick), the other day in BC, told me I should close practice. He started this so if you guys want to get at anybody, Murray started this whole thing. Talk to Murray about it. No it's one of those things to where I thought that was league policy because I've been on several teams that's done it. It was a shock to hear that it's not league policy. Being a rookie head coach, I go off what others do.

SCRUFFY: What will it be like for a Rider playoff game in Calgary?

CHAMBLIN: I've been on the other side of those and I was never sure whether we were the home team or the visiting team. Seriously half the people you meet, I don't think anybody's actually from Calgary, they're from Saskatchewan. It'll be good to have fans there. If it was an eastern trip, you'd still have fans but I think we'll have more fans because it's not that far away.

LEADER POST: What's up with Deangelis and Milo?

CHAMBLIN: Milo kicked the other day and kicked pretty good. I wouldn't say he's 100% but he hit it pretty good into the wind and with the wind. It's very tight right now which way we'll go with that but he looks like he'll kick some this week and we'll make a decision late in the week on how it goes.

CTV: Tristan Jackson?

CHAMBLIN: Same thing. Tristan had an injury in the BC game so we have to see how he goes in practice. He said he feels fine now but I want to get him some physical contact to make sure he stays fine.

CTV: Jock Sanders?

CHAMBLIN: You know what, I'm not gonna say a definite because Jock is running now and I think he'll take the next step. He's one of those miracle cases to where I don't want to put a percentage on it but I'm not ruling him out for right now. Jock has made some tremendous strides from the injury till now. I'm very shocked by it. He recovered and he's pushed through tirelessly to the point he is. We were in the game plan meeting and his number came up once or twice. If he gets there and he's healthy enough, that may be something that we do.


Anonymous said...

Somebody want to tell the coach the riders finished 8-10 not 9-9.

was it woodsy from Global or Duke?

Anonymous said...

OMG here we go. I can just imagine how Vanstone (the hardcore journalist) will attack this situation in tomorrow's LP.

Practice is closed, OMG, the world has come to an end. What will really make me puke is if he starts with the whole "The media is an extension to the fans bla bla bla nonsense.


Anonymous said...

Woah if jock is able to come back.....that would be a huge plus obviously....but we are not getting anything accomplished this weekend if our o-line and d-line dont show up again!

T from the QC

Anonymous said...

Why do the media HAVE to be the ENTIRE practice anyway? Why is this SUCH a shuge deal to Warren Woods or Rob Vanstone? How does it affect their job?

The media claim they would not print or disclose meaningful info to the public. So if that is true, why do they NEED to be there in the first place?

Maybe someone can explain to me WHY this is a bone of contension for the LP? Please explain!

Lyle from Pilot Butte

Anonymous said...

Fittingly that Don Mathews was in the CFL news yesterday, but I always liked how he would tell teams who he was starting and what he was going to do. Now try and stop them.

Anonymous said...

Right on Corey!

Anonymous said...

every day I like Chamblin more and more

Anonymous said...

Woodsy and Vanstone need to make a big deal about this because they are not relevant. How many people read this Blog for Rider information as opposed to racing home to watch the supper newscast or wait on pins and needles for what will be in the Leader Post? It's a sinking ship that old media and you have a couple guys that basically then have to tell a Higher Up why he's in the office and not dog pounding it at Mosaic Stadium.

Anonymous said...

2-1 - 1-2 quarterback situation a winning combination for Calgary Stampeders organization. Other teams In the CFL envious that Gm/Headcoach John Huffnagle had the mindset/foresight to sign Kevin Glenn for the 2012 season, great move that payed off huge dividends. Now that's how a Gm does his job he's payed to do.

Anonymous said...

CHAMBLIN: We wanna go back and forth all day?

Having a pounding headache that made me shitty day so much better. Put those damn crybabies in their place.

I mean the media was all for it when they closed practice to fans, now they are crying like babies. Gimme a break.

Anonymous said...

Who are Global and Leader Post? Practice closed. TURN THE PAGE!

They need to quit stirring up crap, just for the sake of stirring it up. Those old farts hate covering practice anyways

Anonymous said...

Try some decaf Cory, you seem a little stressed out, maybe associate coach Murray McCormick can take some of the heat off your responsibilities and give you some more suggestions on how to coach this very public community owned football franchise, what a joke at a serious juncture to this 2012 CFL season.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter who Calgary starts at QB,but what does matter is that they better double-team Charleston Hughes as his play against us is like a highlight reel for him. That is where the game will be won or lost. Polkabill from Regina

Anonymous said...

I second that Polkabill, sincerely, "llibaklop from 306"

Anonymous said...

I wish we could find a coach who played to win, played to get first place and home field advantage. I am SO tired of coaches that are happy with mediocrity. A truly Saskatchewan mentality.

Anonymous said...

Very true about mediocrity, how is anyone satisfied with 8 - 10 record?????
Sask. mentality for sure, to many gov't jobs where satisfied to get the job kind of done, where corp. jobs always looking for better results or else?? When 7 - 11 fires the GM why are we happy with being 8 - 10???

Anonymous said...

When the reg. season starts you quickly don't care about the preseason record. When the playoffs start, who cares what your record was in the regular season. SSK won it all with a 9-9record in '89, how'd they do at 10-7-1 in '09 or 10-8 in 2010? How did CGY's 13 win season in 2010 work for them? Last year 5 teams finished above many of them won the Grey Cup? In a perfect world you would get a first round bye and be a huge favourite but does that guarantee a championship? Nope.

Anonymous said...

Where does Ryan Pollock, in his first year as Communications Manager, get off closing practices?

Anonymous said...

Hughes, Lewis, Cornish. No secret here, stop them and the stamps will lose. Why secure practice, what are the Riders trying to hide? A double team for Hughes? Are the Riders not going to play a 12-15 yard cushion on second and long? Perhaps they wish to disguise reliable punting into the wind ( or with it for that matter). Maybe they want to practice that 3rd down gamble when the punter moves to the line of scrimmage or second and short but empty the backfield. Whatever the reason for the cone of silence, the stamps must be howling with laughter.

Anonymous said...

CC is the man, as he has demonstrated all year, he is a good communicator....its pretty hard to one up him cuz he'll bi**h you out and make you look foolish every time GO RIDERS!

Anonymous said...

Realistically, will anyone who posts be happy with the direction of this 2012 season if the Roughriders happen to lose at Calgary. How will this team be judged based on all that has transpired this year and last. No ranting bandwagon jumpers, just true realistic opinion and review of this assembled edition of personnel who represent this community owned Saskatchewan Roughriders Football Club. Everyone knows pandemonium will prevail throughout the land and beyond should the Riders win.

Anonymous said...

Listen up you dumb asses!!!! The playoffs are a new season. The regular season doesn't matter at all at this point. Why piss and moan and bust the coaches balls about our record and such. The past is the past. Who gives a crap if he closes practice. He did it during the year and no one cried about it. Obviously they are taking this playoff game very serious if NO ONE IS ALLOWED IN TO WATCH. Suck it up you cry babies, it's all about the ultimate goal of winning a Grey Cup for the team and the fans. All you media types that feel slighted by this should be ashamed of yourselves and how you treated the coach today. You all deserve a big kick in the junk!!!!

Anonymous said...

This team better be F N serious and win, no excuses or bullsh_t

Anonymous said...

I agree with above annoy.
Chamblin = mediocricy and horrible in-game decisions. I would take Kavis Reed hands down anyday over Chamblin myself

Anonymous said...

The Riders must have a secret plan now on how to block the Stamps 3 pass rushers vs our 5 olinemen. Too funny this gong show is thats called the Riders. Thank god this season will be over on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

If Corey Chamblin said he was going to wear an Oscar the Grouch Halloween costume because it was green and would give us an advantage in the playoffs, then I say go for it! A wise media communications man told me that Corey is very good at deflecting heat away from his players and directing it towards himself. This rookie coach is a genius! I will be in Toronto cheering on my green team in the Grey Cup!

Anonymous said...

Wonder if the media likes the constant harassment from Corey Chamblin when they are simply trying to do their job, or did I get the two mixed up

Anonymous said...

Do fans and media get to watch entire practices in the NFL? I don't think so. Why all the hullaballoo then?

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see who plays and who sits in Calgary...I have confidence that the coaches will make sure that the best/ healthiest/ most able team will be on the turf.

Also, why all the hate for Chamblin? The guy works his ass of and elevated this team into a playoff spot. His potential for growth in upcoming years has me excited.


Anonymous said...

Why does the media need to watch practice? They can ask who is playing, questions related to articles/stories they are pursuing AFTER the practice. I rarely see articles related to ongoings and performance in practice except for training camp reports.

All this whining about the closed practices from media is pathetic. Just an excuse for the Leaderpost and Global sports guys to get out of the office for a few hours, pound back the doughnuts and sip on their timmy’s while sitting on their ass at Rider practice for 3 hours.

(Yes I’m jealous I can’t do it, but no one can argue media practice access provides readers/viewers any value past training camp)

Anonymous said...

Maybe Jock Sanders is out there running routes.... maybe the team doesnt want to tip their hand and let them know to prepare for him. Or vice versa, maybe they want Calgaru preparing like he is playing when there is no chance. Maybe they test some gadget plays, etc.

Who cares? Its practise. If the coach thinks it helps the team win, do it.