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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


CALGARY -- Nik Lewis didn't completely see the hit, but he heard enough to know it was ugly.

So the burly Stampeders slotback immediately got in Tearrius George's face after the Saskatchewan Roughriders defensive end put his helmet into the head of Calgary's quarterback, Drew Tate.

Only those two former teammates -- and maybe one of the officials who was nearby -- know what was said, but Lewis had good reason to complain.

The huge hit left Tate with no memory of the first half of what turned out to be a 36-30 Stampeders win in the West semifinal at McMahon Stadium.

"When you hit somebody late and then get up and yell, 'Get him out of here,' that shows intent to hurt," Lewis said.

"When you have players intentionally trying to hurt somebody, there is no room for that. We're out there to do a job.

"I don't expect him to play us less (tough) because he knows us (from being a member of the Stamps in 2007, 2009-10). At the same time, why be dirty?"

Lewis figured the Riders defence was trying to take Tate out of the game. It's a realistic strategy considering that Tate missed most of the season with a dislocated left shoulder that required surgery.

At no time does Lewis want to see any stars injured, on either side of the ball. He still feels terrible about players he's injured in the past.

"I want to beat the best players," Lewis said. "If Weston Dressler gets hurt, I say 'no.' I want their best players on the field. Next week in B.C., I want all their best players on the field. I want to beat the best to be the best."

(Courtesy Calgary Sun/Ian Busby)


Anonymous said...

It was one of the worst headshots of the year and even though we're not playing this week he should be fined if not suspended for the start of next season. It was brutal.

Caesar said...

Yeah it was a little offside, but on the other hand, if you're not out there playing to hit everyone hard every play, why play. Dirty hits aside, every play you should play to "hammer" or "hurt" the other guy! Otherwise, go play soccer!

Anonymous said...

I agree that it was one of the worst helmet to helmet hits I'd seen.

But this sentence confuses me "It's a realistic strategy considering that Tate missed most of the season with a dislocated left shoulder that required surgery. "

Um...wouldn't we rather play Tate, since he hasn't had a whole season to gel wih his receivers,

Darcy said...

Lewis should not talk, how about some the hits he has maded, may of been legal but could of serious injured someone how was blind sided

Anonymous said...

Even I have to admit, that head shot was ridiculous. I would've been irate if someone did that to Durant. He stood there and head bunted him, should've been kicked out of the game at least, hopefully suspension to come.

Anonymous said...

Caeser are you on crack? you play to the whistle within the rules of the game. he F*ckin head butted the guy at full speed....and Darcy you just said all of Lewis's hits were legal but COULD have hurt someone? thats football, there is contact, but what George did was wreckless and stupid...end of story. flip that script and it was Durant laying on the turf and they would have burned down the stadium. only rider fans...complete morons.

Anonymous said...

George was just doing what his coach, Corey Chamblin told him to do in his pre-game speech. "Hit them in the mouth"


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking "we" have a lot of comments on here from other teams fans claiming to be part of "us". Evidence alone from the first 10 anonymous posts after the Calgary loss.

At the time of the hit, factoring in how poorly Tate was playing, it would have been a much different game if Glenn came in to QB the team. Most Rider fans were praying for Tate to not be hurt.

One question..on the last TD strike, wasn't he running around without his helmet just before Bryant got into the endzone? Isn't there a penalty for removing your helmet on the field?

Anonymous said...

Game over ! Another loss ! Move on ! Roughriders 2012 football history that can't be changed no matter how much people give opinion after the fact. Next year 2013 future season to be determined and remains to be seen. Anything and everything can happen between now and then and probably will, that's the reality for anyone with a sense of sensibility. Next year country Roughriders, good luck on your 2013 football season !

Anonymous said...

Rider fans are so typical, and so funny.

If it was Huff that had said "hit 'em in the mouth" over and over again in his pre-game speech, and then Hughes had leveled DD with a hit like that (followed immediately by a knee shot, and then by a facemask) Rider fans would be organizing lynch mobs and proclaiming from the loudest mountain how dirty the Stamps were (not one player) and how the organization preaches and teaches to be dirty and injure other players.

As it is we have a few Rider fans saying it was a dirty hit, but no one commenting on the fact that the team as a whole is taught and even game planned - even admitted by the voice of the Riders - that attempting to injure the QB on the other team is how to play the game.

Pathetic, and so hypocritical and typical.

Anonymous said...

If Tate lost his memory from such a hard hit to the head . Why didn't the team Doctor test him before he returned to the field. He claims that he didn't remember "ANYTHING" until he got to the bench. ( About 10 seconds). Where the hell does the league step in when this happens. It was a bad hit, but only Calgary could make such a huge issue out of nothing .

Mr.Morin said...

On a totally unrelated note, and I may be wrong, is there NOT a penalty in the CFL for taking your helmet off while the play is in progress? I know the NFL has this rule, and the reason I bring it up is because as Bryant is running down the sidelines, Drew Tate clearly removes his helmet. Is this not a penalty? I know it does not effect the outcome of the play and we lost, just curious.

Anonymous said...

Sure nice to see all the Stamp's fans still need to come to this blog for football information. When Rider fans post on other sites they are accused for all kind of things. I guess there is a double standard for Stamp fans!

Anonymous said...

Very dangerous Instructed team etiquette, Is that Intent to Injure your opponent on purpose or just a pregame rant with no consequence. Head coach should clarify his remarks and clear the air Instead of every other person with opinion. Only the head coach will ever know the true contents of his speech.

Anonymous said...

Why speculate about Rider lynch mobs and stadium burnings, when we can go by the recent past?. When Isaac hit Durant helmet to helmet, there was not any rioting by Rider fans, just booing from the educated fans in the stands due to the lack of a penalty.

Perhaps George thought he would try the same thing, hit the quarterback helmet to helmet and not get a penalty. Precedent has been set by the refs, see the 10+ examples this year of late hits against Durant and Joseph.

Seriously, the league will fine and / or suspend George, as it should. But the complaining about Rider fans by fans of other teams will continue, as expected, as if no member of their team has ever committed a flagrant foul.

Brad T

Anonymous said...

The hit was dirty, there's no reason for it. for the ones that say it cause of the coaches speech are out to lunch. in 25 years if playing football/hockey I have heard that same speech 1000. times and it doesn't mean go injure the other team. dumbasses.


Anonymous said...

Says the cheap shot artist who tries to injury other players.

I was told this by a former/current CFL player.

Though that hit by George was pretty damn dirty. All I'm saying is a hypocrite like Lewis should just shut his damn mouth because he isn't an angel by no means.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Tate should have been penalized for taking his helmet off. I noticed right away and commented on that very thing but let's be honest... I'm not sure that would have changed things.

Anonymous said...

I should say that lewis should shut his mouth. He is one of the biggest clowns in the league. You can also say that about hufnagel and a few of the others lIke remember Brandon Browner he was no angel. All Calgary is a bunch of complainers who could not get it done when it counted and then they blame the officials and others until last sunday. Nik Lewis is hte same kind of poster child as Geroy Simon but at least Simon has a little more class but not much more. If you dont like the hit go play touch. All of you think you are professionals.

Anonymous said...

Before football players open their big mouths they should look in the mirror and Stamps players need to look around their own locker room.
The horse is a good logo because Lewis and company are horses a--es.

Anonymous said...

all of you are a bunch of fricken babies. if lewis did the crime, he did the time. and for the classless hick that said if you don't like the hit, go play touch? there is a reason why rider fans cheer for the loser year after year. it was a dirty play, doesnt get much worse than that and all you tards have to say is that lewis is dirty too....havent seen him head butt anyone ever. and yeah tate took his helmet off but stop looking for any other team that would mess up like the laughable losers who had the grey cup won but forgot how count. if for one second you could put 2 clear thoughts together....oh never mind. the village of Regina will never be short of idiots, that is the one thing the rest of the world will always know. Best fans in the world? most dillusional, short sighted, ignorant and hypocrytical maybe, but for anyone to justify or down play what that clown did is.....well it is exactly what i would expect a rider fan to do.

Anonymous said...

Durant got hit as hard by a helmet to helmeet hit and there was no penalty so don't call the hit by Geroge the worst hit this year. Geroge got a penalty that helped the Stamps score a TD and he mosts likely will get fined. Officials are incompetent in the CFL

Anonymous said...

The head shot was inexcusable. One of the few times I like what Nik Lewis had to say. I am a Rider fan always, but that hit was intended to do damage and I hope T George doesn't get to play football anymore. There is playing with intensity and then there is that type of goon play . I do not watch hockey for the simple reason every team has an "enforcer" to step in when a team needs a spark. Who cares that a cheap shot on someone might cause irreparable damage at least we played with some intensity after that. Don't get me wrong, I hate Calgary with a passion. I think they are and always have been an arrogant team but a smart team looks past the arrogance and plays them with confidence not stupidity. I understand from the players perspective they have seen time after time their own QB get hammered and no one is penalized but there was no excuse for that hit. I am shocked George got to finish the game .

MurrayFischer said...

Dustin, thank you for saying that! When I played and coached football that phrase was said over and over again. I believe that's the identity that Coach Chamblin wanted for this team; a team that plays "Smash Mouth" football. I don't condone George's actions, but you cannot blame the pregame speech for the undisciplined play. Coach Chamblin has always asked for physical play from his players, but he never ever tolerates undisciplined play.

Credit Chamblin for the tough play, and penalize the player for playing outside the bounds of the rules.

Murray from Brandon

Anonymous said...

Hufnagle a Saskatchewan Roughriders alumni, he represented their organization on and of the field of play with dignity and class !

Anonymous said...

No rule in the CFL for taking off your helmet. Just the NFL!

Lee-Anne said...

Ian Busby?? The name says it all. I didn't like the hit at all, but Lewis is an idiot. He lays more blindside hits on DBs than any other receiver.
Calgary Stampeders....too flaky and totally high maintenance. How about Tate the drama queen? His antics made me want to gag. This guy is a GOOF! Just play football, and leave the rest for the theatre. He really needs to grow up. Could you see Drew Brees or Eli Manning act like that on the field? JACKASS!!!

Anonymous said...


Nik Lewis is not a classy guy, as evidenced by this article found in the Calgary Sun. I do not condone the hit by George on Tate. But Lewis is certainly not the person to be judging another person's behavior. George was in the heat of battle. What's Lewis' excuse for his comments?

Anonymous said...

As a lifelong Calgarian that cheers for the Eskimos/Canucks I would like to say that the idiot that deemed calling Regina a "village" is not a representative of most Calgarians. He is however a representative of most childish idiots.
Looking forward to next year Rider fans and especially looking forward to a Lions victory next week.

MurrayFischer said...

Anon said: "No rule in the CFL for taking off your helmet. Just the NFL!"


Think before sounding foolish:

Article 2 – Helmets
A player shall be required to wear a helmet when on the Field of Play and shall not
voluntarily remove it while the play is in progress.

Murray from Brandon

The Woz said...

Murray - the play was over.....the rule is when play is in progress. No penalty was warranted.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Tate stayed in the game. I think Kevin Glenn would have given us much more trouble. Tate's throws reminded me of guys with weak wrist shots who put a lot of arc on it to get the puck anywhere. That said, Tate gets last laugh.

Anonymous said...

Tate = drama queen like no other.
Very happy we cut him loose.

MurrayFischer said...

The woz, I was just pointing out that there is, in fact a penalty for removing your helmet. It was instituted after Lawrence Philips, a Stampeder (irony?) struck an on field official with his helmet.

Anonymous said...

Let's see another Sask 13th man penalty in the 2013 Grey Cup in Regina.

Chris M. said...

Nik Lewis, the guy who ended Kelly Wiltshire's career with one of the dirtiest blocks ever seen in the CFL, and then got up and taunted him...take what he says with a grain of salt, its all crap anyways.