Realty One


Friday, November 9, 2012


The Riders held their final practice before Sunday's CFL western semifinal Friday morning at a snowy Mosaic Stadium.  Here are some comments from Rider coach Corey Chamblin:

Q.  What was it like praticing out there?

CC:  It wasn't that bad.  Just when the wind was blowing the snow was hitting your face and all that but the guys made it through.  It wasn't as cold as it looked, it was exciting.  I think as long as they clear the drifts I think they could play in it (in Calgary).

Q.  Do you have to be tougher or smarter to succeed on Sunday?

CC: Both.  I'm gonna talk about that.  I think that there's a time and place for each one of them.  It's two things rather than one.

Q. Will the elements be a factor?

CC:  Oh no.  From what I've seen there's supposed to be no snow and now wind.  Probably when I wake up on Sunday it'll change but I think it'll be a good, real good football game.

Q. Are you settled on the kicking game?

CC:  Yah (punter) Ricky Schmitt will go.

Q.  Why?

CC:  It coulda gone either way but we brought him in and I'd just like to see him.  He's a strong leg guy, not that much stronger than Milo but I'd like to see him.

Q.  Do you need a strong start on Sunday?

CC:  Both teams will be like that.  It doesn't matter about us or them.  Both teams will come out fighting.  This is the playoffs.  I haven't seen a team come out yet that didn't come out with everything, that total output.  I expect 60 minutes of full smashmouth football from both teams.

Q.  Will the running game be more of a factor in this?

CC: If it's gonna be like today, yes.  But with the forecast the way it is, with no snow and the field clean, it'll be regular game.  The run game will be huge, I don't think the passing game will be interrupted too much.

Q.  Does Odell Willis have something to prove?

CC:  The one thing about with Odell, he's a phenomenal energy guy and he's a good player.  He's done a good job this year and I expect him to take his game to the next level in the playoffs.  He's been a great leader the past couple days.

Q.  Why will CB Macho Harris start?

CC:  It was 50/50 but Tristan Jackson didn't finish the last game and I'm always leery when a guy doesn't finish a game.  Macho is always pumped up.  His name speaks for itself.  I like the guys pumped up and ready to play.  I think he'll step up and do a great job.

Q.  Talk about Darian Durant...

CC:  I will tell you this; Darian does show up.  Darian is a good quarterback and I expect him to show up in this game and treat it as a big game.  I saw good focus this week and crisp balls.  Not that I don't see that every week, but I see focus.

Q.  Drew Tate

CC:  I haven't seen Drew Tate.  He's a young QB without a lot of playoff experience.  Darian gets the edge there but Drew is a competitor and I've seen him in that manner.  I'm sure he'll want the big game but I think we'll be ready for Drew.

Q.  What about the disrespect you've seen?

CC:  I hadn't heard it.  It's all about us.  There's always Truth and truth.  Truth is opinion and we don't go with that.  Respect is who has the Grey Cup in the end.


Anonymous said...

Dome only stadium build ! Look outside today !

Anonymous said...

Great Pic.. Saskatchewan Scenery..Go Riders Go.. Polkabill from Regina

Anonymous said...

Picture Caption-Is that the Olympics 10,000 metre oval track, ready, set, ........ Chamblin comments to come " HOPEFULLY " ????

Anonymous said...

A Million plus in Saskatchewan, countless millions all around the World, Coach Chamblins Positive Perspective(CCPP) spells Victory for Rider Nation !!!