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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


REGINA - Corey Chamblin says he's feeling good about the future of the Saskatchewan Roughriders, even though his first season as a CFL head coach ended with an early playoff exit.

The Roughriders were looking ahead to next season after a devastating 36-30 loss to the Calgary Stampeders in the West Division semifinal on Sunday.

Chamblin says the 2012 edition of the team consisted of young players or players who were new to the league - particularly on defence - meaning Saskatchewan's mediocre 8-10 record and swift elimination from the post-season can be written off as growing pains.

"A loss is a loss. It's time to move on,'' Chamblin told reporters Tuesday while reflecting on a season he characterized as equal parts "good and bad.''

He said it took just seconds after the final whistle for Chamblin to shift focus to improving his team next season. The Grey Cup will be played at Mosaic Stadium in 2013 and there will be additional pressure to field a contender.

"We just have to have a better team,'' Chamblin said, adding that it's too early to talk about potential coaching or roster moves.

Chamblin believes the Roughriders "easily could have had an 11-win season.''

"If it was a stretch to get eight (victories), I'd be more disappointed,'' he said.

Speaking metaphorically about a team that "dug into holes and dug out of holes'' since Day 1, Chamblin said more experience as a head coach and more consistency and discipline from his players will help his team take the next step.

"Discipline is something the guys have to continue to work on,'' he said.

Saskatchewan had lapses at critical times in the loss to Calgary, but Chamblin does have something to work with as the Roughriders were the least penalized team over the regular season.

"We have a base, we set a foundation,'' Chamblin said. "We have a good core of guys here.''

The Riders opened the regular season with three straight victories and closed it out with four consecutive losses.

Describing 2012 as a "roller coaster'' season, quarterback Darian Durant said: "We came into the playoffs on a losing streak. That's not good.''

Immediately following Sunday's game, Durant delivered a message to his teammates.

"Hold your head up,'' he told them. "Get your mind right in the off-season.''

Durant says the key to success is consistency.

"We have to learn how to win,'' he said. "We saw what it takes to win a playoff game.''

Durant adds the Roughriders need to strengthen the defence, raising the performance level from good to great.

"You have to have a great defence to win a Grey Cup,'' he said.

Linebacker Tyron Brackenridge said the young team needs to learn how to close out games.

"We didn't finish,'' he said.

Brackenridge is confident nonetheless that improvement is close and wholesale changes are not necessary.

"The talent in this (dressing) room is unbelievable,'' he said. `"'ll pick this group over anybody.''

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Anonymous said...

We got a pretty good return on our investment in the first year guys this year and I am looking forward to their 2nd season. Let's face it, if you remember the 90's, you remember how bad we were and that we brought in many new players and infrequently got a good player out of it. Few positions to be tweaked, no doubt, but some of these guys are going to be better for simply having played a full season as rookies. I'm happy with Carr/Smith as our 2nd/3rd import receivers, they'll be better with a full training camp. I'll admit it if I'm wrong next year but I think Maze and Macho have pretty good potential as our 2 corners....Maze obviously good already, last TD not withstanding.

Anonymous said...

Some players who get to go home south of the border wil onlyl be too happy to leave this cold climate and reunite with family and putting this lost season to rest. Change Inevitable with professional sports, most 2012 assembled team will be back next year, some will move on. 2013 CFL Championship game, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Should be exciting year for the Province and the City of Regina, Good luck Riders.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to next year as there were many positives. Hopefully Bagg and Sanders return healthy which will be a big boost to the offense. Willis returning and maybe a couple of tweaks and it should be an exciting year.
Thanks Coach for an exciting year, albeit with a disappointing ending.
Dave in the 403

Anonymous said...

Go ahead and sit your starters this week Coach. And next week and the week after that. I'll disagree with that coaching decision for always.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather have a year where we are building something long term then a One hit Wonder IE Bombers 2011, I agree that Smith and Carr are a great answer to the WR situation that plagued them for a couple of years. Need to get Getzlaf to be consistent and have McHenry really step up and another good receiver and a better d line rush, and 2013 could be our year. except for say 2 games the Riders were in every game they lost, and you couldnt say that a year ago. Good luck in the offseason guys

Rider Billo

Hmmm said...

OK, I'm officially a DD fan now

That guy has grown. Good thing I'm not in mgmt cause I thought he was no big deal and likely would have looked elsewhere.

It took watching Willy play to see how far DD has come. He's actually good now.

So I eat my words from before. Anyone that bitches about his play now is OTL. Seriously

Anonymous said...

Anon #4: In the grand scheme of things it just doesn't matter whether you agree with a coaching decision or not. As a fan(I assume) that is your choice but again, it just doesn't matter.

Anonymous said...

Durant is a true leader, Chamblin is a coach that i think the players would run through a wall for! Got some free agents I hope come back eg: Willis, Brackenridge, Russ, Neufeld etc!
Can't wait for 2013!!!

willy said...


Anonymous said...

Hey dudes. Guess what? I have as many wins in the playoffs as coach c. NONE!

It was a brutal decision and I am surprised no one has called him on it.

They lost. They weren't sharp, too many penalties. Not prepared to play!

Yell all you want. I speak the truth!

Anonymous said...

season should definitely b moved up a month...who the heck wants to freeze their fannies in - double digit weather...until the riders aspire to grab 1st place the road to the grey cup will always b tuff!

Anonymous said...

To the comment about sitting starters, how did it turn out for the Esks NOT sitting JC Sherritt in a meaningless game just to get him a league record for tackles, and losing him for the East Semi-final against Toronto?

Anonymous said...

The eskimos wouldn't have won that game even with JC. But you do bring up a good point.

My arguement is that they'd lost 3 in a row and needed to get sharp for the playoffs. But hey, it almost worked. they almost won. But they didn't. If you're not first, your last.

Anonymous said...

Redesign Rethink ! Put a roof on the proposed new stadium build with a little more seating capacity. Build It right In the first place, doubtful that roof will never be added In the future.