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Thursday, November 8, 2012


Here is Boomer Molberg's apology for his Wednesday comments on Fan 960 Calgary about hoping the Rider plane goes down on the way to the game this weekend. I made my feelings about the comments known to Fan 960 management. As far as the apology goes, it's good enough for me. Here it is:

"I want to talk about, to touch on something I said yesterday regarding the Saskatchewan Roughriders. I want to explain first and I am not defending it because is not defendable but I want to just lay my cards on the table.   We do a lot of things on the show that are, it's schtick, it's a gimmick we do it to get under the skin of fans and all of that.  

Rhett, Walks, both are Rider fans by design - I go the other way. And ordinarily when we have Rod Pedersen on he gets the Stamps fans going, I go on Regina radio I'll get them going, it is that sort of thing because we both appreciate the rivalry that exists. It is better when the fans are involved and the rivalry that exists between these two teams is a great one. Again I am not defending it, but that's where this started. And I made a comment yesterday that had no place being on the radio, it was not thought out, it was an attempt to be funny which clearly in hindsight was ill-founded.

There are a lot of people angry and they have a right to be. There are a lot of people insulted and they have a right to be.   It goes without saying that I wish no harm to members of the Saskatchewan Roughriders and I shouldn't have to say it you know but I do because I came out and said the stupid and idiotic thing that I said yesterday. We sit in here and you talk for four hours and so much stuff comes out - and again I am not defending it.  

It came out yesterday and I felt bad immediately and I said geez I shouldn't have said that and as the day went along it was like that was really in poor taste. And hey I am getting your Tweets, I am getting your emails, I know you are upset and like I say you have a right to be. I feel really badly about it, I am gutted by it, I am rattled by it today this is, I am not Howard Stern shock jock, we do some things here to try and have some fun and get the fans and the listeners invested.  

And what I did yesterday was stupid and I apologise. I hope you don't stop listening, I hope you don't look at me in a different light because that's not me. It was, like I say, the end of a segment an attempt at being funny and it was an awful attempt at trying to be funny. And it won't happen again."

- Let's move on.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't change the fact he is an another idiot added to the list of media in Calgary. Peter Maher is the only in that city who doesn't spout off and look like a total jackass in the process.

JD said...

Stupid comment, but seriously, how many of us have said "I hope we kill those Stamps this week", or something to that effect. "That guy should be shot", or "I'm gonna kick the crap out of you" things like this are not literal, they are said jokingly or snidely out the corners of our mouth. When he made those comments did anyone think that he seriously was wishing imminent death upon every fan on that plane ? my guess is no. I forgive him, actually I never really thought twice about it. Nobody who got mad better say anything like "let's beat the sh#t out of Calgary this week" if they do I would like a formal apology made to their organization. #growup

Anonymous said...

Boomer is just a reflection of Stump groupies. Wishing they were a nation like us and trying to bring us down to their level of pathetic.

It's hard to enjoy a healthy rivalry when the Stump realm is built on clowns.

Karma going to be a biatch this weekend for that city.

Go Riders

Green Blood

Anonymous said...

I listen to Boomer everyday - the schtick is to goad Walker, Warrener and Kursh. Im sure he regretted it the second it left his mouth. He is a good morning guy who made a mistake.

Anonymous said...

Mistake or not, this guy should be fired and fired immediately. The fact he isn't makes management at Fan 960 very weak. Comments like this simply can't be and shouldn't be tolerated.

As much as a professional as you are Rod, I can't see Harvard simply apologizing if you were to do something this inane. The same goes for Rawlco and their stable of yapping heads.

Anonymous said...

Grab a brain man !!
Most of these people are so quick to spout off for shock factor. They think it's funny and they push the envelope I guess.

How about grab a brain, think before you speak and act like a human being? No one on earth would ever say something like that.

It will happen again because most people never learn.

Anonymous said...

I am a Stamps fan and it is this sort of comment that has made me stop listening to Fan960 radio everyday. This type comment has no place on the radio; but then in my opinion criticizing movies or clothing or constantly demeaning a coworker has no place on any radio. I'm very surprised Rhett doesn't just drop the gloves and "tune in" Moberg to how annoying he is.

Anonymous said...


The people who say "I hope we kill them" are fans who don't get paid to talk for a living.

Pros in that business have self control, a little tact and are, well, pros.

Everyone makes mistakes and he's apologized so I agree, let's move on.

But, don't minimize what he said. It was way offside and the wrath he's getting today is justified.

Anonymous said...

JD - I think you're unstable to be honest. The people on the radio only reflect what the audience wants to hear due to ratings books. The key in that business is to keep pushing and pushing and pushing until someone outlines where the boundaries are. Now because you don't talk on the radio for a living is that akin to saying it's all right that people as you say "kill those Stamps"?

It is never all right to speak that way, and the reality is words have impact. This goal post in life where acceptable behavior is expected has been going on for years. If I make a statement that is disagreed upon the reactions in the past from some of you people could cross the line into cyber bullying. The name calling, labelling, stereotyping it's all fair game until someone crosses a line.

This man is only doing what his Employer has allowed him to do and paid him for until finally someone with some power stepped up against it.

Think about this when you listen to Rawlco Radio and then tell me if that doesn't meet this exact same test.

Anonymous said...

It may be good enough for you, but its not good enough for others. This guy needs to be fired and Fan 960 needs to be hit in the pocketbook by the CRTC for this. This is so far above and beyond what is tolerable. Would you be OK with it if Lynchie boy said something like this? Would he back on your show again. We all know what the answer is!


Anonymous said...

Get over yourselves. It was a mistake and he apologized. Move on and get lives.

Anonymous said...

The ones calling for his job on here better not be the same people that were crying for Tillman to stay when he was going through his ordeal!

Anonymous said...

He obviously didn't mean his comment literally. Stupid thing to say. His apology sounded very genuine to me. Time to forget it.

Anonymous said...

That comment didn't come out of thin air. In Calgary there is a superiority complex when it comes to everything Saskatchewan and a genuine contempt for the Riders that has nothing to do with a healthy football rivalry.

Anonymous said...

Lets move on? Are you condoning this Rod? If it is, I have lost a tremendous amount of credibility and respect for you. I know you are a frequent guest on this radio station and that you have interacted with this individual before. If you are condoning this because of your working association with them, then again you have lost a lot of respect and credibility in my book.

Dale Davidson

Anonymous said...

I have listened to the first 5 minutes of today's show and I'm now turning it off. The fact you and Kelly Remple are trying to make this guy look good and say let bygones be bygones is sickening.

Anonymous said...

Unreal. You want this guy fired yet you all love how a mysanthrop like Don Cherry or John Gormley simply how do you put it; tell it like it is?

These guys are morning hosts and the job is to see how far you can go. He went to far oops, now he knows the line. He has apologized and it was a sincere apology. He even brings up that what they do is schtick.

What more do you people want? What is the price to be paid? Take the man's job? There's been no history of this since he's been on the air. Why can't a guy get a second chance?

Anonymous said...

Sadly Dale I am with you.

Anonymous said...

Apology seems genuine, good enough for me


@mrt_man said...

This seems like it is being way over blown? Are we that desperate for a new story that we need to go crazy over some guy's commentary on the radio?
I do agree that the comments we a little over the top, but it could have been worse... at least a plane crash would be quick!(mostly joking)

I am curious as to which four players he wants to kill off? LOL

Why did the stamps bother to comment on this? It isn't like Huf was the one loosening bolts on the jet engine.

I am with you Roddy... who cares, let's move on... why are we still talking about this?

ps. Perhaps the apology was more of an attempt to save face than real remorse toward anyone involved, but who cares? Tried to get some attention with the shock jock effect and stirred things up a little bit... meh

pps... if some thing ever did happen on the flight... WOW THAT WOULD BE AWKWARD!

Anonymous said...

fire this ass.
Sports in general don't need idiots like this.
the radio station should fire him and label this guy as well, idiot