Realty One


Saturday, November 3, 2012


WINNIPEG - Backup quarterback Justin Goltz scored his first touchdown of the season Saturday as the Winnipeg Blue Bombers bid an encore goodbye to their old stadium with a 19-11 win over the Montreal Alouettes.

The result leaves the Bombers at 6-12, tied on points with Hamilton but ahead thanks to the series edge with Hamilton, leaving the Ticats in last place in the CFL. The win cost the Bombers first pick in the 2013 CFL draft.  The Alouettes still finish first in the CFL East Division at 11-7.

Goltz replaced Alex Brink in the fourth quarter after Brink completed 17-of-26 pass attempts for 173 yards and one interception.

Montreal quarterback Adrian McPherson scored one touchdown and was also his team's leading rusher, topping 100 yards.

Brink and McPherson both handle wildcat plays for their teams and racked up impressive numbers on the ground.

(The Canadian Press)


LaPo said...

The win cost the Bombers first pick in the 2013 CFL draft....He,he,he!!

Anonymous said...

Is worth a pick spot to not be the worst team in the league? I think so, point to 1st overalls that have been head and shoulders better than #2? Lots of #1's have worked out but not many were way known to be better pre draft

willy said...

Matt Dunigan has to be the worse color commentator in the cfl. He was very sickening today , trying to be funny all day and yapping with his phoney American accent. Both him and Black should go back to knitting because they are a disgrace at what they are doing.

Rod Ryder said...

Yeah what was with Dunnigan Saturday? Winnipeg has three good young QB prospects. They have got to get Pearce out of the QB equation. He should be given the O Coordinator or QB coach position next year. As for Montreal without Cavillo they look pretty ordinary except for #24. As for Mcpherson he reminds me of a young Michael Bishop.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if Ti-Cats head coach will be there in 2013? So much talent, so little results.

mister winnipeg said...

The Bomber QB toilet badly needs to be flushed. I'd take McPherson in a heartbeat over the combination of injury prone and incompetent that we currently have.