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Wednesday, November 21, 2012


TORONTO - The Calgary Stampeders are making a last-minute pitch to have their mascot - a horse named Quick Six - at Sunday's Grey Cup.

The CFL team is meeting with league officials today to discuss Quick Six's status.

The horse charges down the sidelines at McMahon Stadium when the Stampeders score a touchdown.

But Grey Cup organizers say due to the game-day setup of cameras and staging, there's no room for a horse to gallop safely at Rogers Centre on Sunday.

The Stampeders arrived in Toronto on Tuesday to begin their preparations to face the Argonauts in the big game.

Quick Six and Karyn Drake, who has ridden Calgary's TD horse for 19 years and five Grey Cups, stayed behind in Alberta.

Calgary won its first Grey Cup title in 1948, beating the Ottawa Rough Riders 12-7 at Varsity Stadium in Toronto. That's also when a horse was marched through the lobby of the posh Royal York by Stamps fans.

But hotel officials have said they don't want a repeat occurrence and wouldn't support any move to have a horse in its lobby for the health and safety of both guests and the animal.

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Anonymous said...

It's amazing how the stampeders want their horse there but wouldn't allow the roughrider mascot in to Calgary for the playoff game. Good for Toronto! Stick by your decision,

Glenn said...

Maybe she could ride Gainer , just sayin'

Anonymous said...

Hufnavel has the face for the front part of the horse costume and Cornish could be the back end. They could still make it work!

willie said...

Why the hell should Toronto let that "Old Grey Mare" run around the stadium when Calgary wouldn't let Gainer The Gopher " in to their stadium ?

Anonymous said...

So many haters just because the Stampeders beat the Riders In the playoffs, get over It already. Calgary has earned their right to represent the Western CFL Conference In the Grey Cup Championship game by having a top to bottom damn good football club. Maybe the Roughriders should have stole/hired Dave Dickinson as their head coach and things would have turned out for the better In Rider land this year. Seems ex quarterbacks do real well as head coaches In this league. Watch from afar as the Stamps win the 2012 championship, and don't be hating.

Anonymous said...

We're not haters because the Stamps beat us 2 weeks ago. It's because other than Kevin Glenn the Stamps are a bunch of jerks. Go Argos Go.

Anonymous said...

Majority of the opinions on this Saskatchewan based blog are Calgary Stampeders haters, just read a few comments. "Hufnavel has the face for the front part of a horse costume and Cornish could be the back end" "Old grey mare" "maybe she can ride gainer" In reference to the young lady who rides the horse on the sidelines at Calgary home games. Mr.John Hufnagle Is a former Roughrider alumni who represented the Riders with class when he played for that organization. Yes the Stampeders have a few young players who need to grow up and act like the professionals and role models that every team wants representing their franchise, but what team doesn't have a few Individuals to make life Interesting ? People will be people, mistakes are a part of everyday life which we learn from and move on. "Go Stampeders" and represent the West Division onward to a deserved CFL Championship, you've earned that right for your play on the field 2012.

Anonymous said...

If these players are playing at professional level football...why would they still have growing up to do??? Most of the players on the Riders are young and new to the CFL....yet there are no idiotic comments and acts on our side!! WE are a respectful team...and like I've said before, I'd rather cheer for a team that lost but has class than a winning classless team!! And just remember that we almost beat the Stamps. One more thing...how old is Nik Lewis????

Anonymous said...

Nik Lewis old enough to know better, and that goes out to any other Individual of the CFL. As for anyone's maturity level and conducting ones self accordingly as professional football players there are consequences for all actions deemed Inappropriate. CFLeague office/Individual clubs lacking when It comes to handing down strict penalty for Individuals associated with conduct unbecoming and detrimental to rules/policies and mandate.

Anonymous said...

Classless comments from a fanbase that make the Roughriders team/organization that has conducted themselves accordingly with class and professionalism look bad for all the world to read.

Anonymous said...

Anon #8 Nik Lewis Is as old as he Is, why don't you you tweet him and ask him personally, then maybe you can find out for yourself.Roughriders lost to the Stampeders because that's the way of the Roughriders play to lose TSN top 10 Grey Cup losers on television yesterday, who was #1 again ?Saskatchewan Roughriders with their13th man, Tony Gabriel and so on and so on. Is your team jinxed or just bad year after year consistently?

Anonymous said...

Yes...Nik Lewis is as old as he is....MY POINT EXACTLY!!!!!!