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Thursday, November 8, 2012


Dean "Boomer" Molberg of Fan 960 Calgary, the man at the centre of this controversy, sent me this statement of apology with the purpose of it being posted to this blog. Here goes:

- "I'm writing this letter of apology in regards to the unacceptable comments towards the Saskatchewan Roughriders I made during our morning show on Sportsnet 960 The Fan on Wednesday, November 7th.

"It was an attempt at being funny, which in the end was neither funny nor appropriate. Not even close. It was clearly not thought out, for if it was I'd have never said it. There is no excuse for it, and I'm not in any way looking to defend my actions. This was in no way, shape or form a ratings ploy or an attempt to garner attention to myself or the radio station. I made a mistake.

"I would like to firstly apologize to the Saskatchewan Roughriders Football Club, staff, players and family and fans. My comments are no doubt troubling to you all, and as someone who has a young family myself, I hope you can understand the regret I have for saying them. I made a huge error in judgment and very sincerely wish no harm to any of you. We are all appreciative of the rivalry that exists between these two clubs, and I unfortunately made a terrible choice in an attempt to add fuel to it. I've spoken with Mr. Hopson this morning and am greatly appreciative of his understanding.

"I wish to apologize to Lyle Bauer, John Hufnagel and everyone involved with the Calgary Stampeders Football Club. The Stampeders are a first rate organization, and I'm sorry that my foolish comments are something that you have to deal with at any time, let alone this close to the biggest game of your season. I've also spoken with Mr. Bauer today and he too was gracious enough to take my call. I'd like to specifically apologize to Stamps offensive lineman Edwin Harrison. My comments would be especially troubling to you given the loss of your grandfather. To all at the Stampeders office, I hope you can understand the remorse that I feel for involving you in this.

"I also need to issue an apology to the Canadian Football League and its members. The League has done amazing work during this historic season to celebrate its rich history en route to the 100th Grey Cup. I have watched the CFL since my childhood and have wonderful memories of watching games with my family. I'm deeply sorry that because of my comments, even a small amount of attention will come away from the playoff games and be focused elsewhere.

"I apologize to Rogers Communications, Sportsnet 960 - The Fan, Kelly Kirch, and all members of our staff. We work incredibly hard to bring a product to the air that we can be proud of. On Wednesday, I said something that instead, brought embarrassment to us all. I made a foolish decision and now the entire family and staff are subject to this awkward situation. To our listeners, I hope you don't take this isolated set of circumstances and make a conclusion about me or our station.

"This may seem like a hollow gesture to some, but I can assure you it is extremely heartfelt. I am deeply rattled by what has happened. This was not premeditated or meant in a serious manner what so ever. It was a throw away comment at the end of a segment, that I very much regret.

Dean Molberg"


Anonymous said...

Rod, does this mean Boomer will be nice to you on air now? Last time I listened in on fan 960 when you were a guest, he acted like a pouty child and tried avoiding football talk with ya.

Anyways, I am so glad Rider Nation has the Rod!


Green Blood

Knox Tox said...

Done in poor taste. He manned up and apologized. Good enough for me. I think we have all been there to a degree. Jay

Magie Struck said...

Speak for yourself jay

Anonymous said...

Move on people, this person not even Irrelevant to the West Division CFL playoff game at hand. Just another Ignorant opinion without due thought process and related consequence. His acknowledged apology should merrit sufficient acceptance from the Saskatchewan Roughriders and It's gracious fanbase.

bobd said...

I believe he means it and accept the apology. Time to move on.

Anonymous said...

just another reason to boycott Rogers Communications.

Anonymous said...

It is sad that this happened but the Calgary media does have a strong distaste for Saskatchewan and Rider Nation. Any one that has listen to the Fan or QR 77 will know this. Understandably they don't like us overtaking their home and showing them up fan wise.
The best way for this to all end is for the Riders to go in there and beat the Stamps. So lets hope we can do that and have the last laugh. Go Riders Go!

Darren said...

I take the apology at face value. If you listen to the show on a regular basis they try to stoke the rivalry between these teams all the time as well as other teams when visitors are in town (ie Flames v Canucks). That is part of the "show", sports radio would be pretty boring if all you talked about was the home team.

This time it went way offside, he apologized and to me it is over. I look forward to having him back on the air and listening to the show. Before you start to pile on, I am a Rider fan and I have my tickets to the game this weekend!

Go Riders