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Sunday, September 23, 2012


REGINA - Joe Lobendahn may have saved somebody's job.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders' middle linebacker made five defensive tackles and a game-changing interception for the Saskatchewan Roughriders in a 30-25 win Sunday over the Calgary Stampeders.

He was also a key cog in a defensive scheme that held Calgary tailback Jon Cornish, the CFL's leading rusher, to 67 yards rushing as Saskatchewan (6-6) ended a four-game winning streak for second-place Calgary (7-5).

Roughriders head coach Corey Chamblin pledged earlier in the week to make personnel changes if Cornish ran for over 100 yards against Saskatchewan.

"Joe is one of the guys that if you were in a dark alley and you saw Joe you'd better run,'' said Chamblin. "He's tough. Joe is a tough-minded individual. You could see it in his eyes every day that all he wants to do is win.

"He was pissed because there was one where Cornish ran through the gap and he missed him and I could see it in his eyes that he was pissed.''

But Lobendahn never lost focus.

With the game tied 13-13 in the third quarter, the five-year CFL veteran picked off Calgary quarterback Kevin Glenn on a short pass over the middle and returned the ball 16 yards deep into Stamps territory.

The play seemed to energize his teammates and helped set up a touchdown pass two plays later from Darian Durant to Weston Dressler. Saskatchewan never trailed from that point on.

"I want to be there making the play,'' said Lobendahn, who was released by Calgary out of training camp in June. "Sometimes I try to do too much ... but the thing is I've got to be patient. The play will come, and when it does, I've got to make the play.''

The Stampeders (7-5) responded with a pair of two-and-outs. The second one led to another Roughriders score.

Tristan Jackson returned Rob Maver's punt 33 yards before Durant connected with Taj Smith on a 30-yard TD pass to put Saskatchewan up 27-13.

Calgary made it 27-25 in the fourth, scoring a field goal, touchdown, two-point conversion and a kickoff single, but turned the ball over on downs with barely a minute to play. Riders kicker Sandro DeAngelis capped a perfect day with his third field goal of the game from 37 yards.

Durant completed 22-of-35 passes for 264 yards in the game.

"We just have to take advantage of the opportunities that they give us in the pass game,'' said Durant, who returned after missing most of the last two games with a hip injury. "They blitz a lot so when they blitz we have to make them pay and we did on a couple of occasions.''

The Roughriders didn't make life easy on themselves in the early going.

Chris Getzlaf fumbled on the first play of the game, and Calgary capitalized with a 33-yard field goal from Rene Paredes.

Saskatchewan's next possession ended in a Drew Willy touchdown run, but not before tailback Jock Sanders had to recover his own fumble in Calgary territory.

The Riders ended the first quarter with a turnover on downs after a botched fake punt, and paid for the mistake six plays later when Marquay McDaniel made a leaping catch in the end zone to put Calgary up 10-7.

DeAngelis kicked a 38-yard field goal to send the game to halftime tied 10-10, and added another in the third quarter from 22 yards out.

Paredes finished 3 for 4 on field-goal attempts, also connecting from 37 and 44 yards while missing from 45.

"We played a football team that played very well,'' said Calgary head coach John Hufnagel. "We knew they would come out and give us their best shot, which they did.

"We didn't play very well collectively and I'm not taking anything away from Saskatchewan, because they did.''

NOTES: Glenn went 24 for 38 with 270 yards, two touchdown passes to McDaniel and an interception ... Calgary receiver Nik Lewis moved into 10th on the CFL's all-time receptions list with his third catch of the game, on a short curl route near midfield at the end of the third quarter.
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Anonymous said...

Taj smith is turning into a efrem hill 2 deep balls should of had them both

Anonymous said...

Darian is looking good, A lot of pressure on him and he is still riping apart the calgary defence alot of droped balls by the riders. Darian still keeps his composure

Anonymous said...

Nice TD Grab Taj Smith.

w said...

Defence is a joke.
Playing calling in the 4th q goes turtle.

No surprise they give up leads when you play scared

Anonymous said...

All i can say is there you go darant haters

Anonymous said...

Riders could of had a couple more tds to 3 drops by taj smith and if getzlaf didn't twist his leg that could of been another touchdown so stamps got lucky

Anonymous said...

Up by 14 points in the 4th quarter and everybody is on pins and needles because you know Richie is going to call a 'scared defence' and the other guys will shread it. How long do we have to put up with that man?

nancy said...

So wait..did we win? Hard to tell from the comments.

Anonymous said...

Nice penalty by Brain Surgeon Willis in the final 30 seconds.


Anonymous said...

Great game Riders! Defence was patchworked together and Richie's boys found a way to stick together. Thats why we have one of the top D in the league.

Danny said...

Learn how to spell, people.

Anonymous said...

Good win by the Riders and good to stick it up Cornish's (bare) a$$. Seriously the league needs to look at his mooning the east side fans. Total bare-assing. It's bush and makes the CFL look like a rec league.

ollie said...

we have a team with 3/4 new players so give them a break
we will be around for some time with DD

Buddy Garrity said...

A new product suggestion for the Co-op - Cornish Moon Cake.

CM said...

Nice win! DD looked awesome. Too bad other than Dressler his receivers are so mediocre. Hufnagel needs to invest in sun block. His face looks like it will peel off by the 3rd qtr.

n said...

Someone with "corn" in his last name shouldnt be showing his backside..just sayin...I sense a nickname coming on

DEWTER011 said...

cornDOG proved what a CLASSLESS act cowtown truly is!showing off his best feature to eastside fans is just DESPICABLE!! huffer leads this team,its no wonder their poor success rate in the playoffs,albeit 1 lucky year(08) when they didnt have 2 play the riders!!!shameful cowtown...SHAMEFUL!!!!

Anonymous said...

Taj Smith will get better. Yes he dropped a couple of balls but he is a rookie. He made some monster blocks for his fellow receivers and was outstanding playing on special teams. Did you notice the whole team practically came out when he scored his TD. This kid plays his guts out. His team mates know. Kudos to Durant for going back to him!

Anonymous said...

So how come all you "experts" did not get that Chamblin knows exactly how to push Jon Cornish's buttons and cornish's classless actions are a clear indication that CC did a masterful job to get him off his game! great team effort today and although the last minutes were a little tense, I think the D did an admirable job in the last 5 minutes when we had so many injuries to the starters...Hawkins, Shologen and Williams gone off the line, yet Willis took the challenge....Awesome! I hope none of the injuried are serious.

Ben said...

Great game boys! Enjoy it for 24 hours, and then get ready for BC. And to the guy that is bashing Smith. He has been great so just knock it off. My only complaint is against Getzlaf. Learn to catch, and when you do. Don't put the ball on the ground!

Anonymous said...

Good all around game. DD included.

This should be viewed as a benchmark game for DD. It shouldn't be seen as "great" game for him. This is the kind of effort we need week in and week out. Keep it consistent.

The play calling (on both sides of the ball) made it challenging at times... But, kudos for pulling this off.

Both O and D lines are really coming around. Makes everything else a little easier.


Anonymous said...

Cornish was really bummed out after the game I heard.

Anonymous said...

Someone should point out to the OC that when you try a trick play one should have others in the backfield to confuse the D. Sucessful trick plays look like ordinary plays but surprise the other D. Jeez there is no surprise when there is only one remaining back who is left to get the ball.Same thing when there is an empty backfield on a plunge. Sorry but I don't understand the thinking.

dboe said...

Is there any place in the world that's better than being on the sunny side at Taylor Field when the Riders beat the Stamps?

Anonymous said...

Check out the pre-game talk in the locker room by Chamblin on the TSN website. Full marks to the Rider management for picking this person as Rider coach. Excellent job!

Anonymous said...

Hey, gotta give props to Darian for a good game and a win. Didn't get sacked and lose yards and made some nice throws today. Also nice to see Jackson back giving us some nice returns and what can you say about Dressler, always giving a 100%. Joe Lobendahn is looking better every game. And Coach Craig finally beats his brother Dave.

Now lets cage those kittens from BC next Saturday.

Lets go Riders!

Anonymous said...

Did you see the tantrum Cornish threw when the ref was in his way, should have been a couple penalties on him

Anonymous said...

Did you see the next play after Willis took that roughing the passer in last 30 seconds? Willis and Alford sent Glenn into la la land.

@mrt_man said...

That tantrum was a little goofy...

Was it just me or did everyone else start throwing stuff when we took that single toward the end of the fourth... We are up by THREE POINTS! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!

Did this mooning thing really happen? I just ASSumed it was just people mocking him to begin with.

Thought DD had a pretty good game... catch a few of those drops (cough cough... Taj... cough cough) and he would have looked like a superstar!

Anonymous said...

Once taj smith figures out how to catch those hard ones we may have a legit wideout

hmmm said...

Good job riders! It took watching Drew play for me to appreciate how much experience DD has. He's actually looking pretty darned good.

Funny how we can rip our team for plays that did not work but trust me, the other team has them too. Thats the game.

Bob said...

That was a Calvillo like game for Durant. Rarely moved out of the pocket. And very crisp and accurate while injured as well thats like the mos promising game by darian in a long time. Where are the Durant haters?

Anonymous said...

I believe Taj could be a break out wide out, with his size and speed, and if he can learn to catch all passes he'll be good! I noticed aswell the team coming out to support taj after that td, Props to DD for going back to him and a great game in genereal!

Dressler- Unbelievable!
Where are the Durant haters now? and the Taman haters? Lobendahn is a beast!!

Glad to see T.Jackson get another chance!
Big Win! Go Riders!!!

Anonymous said...

Jon Cornish will not get fined unless someone who saw the MOONING has visual evidence with a pic or vid that it actually happened. Failing that, I strongly suggest all the fans who saw it band together and contact the media. Power in numbers may make up for the lack of visual evidence.

Anonymous said...

John Cornhole.