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Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Lingerie Football League News Release:

(Monday, April 2, 2012 - Regina, Saskatchewan ) Since the announcement of LFL Canada launching a Regina franchise, a wide consortium of Regina radicals and bible-thumpers alongside some seriously biased media coverage has had the initiative under attack. With ridiculous headlines, one actually attempting to tie LFL Football to rapists and suggesting if you go to an LFL game it will lead to your becoming a rapist.

While the Lingerie Football League has certainly had its share of negative press and limited public outrage in new territories, Regina set a whole new level of ignorance and irresponsible journalism.

The league has maintained to not judge a book by the cover but by the substance which in this case is the athletics and brand of football. The story was not going to be told until this past Saturday night's Regina Rage 'Open Tryout'. Despite all the negative publicity and misconceptions, a strong number of athletic women came to the Credit Union EventPlex committed to playing Rage Football.

When these athletes were asked about the negative media coverage and their resolve to play, they responded with:

"I believe integrity is represented by the morale of the individual, and is not a reflection of what they wear", said, Crystal Nikolai of Regina.

"Some people may stereo type the sport but like I said these are talented/athletic women wanting to play a sport they love. I am just excited that we are now given the opportunity to play just like the boys, regardless what we are wearing!", said Kylie Rossler of Regina.

According to Regina resident and prospective Regina Rage Head Coach Larry Mueller the talent far exceeded this expectations with athletes from various sports wanting their opportunity to lace'em up in LFL Canada. If you're counting, Saturday night's successful Rage debut places them ahead of the close-minded Regina residents and biased media.

A select few players will now advance to the Rage Mini-Camp to work with Coach Mueller and his staff in preparation of LFL Canada and Regina Rage's season opener in Vancouver versus the BC Angels on Saturday, August 25th.

(Photos courtesy Linell Grudnitzki)


Larry said...

Saw the photo's on the Leader Post site and some of the girls are built like linebackers!
Lighten up Bible thumpers.

Jarrett said...

A media release (with typos) to bitch about media coverage. Methinks thou dost protest too much.

Guy said...

I haven't seen anything negative in the media or heard of any "Bible Thumping"......credable source anyone?

Anonymous said...

Too many people have their nose out of joint. If you aren’t involved or interested keep your nose to yourself

If men who watch scantily clad women play football will turn to rapists, what happens to the little boys molested by priests?

Anonymous said...

"Bible Thumping" isn't a credible way of labeling a critique. Tim Keller is an author of a book titled The Prodigal God. It's a breakdown of the Prodigal Son parable. It starts, "a man had 2 sons". Long story short you have the young son who wasted everything, and believes he has to beg to be let back into the Father's house. He's welcomed before he even gets the words out. The older son pouts in the field and won't come in because he's adhered to the Father's rules and never once questioned him in disobediance. The Father explains to him that be that as it may everything he has is his, and that he is always with him. The point is both the elder and younger son are separated from God, and don't grasp the essential love and grace that is being extended. There are a lot of "elder son" types out there which I guess you'd call "Bible Thumpers" that again just don't get it.

Anonymous said...

Regina already has a women's football team that plays in a league. This is not the only way women can have a chance to play the game.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to call the LFL's bluff on this one. Who are these alleged "close-minded" media types? The Regina media has covered this subject with respectful journalism. If the LFL is simply trying to drum up a little fake controversy, I'd hope the Regina populace would be smart enough to see through it.

Anonymous said...

It is "you're" becoming a racist. Not "your".


REP said...

A bunch of people trying to stir a pot. Some unnamed journalistic source spawns some mistake-filled rant? This is unprofessional and thin-skinned of the LFL. Do the Riders send out press releases when journalists question their decisions? Would the Dallas Cowboys care if some fringe publication asks questions about them?

Anonymous said...

Saw Scruffy’s review of WrestleMania and it made me think

I’m not a fan of wrestling, but why is it acceptable to watch grown men in speedo’s grope and throw each other around, but not watch an LFL game? I don’t see any complaints relating to sexual exploitation in WWF relating to the muscle bound dudes greased up in speedo’s. Maybe it’s just an acceptable double standard or maybe it’s just some people with self image issues not being able to come to grips that no one wants to see them in lingerie?

Anonymous said...

Attacking the residents of Regina seems like a smart way to drum up ticket sales. Prediction: they never play a game in Regina.

Anonymous said...

them gals are damn fit....nuff said

Anonymous said...

Wow - looks like they are using this to drum up some attention to their league. Good publicity...bad's all publicity.


Anonymous said...

The person that says the LFL never sees a down gets played here is correct.

Gored said...

You give this far to much coverage. As far as spectator sports goes, it's down there with roller derby and 5 pin bowling.

RiderFan said...

There are some huge issues with this league. And probably the biggest one is NOT the fact these talented and athletic women have to run around in their underwear.

From what I understand the league is fairly profitable, but pays there players very little. Proper equipment is not provided. They end up wearing stuff that does not fit and usually is not even meant for the game of football.

There have been numerous reports of women receiving injuries. Everything from the less severe pulls and tears to broken limbs and major concussions. Once they are injured, they are removed from the team and receive little to no medical help from the league as the league carries very little it terms medical coverage for the players.

I fail to see how any of this is ok. Would we think it was ok for the Riders to play with hockey helmets and kids shoulders pads?

If the only way the LFL feels they can attract fans is to wear as little clothing as possible, then fine. But, I think these women should be provided the same rights and protection that are afforded in any other football league.

Rod, I would ask you to report on both sides of what this league is. Rather than about the negative media and so called bible thumpers.

Anonymous said...

Well said!!... Rider Fan~ ~

Anonymous said...

I have to applaud you Regina, at least the large percentage of you for taking the stance you are. Rare to come on a blog and see true morality, thank you.

A Bible Thumper.

Anonymous said...

get a life people if you dont want to watch it then shut the F**K up
Im going not to see ladys in underwear but as something new to this city if you dont check it out the regina never gets anything then people bitch
some people just like to bitch never saw a Pats game but bitch about Brent, Riders had a bad season Bitch about that and on and on

Anonymous said...

Amen Dave!

Non biblethumper

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dave. Being miserable is way better than bitching.

You're awesome.

Not Dave.

Rod Pedersen said...

I'm in total agreement with Dave. Glad someone said it.

Anonymous said...

While I don't agree with the style of the press release, they're right. Unfortunately, this makes them look even worse.

However, they're correct. Listening to Regina radio and even reading this blog any and all comments about it have done nothing but discredit it.

The truth is, I've never seen a down of this stuff. There's no dispute it's designed to appeal to men and be eye candy. But, from what I've heard most of the gals who end up making the teams are pretty skilled.

I think if it's an avenue for them to play, great.

If you don't want to go, don't. I live out of town so I can say odds are slim I'm driving to Regina to watch this but it's another option for entertainment in the city.

Where's the problem?

I read a comment above saying he has no idea where the accusation come from. I don't know about the biblethumper thing but if you haven't heard overly critical media you haven't had the radio, tv or internet on in Saskatchewan in the last 2 months.

Why don't we give them an opportunity to field a team before we judge them.

Will Fuller

Anonymous said...

Regarding the comment about Regina already having a team for women. They should thank the LFL for coming.

Because until they were allowed mic time to whine about this league coming I had no idea they existed.

One more example of the media's attempt to railroad the project. These girls crying about the league was the first story in the media the day after the team was announced.

Parkside said...

What if a rape epidemic breaks out after a Regina Rage game? What if they're onto something?? ...One shouldn't joke about such a topic but come on! That's one of the most idiotic things I've ever read. Also, I do believe the LFL is trying to stir things up, but there's better ways to get coverage.

J FRENCH said...

If the league is going to market itself as the "Lingerie" football league, then they shouldnt be surprised people are calling them out for exploiting women and for disregarding the talent they may or may not have. You lose your credibility to market yourself as a fast paced, arena style sport when the first thing in your marketting is to point out how they are dressed.

I'm with others, go if you want, don't if you don't want. But as a league don't get upset or act surprised that people are calling you out for selling sex when the first word in your marketting compaign is lingerie. You are.

And for crying out loud, pay your athletes and give some medical coverage. That might get some more people viewing you as a legitimate professional sports league.

Anonymous said...

Women play sports in limited clothing all the time, take beach volleyball or cheerleading. It's not so much about what they are wearing as it is about how it is being presented here in the QC.

The LFL throwing two franchises in Saskatchewan, with very little in the way of positive promotion. By having the word "lingerie" incorporated in your sport, you have to be ready with a full branding and image campaign for the league. You need a credible spokesperson, athlete testimonials and to give Saskatchewan folk a 101 on the sport.

Most people are NOT going to think of these young women, who may be very talented athletes as true competitors but as girls looking for attention or other misplaced preconceptions.

You have to put a different image out there, or people will create their own.

The idea that women have to wear, well nothing, in order to have fans or to be able to play football, does send a controversial message.

As a topic around the office, when speaking of attending these games words such as "embarrassing", "disgraceful" and "distasteful"... were common words overheard. That is coming from an older generation crowd of course...

In respect to a fan base, you can't take your family to this, women will not likley be in attendance, meaning in Regina you have a fairly narrow market to draw from...

It should be interesting to see how attendance will play out and the success of the league in Saskatchewan.

As for all the media hype, its unfortunate that it is getting just that, "all the hype", when there are SO MANY women athletes working hard at their sports every day, perhaps fully clothed, but still dedicated and talented.

Finally, when is men's speedo football coming to Regina? Maybe women would like that better, and men may understand how it feels when they don't want their significant others in attendance cheering on her favorite player wearing #2, oh wait...#12, the 1 was hard to read written on that glistening six pack...

Just saying...

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the girls that play on the other Football team in Regina? They barely finished the season due to injuries. Look at the girls in the LFL. In comparison to the other girls football team Peter Griffin on Sunday night would say, "she walked out of Home Depot with bags of soil on each shoulder." Give the LFL a chance.

Anonymous said...

Ok, let's take a vote, everyone that has ever heard a woman say that they only watch football to see the guys butt's in tight pants, raise your hands.

Enough said!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of that old joke about the guy telling his boss that the only good things that ever came out of Regina is football players and hookers...and the boss sayes "my wife is from Regina" the guy sayes "what position did she play?"

Anonymous said...

Woman only watch football to look at the guy's a$$'s.So it's about time guys get a little bit of this world back.

We screwed up when we let them vote!!!