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Friday, March 30, 2012


* Today will be an interesting day.

* It took awhile but it seems everyone is engrossed in this Pats-Warriors first round WHL playoff series which continues tonight with Game 5 at Mosaic Place in Moose Jaw.   The Warriors lead the series 3-1 and are looking to close it out this evening.  Hockey people from across the league are sending notes and asking what's going on while fans from other centres like Swift Current and Saskatoon are writing into this blog or chiming in on our radio show about the series.   What else did you expect?  Fines, suspensions, overtimes, sold out arenas, damaged property, etc.   This is exactly what I expected when we learned the top two rivals in the CHL would collide.

* The series should be 2-2 in my opinion, but sadly it's not.  There will be no further referee discussion here.  One of the Pats' parents emailed me a story about the referee in question and his role in getting an MJHL coach suspended for 12 games not that long ago.  Meh, I don't expect much from these guys anymore.

* The greatest, and worst, thing I ever heard yelled from the crowd came during Game 3 on Tuesday night.   "Hey ref!  I thought you were supposed to be on OUR side!!"

* It will be an extremely difficult row to hoe for the Pats tonight without suspended forward Dyson Stevenson and injured captain Brandon Davidson.  The word we received yesterday is that Davidson is done for the series with an upper body injury.    Still, as several from across the WHL have said, the Pats aren't out of it yet.

* Anyone who's been to Mosaic Place continues to rave about the facility.  I must say it's incredibly impressive.   Their pregame ritual (shown above) is quite a spectacle too.   I'll be watching tonight's game along with Scott Schultz in Darrell Markin's Cross Canada Flooring luxury suite.  We'll also be broadcasting Four Seasons Playoff Friday live from Mosaic Place beginning at 5:00 pm.

* We asked Regina Pats owner Russ Parker about the potential sale of the team on the Sports Cage on Wednesday.  His response was "I'm not getting any younger!".   That really got people wondering if the For Sale sign will go up this spring.

* Some folks in this town really need a history lesson.  I was wearing my Pats jersey in a restaurant the other day and a guy came up and said "What's the connection between the Pats and the Prince Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry?".   Uh, the Pats are named after them??

* One of my favourite country music DJs is Country 100.7 Moose Jaw's Jim Strom.  But when did he start moonlighting as the trainer for the Warriors?

* Three more WHL teams bit the dust in the playoffs last night.  Brandon eliminated Calgary, Edmonton extinguished Kootenay and Portland finished off Kelowna.

* I have to say I'm extremely proud to announce is sponsoring MMA pro fighter Derek "The Lion" Parker (pictured).  This plan came about over a steam room chat at Gold's Gym on Tuesday morning.  Derek, the former Warriors, Hurricanes and Millionaires tough guy, lives in Regina and has gone pro in the cage.  The Lion will have on his shirt as he enters the ring and will make regular Sports Cage appearances.  You can follow him on Twitter @TheLionParker.  He fights tomorrow night in Quebec, looking for his fifth straight professional win.

* I checked the Saskatoon Blades' attendance for Game 3 of their first round series against Medicine Hat at Credit Union Centre.  It was under 5000.  Like 48-hundred and change.  If they won't support the Blades, the NHL isn't going to work there.

* A fireman who was raised in Saskatoon but lives here was discussing this with me the other day at Gold's too.  He said "If Rider fans will drive from Tisdale for games, why wouldn't people do the same to Saskatoon for NHL games?".  That's the problem.   It's soooo much bigger than that.  It's not even in the same stratosphere but it seems hardly anyone realizes this.

* The same guy said not to get too worked up over the Pats-Warriors series.  "It's just a game" he said.  Maybe he's right.

* Glad to see the Weyburn Red Wings have advanced to another Canalta Cup, the SJHL championship series.  They'll face Humboldt, who's set to host the Royal Bank Cup this year.  I have a KFC supper riding on the series with Humboldt product Dean Moisan.  I'm betting on the Red Wings.

* There's been a ton of NHL scouts in the area to witness this series.  It's been interesting hearing their thoughts on the current plight of NHL teams.  Some of the comments I've been told are: "If Brent Sutter isn't coaching in Calgary next year, he'll be coaching in the NHL somewhere," and "The Leafs are terrible because they have no leadership.   Bad captain."

* I don't like having Steve Ott on the hockey team for which I cheer.

* Heard this week that there are only three people in the world with more marketability than Tim Tebow.  They are 1) Oprah Winfrey, 2) Adele and 3) Kate Myddleton.

* It's hilarious that Madonna let it be know this week that she'd like to give Tebow a tour of New York this weekend.  HA HA!  Like Tebow would be caught dead with that skank.

* Memo to Rogers Sportsnet: Ken Reid is the ideal person to anchor the morning Sportsnet Connected show.  He's cheery with a bubbly sense of humour.  Perfect for that time of day.  Although, Evanka Osmak isn't the worst thing to wake up to either.

* Have you been to the McDonald's at Dewdney and Albert lately?  What a renovation!!  It looks like a Cactus Club in Vancouver inside!  Fancy stools, interior and three flat screen TVs with hockey games on.  My question is, do you really want your clientele to stay for that long?

* Loved the Raptor's camouflaged uniforms this week in which the team honoured the Canadian Armed Forces.

* Why I'm all for the Odell Willis trade:  If you ever watched the Blue Bomber defense last year and said "Man I wish we had a guy like that on our defensive line", then you should be all for this deal as well.

* Many Rider fans have told me they think the Riders will get a leg up in the West Division this year because Edmonton and Calgary have new quarterbacks and BC has a new coach.   Umm, we have a rookie head coach too.

* The Texas Rangers are offering two feet long hot dogs this season which are covered with cheese and jalapenos.  They run $26.

* Last weekend in Glasgow, Montana, Pabst Blue Ribbon sponsored the annual Triple-Double contest.  They were challenging the locals to consume 10 PBRs, 10 corn dogs and 10 tater-tot orders.  There was no time limit!  I actually think I've done that a few times.

* Facebook needs a "dislike" button.  It's awkward when people write about splitting up with their partner, or a death in the family and underneath the post it says "56 people Like this".

* Today's Press Box Sports Bar lunch buffet from Chef Trent:
Roast Beef
Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
Mixed Vegetables
Sweet and Spicy Chicken Wings
Lemon Shrimp over Angel Hair Pasta
Caesar Salad
Chicken Cacciatore
Various Desserts



Anonymous said...


-Scott in Regina

Larry said...

Great hockey atmosphere watching the Pats - Warriors series this week.
Regina Exhibition Association - spend the dough and invest in a new tech centre ice clock.
It's an embarrassment without one!

Anonymous said...

WOW! So when we don't get out way, we now punch giant holes in off ice official's doors???

Anonymous said...

As a pats fan, I gotta say the old sport cliche rings loud. "Act like you've been there". Well, we haven't been there in so long we don't know how to act. It's embarassing.

Anonymous said...

Why are people saying they split on facebook in the first place? Seems kinda private.

J FRENCH said...

"* A fireman who was raised in Saskatoon but lives here was discussing this with me the other day at Gold's too. He said "If Rider fans will drive from Tisdale for games, why wouldn't people do the same to Saskatoon for NHL games?". That's the problem. It's soooo much bigger than that. It's not even in the same stratosphere but it seems hardly anyone realizes this."

- 9-10 times a season
- in summer driving conditions

Not a good comparison when you look at the number of home games in an NHL season, and the winter driving conditions people aroudn the province will need to drive.

Ive yet to hear any real Saskatoon people think it is a rational idea either. Just what you hear on the radio and TV.

Anonymous said...

I really hope Russ sells the Pats to local owners.

Nothing wrong wit him,but I think it's time to get some local ownership.

If he sells the team or not,I will still buy my season tickets next year.Like I have been doing so this year, and past years.


Anonymous said...

Do you need Schultz for protection? Is he your bodyguard? Will Remple ever make another appearance on your show after what you did to him yesterday? Whatever it is, its the last Pats centric show you will do for a while as this is their last trip to Moose Jaw this season win or lose. The Warriors aren't losing the next two.


Gored said...

I agree that it is like comparing apples and oranges. Nine times in summer versus 41 times in winter. You may do it a couple of times each winter but not over 40.

The Leafs stink and have for some time. However, yesterday TSN ignored the close races for the final playoff spots and ran 6 of 9 featured articles on the Leafs. I love it that the Leaf Nation expects to have Zach Parise, Rick Nash and Corey Schnieder all playing for them next year. They also think that Nazem Kadri has value in the trade market. Hello - if he cannot crack the lineup of a team that will finish 28th out of 30 teams, he really is not that good. Burke signing Armstrong for $3 million a year and projected him as a 1st or 2nd line player shows how far they are from being a contender.

Jeremy said...

Regardless of anyone's team loyalties, suspending a player based on a "new" rule and no video evidence when the other player was not injured seems a little "interesting" to me. As a Pats fan, I knew they would be in tough and I am proud of their effort on the ice in the 3 games I have seen (I was not at the 8-1 game). Go Pats!! Hockey fans want to see a game 6.

Anonymous said...

Not at all "interesting". 3 players in the WHL have been suspended lately for dirty clips (slewfoots). The league sent a memo that these infractions will NOT be tolerated anymore.

Heck even Pats fans that saw it are admitting it WAS a slewfoot. So what's the debate?

Kelly Markwart said...


Hey Roddy. Feels great wearing the Pats Jersey when the playoffs come around, and my son and I certainly felt proud to wear my alumni jerseys at game 3.

This playoff round has been 20 years in the making, and now with blogs and internet, it's much different than past playoff battles.

Thanks to Kelly Remple for all the work he's done in the TransCanada Clash games, we can pass this great team's history down to our next generation.

Case in point: on Tuesday, Hayden was wearing his jersey to school, when his Histroy teacher covered up his PPCLI patch on the shoulder and said "I'll let you wear this jersey in class if you can tell me what PPCLI stands for!"

He proudly said it stands for the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, and IN FACT, we went to a Bantam hockey tournament this year at CFB Shilo, the home of 2PPCLI.

The tournament is named after Cpl Mike Seggie, who died in a Taliban ambush in Sept, 2008.

We ate in the Mess Hall, met many wonderful family members and widows of fallen soldiers, and played against a team whose Coach was injured in the ambush which killed 3 soldiers.

It was great to be there to represent a team from Regina, and I'd recommend annually sending a Regina Atom or Bantam team to go play there wearing the Pats jersey if possible.

Anonymous said...

To say you were an ass to Remple yesterday would be an understatement. He made such a great point that since he never saw 'the hit' he couldn't comment, but you just continued to berate him. Sour grapes at its best, and a lot of the reason why I love to hate the Pats.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you Rod (and some other posters), driving to nine Riders games in the summer vs. driving to 40+ NHL games in Saskatoon in the dead of winter is not a fair comparison. But the other thing to note for two Rider season tickets you are talking roughly $1,200, for two NHL season tickets you are talking approx $8,000, plus gas, etc, etc for all of these trips!

If Saskatoon locals will not support the WHL how can they support an NHL team?

Anonymous said...





Its all over tonite Pedersen. You can then start cheering for the only Saskatchewan team that has a hope at the Memorial Cup. Yes that's right, YOUR MOOSE JAW WARRRRRRRRRRRRR-I-ORRRRRRRRRSSSSSSSSSS!!!

Doug said...

I went to Alice Cooperstown in Phoenix yesterday and had the "Big Unit" with Bases Loaded. It was $19.99 and is 22" long. They ring a bell when bringing it out and yell.....Big Unit. Check out the video on the following website...

Anonymous said...

Stop being argumentative on the radio! It offends my tender sensibilities, and makes me run home to hug my Care Bears...

Screw that, keep it coming!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious how Brent Parker admitted in the LP that he himself had "no comment" on the hit because even he didn't see it. Almost word for word what Silver Fox said. hahaha

Anonymous said...

Here's what I don't like about Kelly.

The guy struts around both rinks thinking he is important to both organizations when its so obvious that the guy bleeds Warrior colours. I understand that seeing he is a Moose Jaw kid, so quit trying to sell me on the Pats because you sound like a hypocrite. Its either one or the other.

The guy is smiling like a Cheshire cat right now because his team is up 3-1 and he knows full well the Pats got screwed. I would bet my last dollar to say that he would have been just as worked up as Rod had that happened to his precious Warriors.

He just makes me want to puke everytime I hear him trying to bestow the positives on the Pats when its clear that he is more of a Warriors fan.

Is it true that the reason there is no TC Clash anymore is because he got tired of seeing the Warriors lose. I have heard that story in both cities.

That and the fact that he has try and get some stupid wrestling connotation into every conversation he has.

Rant over!

Anonymous said...

Roddy, I have come to the conclusion that you should be labelled



Lee said...

Anonymous, when you come out of your moms basement what do u do, head for Tims get a coffee rent a movie and back to moms basement. It takes a lot of work to put on an event (the clash) and it is even harder to get the players to commit. I would bet my bottom dollar Kelly would be more than happy to turn the clash over to you to organize and run

Anonymous said...

That Derek Parker is one handsome devil

Anonymous said...

The Pats are gonna roll over and take it tonight. It's gonna be a blowout.
Bieber is far more marketable than Tebow.

Anonymous said...

Rider games and NHL games aren't in the same stratosphere, but WHL games are? How the hell do you figure that? Just another day bashing Saskatoon.... ho hum...

Caesar said...

I don't get the whole Tebow thing. How is it that he is "marketable"? And the last poster was correct, Bieber is way more marketable than Tebow.

As for Parker, good on him for showing some emotion. The fact that the player wasn't hurt and you MJ fans just keep thinking it's the right call, shows me that neither the refs or you fans have the balls to admit it was a blown call. An apology should be issued, just like the refs in the CFL when they blow a call and Cohon has to issue a statement.

But without Davidson, this series is over. And again, the refs let way too much go in the overtime. So there was no "clip" on Underwood that clearly hurt him at the end of the game.

I was thinking of supporting the Warriors throughout the playoffs, but now to see the types of fans you have, I won't be.

You have a good team, but won't make it through a team that just decides to shoot the puck at the net instead of gettin fancy and waiting for the "perfect shot".

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Anon did you really just mention Bieber on this blog? It's clear that you have lady parts. Rod was and is pisses off with "the call" and the suspention, and he has every right just like all Pats fans hell all hockey fans should be. Pats will rally around this crap and win tonight.

Anonymous said...

I guess the bet is on! i will make sure to get 2 straws for you Roddy, 1 for the drink and 1 for the gravy. should be a great series either way, nice to see access playing all the games.

as for the pats stuff, everyone knows the passion and how competitive Brent is. I believe it was also against the warriors in 97 when a certain GM at that time put his foot thru a door when Holden got cut by a skate. the rivalry is good, neither side will back down, but reffing is what it is and you cant change it.

have fun in MJ tonight, stay civil everyone.

Dean in the 780

Rod Pedersen said...

To the Saskatoon commenter - consider the fact the average CFL team is worth the same amount as the average WHL team.

Anonymous said...

I will never cheer for the Warriors.If the Warriors win tonight.I will cheer for anyone BUT the Warriors.

I can't stand people who say "well its the only Saskatchewan team left" I will never cheer for the Warriors.

And I hope the sports cage will not talk to much about them.It is Regina radio, not Moose jaw radio.

Anonymous said...

Kelly admits he is a MJ fan, but still respects the Pats. UNTIL Remple says something to disrespect the Pats, what's the problem. He's ALWAYS respectful of Lang, Conacher, Parker and everyone with Regina.

Why can't he be a Warrior fan and STILL speak respectfully about Regina,

BTW - Your comments about his integrity is ridculous. The Trans Canada Clash existed ONLY because of Kelly Remple. Get a Life!

Gord said...

The series is right where it should be Rod. The Pats had no business winning game 1 and the warriors had no business winning game 4. Simple as that.

Elpmer remir said...

Anybody had a chance to see the new movie called "Goon"? Just wondering if it is a good hockey movie or not.

Anonymous said...


I don't know what's causing it, but your tone has become really bitter over the last year or so.
Calling someone a "skank" is schoolyard bully stuff. It's beneath you and cheapens the blog a bit.

2007 Rod Pedersen was so positive and optimistic.

Anonymous said...

The John Gormley of Saskatchewan Sports.

BA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! That's gold.

Put it on the Cage intro!

Rod Pedersen said...

That was five years ago partner. I think I'm just tired of having arrows slung at me. I'm not bitter at home. Couldn't be happier. Plus, I detest Madonna.

Anonymous said...


Let me guess, you are also one of the 99%, like Pederson, who never saw the hit but since it cost you the game, it was a blown call, right?

I find it ironic that Rod was all about respect for the league when discussing the Beach suspension, but now that this happened, the league's officials are awful and they shouldn't do another game in the play - off's.

Come on man, I know you need to be a bit of a homer, but when you do a radio show that most of the province listen's to, don't you think there are times you need to just shut your trap. Do you realize without Moose Jaw, Saskatoon and other cities in this province we wouldn't have a CFL team which means you wouldn't have a play by play gig. But by all means, throw those who enable you to make a good living under the bus.


Anonymous said...

Blown call! Everyone who matters knows it. 2 min penalty for slough foot at most. More likely incidental contact. Kill off the minor and win the game. If it were an intent to injure it would have been a match and the suspension would have been more than one game. No injury no major plain and simple.

We will never know what MJ might have done if Montison had made the correct call. For sure the Pats would have won the game and Davidson doesn't take a slash that likely broke his arm in the first OT. What we do know is that one blown call set up a series of events which completely "changed" the outcome of this series. Now a guys is suspended for what may at best was a minor. A guy gets seriously injured by a slash in OT. The OT that should have never happened. A $100,000 rip off of the Parkers that should have never happened. A 2-2 series went to 3-1?Strange what one blown call can do.

The weakass hockey league commonly known as the WHL now runs around covering it's ass by trying to deflect blame. Lets fine a guy $2500 bucks because it really doesn't matter. We've just ripped him off a 100K or more so this won't matter anyway. The off ice officials should have been paying attention rather than eating popcorn. Just as incompetent as the on ice guys. Dammed right Parker has a right to be pissed. Try doing that to McCrimmon! He would wonder why the WHL put a rookie controversial official in a close, highly charged series and game. He blows it and rides into the sunset. Other people have to now deal with his mess.

Anonymous said...

RP, I find it ironic that you and Schultz are together day because its national cleavage day and I can't think of a better pair of boobs than you two.

This week has been fantastic blog-reading and show-listenin. I laugh at all your haters.

I'm guessing the idiots at CJME wish they had a 1/10th of your audience.

Anonymous said...

Who is that little hottie with whatever the hell their moose is called. She is OUTSTANDING! Makes the trip worthwhile. Can her outfit be any tighter? Puts the Ice girls here to shame!

Anonymous said...

To the jerk above who obviously doesn't like Kelly Remple. Have your opinion. But I have met Kelly Remple many times away from the rink, and he has ALWAYS spoken (off microphone too) highly of Brent, Cliff, and the Pats organization. He openly admits he likes the MJW, but also worked for the Pats and has ties there too. At the end of the day, SO WHAT if he is a Warrior fan who worked to have that rink built in MJ? How does that affect your life? He is positive about both teams on Sportscage, and likes MJ. WHAT DO YOU CARE? And, to say he stepped down as Chairman of the Clash becasue MJ lost the "Alumni Games" is so fricking stupid its ridiculous. 40 year old men playing a fun game would make him quit? OMG - Grow up!

Bob in Regina, Sk.

Glen said...

Some of the comments on this site are really strange. It's a Regina blog so other people shouldn't post or comment? It's a Regina radio station so others shouln't listen or comment? Where did this all come from? For some reason some Regina fans want to separate from the rest of the province? How does Rod get 7 million hits from only Regina?
It's only a game and neither team is good enought to go much further in the playoffs. So don't get so worked up!

Anonymous said...

Why does everyone keep forgetting that ya "maybe" it should have been just a 2 min penalty, but the league made an annoucement that its an automatic 5 min. It was not the refs fault the LEAGUE made that decision!

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me when Davison received a slash that broke his arm? I thought he was out with a shoulder injury. The injury coming from an open ice shoulder to shoulder hit.

Anonymous said...

Id just like to take away from all this negativity from Rod and say thanks for his blog and his opinions on the radio. I cant tell with the rest of ya anymore but I sure enjoy reading and hearing what he has to say.

Anonymous said...

Hey MJW,

What the hell are the play-off's?

Anonymous said...

You all suck.

(Not the real) Obama.

Lee said...

Agree thought Maciirath had an open ice hit on Davidson, i am sure the Pats sent the tape to WHL office hoping that the league would suspend Maciirath for hitting too Hard

Anonymous said...

I am sure that davidson is out after shoulder to shoulder hit with mcilrath in first OT. He went straight to the room after that hit and did not return

canada artificial grass said...

You guys are cray!

Anonymous said...

I am from Regina and would love to if Saskatoon would get a NHL team. But to compare the dub to the NHL is like comparing apples and oranges... Saying that if you can't support your junior team you can't support a professional team is simply hogwash.. Case in point. That would mean if Regina did not have a CFL team and they were trying to get one the argument against them would be they can't come out and support the Rams or Thunder how would you expect to support a CFL team and I attended all the Rams games this year and a few thunder games and the attendance is embarassing to say the least...

White City

Anonymous said...

Hey Rod-I think you're on to something with your MMA sponsorship of a former hockey player. Get a design for a portable cage, sign up the ex-juniors who are not "goonish" enough to fight in the bigs and have these guys fight between periods at the junior level. This would be a real money maker as you can never have too much fighting in hockey. I hope you read Les MacPherson's commentary in today's LP-the last few paragraphs in particular!

Anonymous said...

If regina cannot support the Rams they do not deserve the Riders. Witness the atmosphere surrounding a Huskie game. Move the franchaisse, regina can then chase an nhl team. With the support and respect they have for the Pats the nhl can't miss. Suggested name, Prince William Willies.