Realty One

Thursday, March 1, 2012


TORONTO -The Canadian Football League Rules Committee will recommend to the Board of Governors that all scoring plays be subject to review by the replay official in the Command Centre. This would include all touchdowns, field goals, converts, singles and safety touches.

"Entering our seventh season using replay review and fourth season using the command centre,  we feel it's a logical step to introduce an automatic review of all scoring plays," said Tom Higgins, CFL director of officiating.

"Scoring plays have a great impact on the outcome of a game and putting in additional measures to ensure those calls are correct is prudent," said Higgins. "When considering these types of changes, we also must consider the flow of the game and the duration of any challenge. For the vast majority of scoring plays, we believe that the replay official will confirm the scoring plays before the next play without a delay."

The Rules Committee is also continuing to address player safety through proposed rule changes and specifically address the safety concern of players helmets coming off during play. The Committee will propose the following rules:

• If a ball carrier's helmet comes off, the play shall be blown dead immediately.

• If a non ball carrier's helmet comes off, that player can no longer participate in the play. If he does, the player will be penalized 10 yards for illegal participation. If a player hits an opposing player who isn't participating because he lost his helmet, he will be penalized 15 yards for unnecessary roughness.

"Every year we task our rules committee to discuss ways to improve our already great game," said CFL Commissioner Mark Cohon. "The safety of our players is paramount and we continue to challenge ourselves to find new ways within our rule book to make the game safer for our athletes."

The CFL Rules Committee met yesterday and today as part of CFL Congress in Toronto. The Committee is made up of head coaches, general managers, team presidents, league officials and a representative of the CFL Players' Association.
The proposed rule changes will be presented to the CFL Board of Governors prior to the start of the season. The Board of Governors is expected to vote on the proposed rule changes in the spring.


Anonymous said...

Well maybe we won’t see helmets go rolling every play now. Players will have to make sure the helmet stays on or leave their teammates short handed.

Could you imagine if a game winning drive in the Grey Cup was extended or negated because of this new helmet rule?

Anonymous said...

The reason the helmets came off so much this year. Is because they were to high in the back, a big design flaw.

Denholm Dolt said...

The CFL will become a joke like the
nhl .Do not tackle my candy rear end kiss the Q B hug and Pray and
tweet during tv timeouts .Ratings
down on tv Huh aft games at 1 pm in
July get a life TSN .

Clarkenstein said...

Higgins says "Scoring plays have a great impact on the outcome of a game..."!!! No sh*t Sherlock!!

Anonymous said...

If you are taking out fighting,might as well take out body-checking also. What I can't stand about todays game and I watch at least 4-6 games per week is this.If there delivers a clean body check,the guy who delivered the hit is attacked almost at once.. Years ago,you got him back in this game or whenever the time was right. I can see a hit from behind, a hit to the head or the like,then yes there should be retribution... But you know what, guys like Lucic ADMIT,they could never play in the NHL without them fighting,roughhousing or bullying another oponent into submission. Does the NHL really need players like this? Maybe there should be a WWF brand of Hockey league and another game with skills and finesse. I wonder which one would outsell the other in terms of fan attendence??? Polkabill from Regina

Anonymous said...

I agree with Clarkenstein. Thanks Captain Obvious!

SP said...

Just what the CFL needs, more input from Higgins and his stripped incompetents. How about instead of adding more redundant rules implement evaluations so that perrenial "ref dawgs" get fired or demoted and then fired to ensure that their role in the game gets better...NOT BIGGER. Replays after every score? How about getting involved in more official irrelevant moments. Talk about a buzz killer....HATE THIS MOVE. In the NFL too. If a call needs to be challenged, challenge it. Every play is important and pivotal to the outcome of the game. Stupid HIggins.

MurrayFischer said...

Hey Polkabill...I think you were commenting on Rod's other post, get it right.

I love the proposed change to stop a play when a player's helmet comes off, it makes a ton of sense. Too often I watched guys and prayed they wouldn't take a head-to-head shot.

Murray Fischer from Estevan