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Thursday, March 29, 2012


Fans across Saskatchewan are once again going to have the opportunity to watch two of the best Junior A hockey teams in the province battle for the Canalta Cup, emblematic of Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League  supremacy – all thanks to Access 7.
"We are extremely pleased that Access 7 is able to cover the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League Canalta Cup Final, and broadcast all the games live for thousands of followers of the SJHL on Access7," SJHL President Bill Chow said. "The Playoffs have been extremely entertaining and competitive, the Canalta Cup Final should be no different. "
The finals promise to bring that entertainment level to a new high. Access7 viewers can watch it unfold live:

Game 1- Friday March 30th Weyburn at Humboldt
Game 2- Saturday March 31st Weyburn at Humboldt
Game 3 – Thursday April 5th – Humboldt at Weyburn
Game 4 – Friday April 6th – Humboldt at Weyburn
Game 5 Tuesday April 10th –Weyburn at Humboldt
Game 6 Friday April 13th – Humboldt at Weyburn
Game 7 Sunday April 15th – Weyburn at Humboldt
"The SJHL showcases a thrilling brand of hockey to fans in every corner of the province," Access Communications CEO Jim Deane said. "This is a Saskatchewan league, with many Saskatchewan players and we're proud to be back to bring this year's finals to fans in over 80 Access 7 communities.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The WHL picks the series for Shaw and Access to carry, nothing to do with Access! That's why we are getting Victoria and the Blazers!

Access and the SJHL sponsor this series so take your beef to the WHL not to Access.

Anonymous said...

Go Wings!

Anonymous said...

Great for those in Humboldt and Weyburn that have Access. Bad for everyone else. The SJ's product has really gone downhill over the past few years and its not getting any better.

Your buddy Scruffy is doing a poor job in getting the league message out. I found it sad that he was at the Pats game with you doing Sportscage when he probably should have been in Weyburn at Game 7 of that series.

Thankfully I'm a SHAW subscriber so I won't have to worry about it.


Rod Pedersen said...

Andrew - Scruffy hasn't worked for the SJHL since last July.

Anonymous said...

I guess Andrew does not know what he is talking about!

I love when dumb a$$es open their mouths up before they know anything HAHAHA

God job Andrew!

Anonymous said...

Nice one Andrew! Scruffy did a great job for the league and gave it more attention than it has in years. Getting rid of him was the first of many mistakes Bill Chow has made this year. The guy is terrible and has set the league back a few years in my humble opinion.

GO BRONCOS!!!! Sorry Rod!