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Thursday, March 1, 2012


REGINA -- The Regina Pats failed to gain any ground in the tight WHL East Conference as they dropped a 3-2 regulation time decision to the Red Deer Rebels Wednesday night in the Brandt Centre.

The Pats looked sluggish in the early going but got out of the first period locked in a scoreless draw. However a pair of suspect goals by the Rebels' Tyson Ness and Brooks Maxwell put the visitors up 2-0 early in the second. Regina's Dominek Volek notched a powerplay goal at the 11:40 mark to make it 2-1 after two. Jordan Weal assisted on the marker.

Chad Robinson made it 3-1 Red Deer early in the third and that was the end of the line for starting Pats goalie Matt Hewitt who stopped 19 of 22 shots. Backup Adam Beukeboom stopped the only shot he faced the rest of the way and Weal made it a 3-2 game at the 6:20 mark but that's as close as the Queen City Kids would come.

NOTES: Red Deer outshot the Pats 23-18 while going 1/3 on the powerplay ... Regina was 2/5 ... The attendance was 3677 ... The loss leaves Regina a point back of Saskatoon for 6th and a point up on Brandon for 8th ... Red Deer sits eight points behind the Wheat Kings for the final playoff spot.

Regina (33-24-5-2) hosts Brandon in a key game Saturday night at 7:00 while P.A. is here Sunday night at 6:00. Both games can be heard on 620 CKRM with the Press Box Sports Bar Pregame Show hitting the air 25 minutes prior to faceoff.


Anonymous said...

Rod, you must have been at the game tonight. Must be the reason for the loss.

Rod Pedersen said...

For the first two periods. Sorry.

Dan said...

The inconsistancy will cost us a playoff spot.

What a waste of time and money to watch a team who could care less about playing hockey and maybe Pizza Delivery is what 99% of the players should do.

If at this time of the year fans are still watching the same crap from this team, maybe we should get on a bus and watch real playoff hockey in Moose Jaw, as they have a team who does not quit and we will get some playoff hockey worth paying for.

Sad to say but it looks like reality, so for all of the people who still think this club is going somewhere hold on to you hats.

I am sure the best is not yet to come.

steveo said...

I don't get this team. How did they go from back to back wins over the Ice, a dominating win over MJ, a hard fought so lose in Brandon to this. Why is it so hard for them to stay focused against the weaker teams? All I can say is thank god teams like Red Deer, Lethbridge and PA wont be in the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

That was a frustrating game to watch. I give credit to the Rebels, they played an "in your face", hard fought battle and they deserved to win that one. I almost hope Brandon jumps ahead of us in the standings since the Pats can't beat teams below them.

Go Pats

Anonymous said...

So good against the top teams and so blahh against the bad teams is the way this team's season has gone. If you take wins over RD, Lethbridge and PA that they should have had, they are probably challenging MJ for first in the division and you see how we schooled them the other night. Frustrating.

lee said...

Terriable comment by Dan about pizza your darn team, jump the bus come to M J when Pats are not playing but support your home team!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why is it so hard for Edmonton,Moosejaw,Kootenay and Medicine Hat to keep their focus against the Pats (after all the Pats are below them in the standings)Just like the Pats lose to teams below them,so do teams that are above them, lose to the Pats. It happens it's the nature of the game. Don't get to high don't get to low.


Anonymous said...

I don't think it cost them a playoff spot but it didn't help. The same things that have hurt the Pats in the past are there again. Our goaltending is inconsistent and not top level WHL calibre. It seems the Pats don't put a premium on goalies; Reekie, Rowatt, Bosch, Ghule, Ketlo, and now Hewitt. Not ONE of these goalies other than Rowatt were drafted by NHL teams and none got contracts. Not good enough.

Size and strength are an issue. They lost a lot of battles because they were much smaller than Red Deer. In fact they are one of the smallest teams in the league. I have long noted that the Pats are don't seem to get a lot stronger as the season goes on. They desperately need a professional "Strength Coach" much like Vancouver has.

Lang can't get caught again with three or four players who clearly don't belong. We would have been much better off using big rookies who are willing to put out.

hmmm said...

Sheesh, When the pats beat a team above them, should the pats get a little credit or is the win just a result of the other team tossing the game?

Anonymous said...

Weiner Wednesday dooms the Pats again !

Anonymous said...

..set your expectations low...and you will meet them!

Anonymous said...

hmmmmm is right Moose Jaw didn't show up the other night.

Go Warriors

Anonymous said...

Well said Stewart. I like that perspective. Red Deer has been in the same boat. They beat teams such as Vancouver, Saskatoon, Kamloops, and Regina on this recent road trip. One of their losses was against PA.

The Pats will shake this off and win 2 big home games this weekend.


Anonymous said...

inconsistency will cost us a playoff spot ??? hahaha what an uneducated unthought out comment. Look at the race - you think Red Deer is gonna catch the pack ? haha I love when people with no idea about hockey write into ur blog Roddy. You wanna get on a bus and go watch Moose Jaw ??? Do you know that last week we trounced the great Warriors 8-2 ?? And they got an extremely lucky bounce for their 2nd goal? Do you know we've beaten them the last 3 meetings? Probly not - just another negative loser I'm betting with such a bad life that you feel the need to come down on a good hockey team and a great bunch of kids. Grow up- and btw- none of those kids will be pizza delivery guys so dont worry, your job is safe for now.

Anonymous said...

moose jaw sucks. period.

Anonymous said...

Why are we beating up on MJ all the time? Is it because we finally beat them 8-2 one game?

Lets worry about the Pats and support them for a play-off push.

We need to keep in mind MJ was built for this year. They have a deep-deep team for anyone that knows hockey. Look at the 1st period....I had to keep looking to see if we were short-handed all period.

Mj has a team that could do some damage...thats not saying it will happen. Lets take Weal out of our line-up for 15 games and see how we do. MJ has been missing 2 key guys and sometimes more due to injury or suspension. Reilly a key cog this year hasn't played since the start of the year. They have all the tools.

Go Pats GO.

Anonymous said...

MJ is a very good hockey club dont get me wrong but there defense is big & slow with very little puck skills... it will get better once Rielly comes back come playoff time (by the sounds of it) they easily have the best top 6 forwards in the Eastern Conference with Howden leading the way they have alot of scoring depth up front.

As for our Pats it wasnt as frustrating as a game last nite as many on here are saying... we had some good scoring chances, Marantz rang 1 off the bar in the 1st 3mins & also took a slash to the wrist (from my angle) & never returned which was a big loss to our 2nd line, Schiedl had a great chance a few shifts later but Dubnyk made a great pad save...

As for the goalie comment made above Hewitt is in the top 10 in every major goalie stat, the guy has been brilliant all season long & even scouts are taking notice, by no means does this mean he will ever play in the NHL but he could land a backup role in the AHL 1 day.... goaltending has NOT been our problem this year, if u had any common hockey knowledge u would already know this, he plays great for 7 or 8 games in a row & then has a set back & all of a sudden its THIS TEAM HAS NO GOALTENDING

guess what bud no way in hell do we beat MJ 3 times in a row without Hewitt, especially the last game when MJ dominated the 1st period & the game could of easily been out of hand after the 1st

it was frustrating seeing Hewitt let in 3 soft goals cuz we all know that he is capable of making that save with his eyes closed, but it just didnt happen last nite

Anonymous said...

Here is how it goes Regina! If MJ play regina in the playoffs it will be short and sweet in favor of MJ. Let me explain! Games 1 and 2 are in MJ. MJ don't loose there and haven't since November. So all of all sudden its 2-0 for MJ. Then it goes back to Regina where you will probably see Regina squeek a win in game three then loose in game four because MJ is just way to big and physical for the Pats to handle. Then game five back in MJ will just be a formality because A) they are playing in MJ (refer to above) and B) the pats will be just to beat up! Series over! I love how the Pats are getting better audiences and more media attention thanks solely to Rod, and I hope it continues through to next year. But as far as the Pats success this year goes, it will end in the first round. Sorry pats fans but that's how it will be. And for the disillusioned pats fans, if you don't believe me, go to MJ one night and watch how a high caliber team plays. What you guys seen from the warriors in the Brandt Center is not what this team is all about! It wouldn't surprise me to see this team in the dub finals! But hold your heads high, at least you made the playoffs. More than you can say for the past four years! Good job Chad Lang and co. The future is bright in Regina, just not this year!

Jon from Swift!

Tim said...

Are you really opposing the removal of fighting from hockey? All fighting results in a penalty because it's against the rules, but you're suggesting we need to ensure we allow players to break the rules? Would you also argue against any efforts to reduce the number of unecessary roughness penalties in football?

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that you support fighting at the junior level. Don't you think that the NHL would soon have to follow junior hockey"s lead as the players coming to them from these ranks would not consider fighting a part of hockey. Eliminate fighting and enlarge ice surfaces as in the Olympics and you would have a magnificent game-you know-like you announced at the World Juniors. The argument that the goons would no longer make hockey teams is actually a reason to ban fighting.Please don't insult us by quoting the goons .