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Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Rodservations

Happy Friday! Today we've got lots and lots of hockey observations, some football thoughts and some messages from our beloved sponsors. Please get comfortable...


The Regina Pats are in playoff mode from now until the end of the regular season which is a span of 26 games. Tonight they shoot for their third straight win when they host the non-playoff bound Edmonton Oil Kings. It's a must-win for the Queen City Kids. Really, all the games are from here on in.

Despite Regina's uplifting victory over Brandon on Wednesday, the club is still nine points out of a playoff spot thanks to Red Deer's win at Prince George that night. They're going to have to win 17 or 18 of their final 26 games just to make the playoffs and that's if the teams they are chasing (Red Deer, Swift Current, Moose Jaw and P.A.) go .500. The odds are definitely against them.

The puck goes down at 7:00 tonight in the Brandt Centre and on 620 CKRM (Press Box Sports Bar Pregame Show at 6:35pm right after Don Cherry's Grapeline.)


Here's a quote Pats star Jordan Eberle won't like. It came from Pats assistant coach Shaun Sutter when I asked him this week why it took so long to put the "C" on Colten Teubert:

"The first response is you just don't know what players are going to be here. We didn't know who was going to be here and it's Curtis's decision to name the captain. Colten has shown has shown the leadership abilities but so too has Jordan.

In fact we probably have three players who could wear the 'C' on any team. On a young team, Garrett Mitchell would the captain. We have a strong group of leaders and any one could've done that.

Once the trade deadline passed, we could make a decision and Teuby's gonna be the guy. In our dressing room, we look at it as Teuby's the Dad in the dressing room and Ebs is the Mom. What I mean by that is Teuby's the intense guy who keeps everybody in line and gets them going. Ebs is the calming guy that keeps everyone relaxed but everyone respects what he has to say.

Also some players don't necessarily want the 'C'. It is a lot of responsibility. It's an everyday thing and you can't have an off-day. You have to be at your best all the time. Like I said we have a lot of guys who could wear the 'C' on any team."

Ebs? Mom? Ooookay!


Details for the third edition of the TransCanada Clash, Moose Jaw Warrors-Regina Pats alumni game were unveiled at a news conference Thursday. The game will be played Saturday, January 30 at 1:30 at the Moose Jaw Civic Centre. It'll be the final alumni game ever in the Crushed Can, as they expect to play the 2012 game in the brand new Multiplex.

In the last game, Theoren Fleury was the story. This time around, the Pup Line will be reunited. That's right, the famed 1980's Pats line of Mike Sillinger, Jamie Heward and Frank Kovacs will be back together. The line gained fame back in 1987 when those three were all 16-year old WHL rookies, and all mullet-wearing Regina products. Jamie Heward may have had the quote of the day at yesterday's news conference.

"The Pup Line aren't pups anymore," cautioned Heward to CTV's Lee Jones. "The biggest battle in this game is for us to get up and down the ice. Mind you Silly has a brand new bionic hip now so he should be a step ahead of the rest of us."

It should be fun.


After heavy consideration I have come to the conclusion that WHL referees and linesmen are NOT out to screw over the Regina Pats.


Curtis Joseph called it a career on Tuesday and leaves the NHL fourth in all-time wins by a goalie and tied for the most losses with Gump Worsley.

The debate is now on -- does Cujo get into the Hall of Fame? He never won a Stanley Cup but that's not the be all and end all.

How would you vote? I would put Paul Henderson and Reggie Leach in before Joseph.


Do the New York Rangers EVER wear white? Every time I see them they're in blue.


If you get a chance, check out the highlights this morning of the Maple Leafs/Flyers game last night. Regina's Tyler Bozak scored the goal of the week -- and maybe of the year -- for Toronto. It was Tyler's first career NHL goal and he'll be hard-pressed to top it.


Have you been to Titan Auto yet? They're offering Regina's best oil change value at just $24.95. That's for ALL makes and models.

And if you bring your own oil, it's only $7.95!

Do the right thing.


Now to the football.

I have an interview lined up with the agent for Stevie Baggs, Chad Speck, for later this morning. I reached Speck Thursday afternoon and he said he'd be glad to discuss Stevie's future on tape.

Baggs is set to become a CFL free agent February 15. I plan to ask if Speck has already spoken with other CFL teams.


John Chick will hold his last media gathering with Regina reporters this Monday morning at a Regina car dealership. I got word from a source close to John that his signing bonus with the Colts was for $200,000 and his contract calls for $1.2-million over three years.

He's not coming back.


An interesting candidate has emerged for the job as President of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. The Voice of the Bombers Bob Irving -- the pride of Lestock, Sask -- says former Bomber fullback Wade Miller has applied for the position which was vacated by Lyle Bauer.

Miller had an unspectacular football career in Winnipeg but he's been a massive success in business. I always thought of him as a cheapshot artist in his CFL days and one of my favourite all-time Carm Carteri quotes was about Miller when he said on the air one day "Wade Miller has absolutely no athletic ability whatsoever".

Still, he survived. And Wade got into our good books one night at Earl's in Winnipeg when Carm and I got cut-off by the female bartender. We'd polished off six Coors Lights and she felt that was all we needed.


Anyways Miller was at a nearby table and saw it all go down. He promptly talked to the lady and got the tap turned back on. So....



I haven't spoken to Eric Tillman about the possibility of him joining the Toronto Argonauts but I've heard he's waiting for the Argos' ownership situation to sort itself out.

CFL pundits feel B.C. Lions owner David Braley could assume control of the Argos any day now, or at the very least buy a big chunk of the team off of Howard Sokolowski and David Cynamon.

CFL fans are crying afoul about how could ONE guy own TWO CFL teams. The answer? YOU JUST DO IT! Braley's been the best thing to happen to the CFL since the invention of cheerleaders and I say go for it!

Besides if Major League Baseball can have their Commissioner own the Milwaukee Brewers, then anything's possible in sports.


By the way here's a message to Bud Selig because Bud, you know you're reading this.

If Usain Bolt was found to have used steroids, all of his world track and field records would be stripped. Why should it be any different for Mark McGwire?

Do the right thing Bud.

---- IT specialist Jeff Armstead is in Tampa Bay, Florida for tonight's Lingerie Football League game featuring the Tampa Bay Breeze. Jeff is there with Kerry Joseph to cheer on/heckle Breeze coach Yo Murphy.

Check back tomorrow because there WILL be photos. Li'l Armstead is particularly excited for the meet-and-greet with the players after the game.

Also Jeff recently signed up Oilers' tough guy Zack Stortini to his ever-growing stable of pro athlete websites.


Here's an inspirational message from Arizona Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald on Twitter:

From: @Lfitzgerald11

"4 every 1 person that says u can do it, there will be 999 people that say u can't. Don't b discouraged by the others, but b inspired by the 1."


For anybody who keeps an eye on American sports, you'll know the U.S. media's been dominated this week by the hiring of Lane Kiffin by USC. The 34-year old walked out on Tennessee after 14 months on the job and now a lot of the Volunteers' prized recruits are bailing.

But the biggest discussion revolves around Kiffin's wife Layla Kiffin. The reporters and analysts are talking about her like she's the hottest woman to ever walk upright. C'mon guys! She's not THAT hot.

Do a Google Image search and tell me if you agree.


WATCH THE OILERS IN EDMONTON!! You'll notice the new ad at the top left of the page for Major League Tours out of Regina. Grant Langford is offering a bustrip to Rexall Place to catch a doubleheader featuring the Oilers against the Sharks and Red Wings.

Click on the banner to find info on how to book your seats for the road trip. At the very least, click on the ad and see if it's something you'd be interested in. Two nights hotel, a day at West Edmonton Mall, and two NHL games. It's a good trip.


Here's a broadcasting note for WHL types...

Red Deer Rebels pre/postgame host Andrew Walker's last day on the job at Big 105 FM is February 1. Andrew's been hired by the Fan 960 Calgary to read their morning sports and cover the Stamps and Flames. Walks is proud Saskatchewan boy.


Super Bowl television ads are running for $3-million a pop. That works out to $100,000 per second. So who's going to be in the big game?

The marquee matchup this weekend has to be the Dallas Cowboys-Minnesota Vikings playoff tilt at the Metrodome. It's AMERICA'S TEAM versus AMERICA'S QUARTERBACK.

I'm going to be in a fight with myself at the Press Box Sports Bar Sunday afternoon because Dallas is my team, but Brett is my quarterback. Kickoff is at noon.


As I type this out while watching Two And A Half Men, I can't help but think that Hanes Underwear got the double whammy from their two big celebrity endorsers in 2009.

In fact, one of their ads features BOTH Charlie Sheen and Tiger Woods. YIKES! Those two won't be challenging for the Husband of the Year Award.


We've managed to sneak in a couple of movies since things have slowed down a tad. First off "It's Complicated" with Steve Martin, Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin is a comedic homerun. I'd give it a solid two thumbs-up, particulary if you're over 30 and especially if you've gone through a divorce.

On Tuesday we took the Kids to Alvin And The Chipmunks II, The SqueekQuel. It wasn't nearly as funny as the first one but they never are, are they? Alvin gets one thumb up from The Monday Morning Goalie but if you take the kids, you can't go wrong.


Press Box Sports Bar Friday Lunch Buffet:

Prime rib
Sweet chilli glazed ham
Southwest chicken strips
Battered pollock
Mashed potatoes and gravy
Southwest stirfry
Mixed veggies
Caesar and tossed salad
Pizza buffet...

Sounds like a pregame meal!




Anonymous said...

Wouldn't the difference between Bolt and Mcguire be that steroids were against the rules in only one of those sports at the time?

Ron "Scoreboard" JOHNSTON said...

Rod you stated that the Regina Pats odds are not that good. The next four games will tell if they get into the play-offs or not. Tonight they had the last place East Conference Edmonton Oil Kings, then three games against Swift Current. If, only if they win those games, they just might have a chance.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bud,
Since there was no rules banning steriods when Mark McGuire was playing baseball, please ignore Rod Pedersen's advice.

Yours Truly,
Usaine Bolt

Rod Pedersen said...

Actually there were rules against it. MLB just didn't drug test. Why do you think McGwire's crying and apologizing publibly now? And apologizing to the Maris family? Sorry guys.

Anonymous said...

Rod, you have some pretty low standards if all it takes to be labelled the best thing that ever happened to the CFL is to pay your bills on time. While you are gushing over David Braley you forget that Braley's fingerprints are all over the CFL's troubles in the 90's. While he did rescue Hamilton and then BC, his vote as a CFL owner helpt keep this league in the dark ages for a long time. The CFL was dying because of its own inability to adapt to the free agent era, and Braley was a main player in that. If David Braley had his druthers, there would be no SMS in the CFL right now. You're conveniently forgetting Braley's track record is mixed. Read Bob Ackles' book. Ya Braley rescued the Lions, but this supposed great asset to the CFL was an absentee owner who ran the team for the first several years without one clear-cut boss until Ackles was hired in 2003. Ackles' description of the state of the Lions franchise when Ackles showed up showed that Braley continued to allow the franchise to atrophy, even after owning the team for several years. Who buys a company and doesn't hire a president to run the day-to-day operations for several years if they are not going to do it themselves? It's been 18 months since Ackles' death, and still no replacement.

Braley is seen as a hero because he owns the team and pays the bills no matter how much he loses. It also helps that he is extremely rich and so he can afford to take losses that are small relative to his other businesses. Just because he has a passion for the CFL and pays the bills on time doesn't mean we should be so selective when it comes to Braley's history.

How can Braley be a hero when the only reason the Lions needed rescuing was because of the economic conditions created by Braley and co. in the first place?

That's like me being a hero for helping you change a flat tire that I caused by slashing your tires...

Anonymous said...

Layla Kiffin! Wowzers!


Anonymous said...

Its Michael Jordan, not Tiger Woods in the Hanes ads.

I'd take Thies over Layla Kiffin ANY day of the week!

Anonymous said...

Dear "Usaine Bolt" (sic),

The next time you post on Rod's blog, please be sure to spell your name correctly.

Yours Truly,

Anonymous said...

David Braley learned the lesson that the Sports Business is different fromt he Auto Parts Business. When he learned that he adjusted, and hired an "expert" to run his franchise. David Braley IS the best thing to happen to the CFL I would say in the past 20 years. Regardless of the lack of an SMS system who would step up and buy the Hamilton Tiger Cats in the '90's? If that team goes down then guaranteed the Argos follow. Then he goes to BC which was drawing about 14000 fans a game, and he gets that team turned around and stabalized. David Braley was also instrumental if finding proper CFL Owners. Where did Bob Young and Robert Wettenhal come from? Those were Braley sourced Owners. The corporate sponsorships, and TSN deal that has Braley's finger prints all over it too. The SMS system was brought in, and had he been against it you can also guarantee it would not have happened. Trust me nothing happens in that league without him allowing it to happen.

If Braley does buy the Argos it will be because he loves the CFL, and views it as an essential part of the Canadian fabric. I'm all for it, and he'll get that team straightened out and fast. There was a time when nobody said Vancouver could support CFL Football. Well 30000 fans plus per game, with a huge season ticket base states otherwise.


Anonymous said...

Regarding Curtis Joseph I am a die hard Maple Leafs fan. This is one player I am really going to have to use the 3 years after he retires to evaluate his total career. When he was in Toronto they were brutal. Sundin was the engine surrounded by a bunch of plugs, and Joseph would bail them out. They'd win games 2-1 with Sundin getting the points, and Joseph stopping 50 shots. To me that counted for a lot, and I truly appreciated him. He also was the key reason for a couple of playoff upsets in Edmonton.

When I look at the bigger picture it just seems everytime he was made to be the go to guy he couldn't get it done. That 2002 Olympic team it was his job to lose, and he lost the job to Brodeur. Again I'm not going to condemn him he was a lot of games. I would compare him to a Chris Osgood. Osgood has won a lot of games, but been the definition of clutch when the playoffs came around. Sort of in that Billy Smith mold.

I need time to think and assess before I make the decision whether he's a Hall of Famer.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how many violations Lane performed before successfully recruiting Layla! She's hot RP!

kdogg said...

If I ate that for the pre-game meal then I'd better kiss my speed on the ice goodbye lol.

It's really tough to see Chick go but I'm happy for him cause he is a great player and an even better person and he deserves it. All the best big guy.

Caesar said...

Kiffin = SCHWING!

As for McGwire, steroids WERE on the banned list, but andro was not. Yes it is a "form" of steroids, but McGwire used stuff that wasn't on the "list" per-se.

Sorry, it doesn't count. Now when he says he used steroids, it was before they were on the banned list, then he just got smarter and searched for stuff that he could get away with.

To me, I don't see the big deal. All he is doing it now for is so that when the season starts, the reporters and the media focus on the team, not the fact that Big Mac lied to congress.

Where is Barry Bonds by the way? Did he just disappear or what! WOW!

McGwire and Sosa SAVED baseball, that's why nothing will happen to Big Mac!

Anonymous said...

Rod; Are you saying Paul Henderson isn't in the Hall? If so, it's the biggest travesty I've ever heard of and you're right Cujo doesn't go until Paul does. Heck nobody should go until Paul is in.


Tom said...

The lass cut you & Carm off after SIX barley pops?!
You two weren't getting too yappy were ya? lol

Anonymous said...

Dear Rod,

What records does Mark McGwire hold that you'd like to see stripped?

Yours Truly,
Barry Bonds

Anonymous said...

Obama, Bobby Ackles turned the BC Lions around, not David Braley. Braley owned the team for several years before Ackles showed up. That franchise under Braley did basically nothing to grow the fan base up until that point. Read Ackles' book. The condition that franchise was in upon his arrival was disgraceful. So Braley is getting patted on the back for making sure he made payroll and got the lease paid for, and little else.

And you're completely wrong if you think Braley was in favor of the SMS. Braley was not in favor of the SMS. Braley has always been the most anti-cap. Your assumption that if the SMS passed that it means Braley supported it indicates you think that Braley gets his way because of some "David Braley mistique." Instead, Braley merely had the high ground in that process due to the CFL's constitution. In an 8, sometimes 9 team league where you need 2/3's majority to change anything, it's easy for those who advocate the status quo in order to get your way. And that's exactly how Braley got his way with regards to a cap for a long time.

With the retirement of Hugh Campbell the Eskimos have evolved from a club that also had no interest in a salary cap to one that would vote for it. You couldn't be more off the mark in suggesting that Braley was ever at any point in favor of the SMS.

Anonymous said...

Rod and Obama are completely correct about David Braley. Withough David Braley then Bob Ackles doesn't come to the BC Lions. It's always easier to sign the back of the cheque than the front of the cheque which Braley is always willing to do. Not to many guys have been willing to sign the front of the cheque to support two ailing CFL Franchises let alone come in as an investor when the league is facing it's darkest days.

The other thing is if Rod and Obama say David Braley is quality then I'm going with their viewpoints as they seem to be correct more often than not.

Anonymous said...

Layla Kiffin is skinny, blond & orange. She will fit into California just fine. And no she is not the hottest thing ever.

Anonymous said...

Lol...Ebs isn't like a mom, he's more like a cougar cuz he keeps on scoring.

Caesar said...

I think you need a link to the LFL on your website! YIKES!!!

That's crazy stuff, who are the other coaches, Hugh Hefner and Larry Flynt!?

Anonymous said...

Dear Chris,

I am a world class sprinter, not an English major. Aperently I'm no Bob Ucker when it comes to baseball either. My apologies to Rod Petereen from Milesdavis Saskatchewn

Thanks for being a fan
Yours Truly,
Usaine Bolt

Anonymous said...

Lets put it this way...........Layla Kiffin is 100 times hotter than the watermelon bra Kim chick that seems to grease everyones wheels.............

Curtis L.

Anonymous said...

So Braley gets credit for saving the Lions from economic conditions that Braley had a big hand in creating in the first place. Too funny.

And whether or not Braley was supportive of the SMS is not a matter of viewpoint, it's a matter of fact. Obama's wrong.

minerva said...

Sutter probably could have used a better set of terms for Teubert and Ebs. But being called a 'mom' is only an insult if you think moms are lame. Try telling that to 3-time Olympian Becky Kellar (D). She might have some ice for ya.

Big T. said...

Roddy...I'd seen the ads on your site for Titan Auto and so my wife and I decided to check out a vehicle there. While the vehicle was nice unfortunately the sales experience there was the worst we'd ever had. Which will has ultimately led us to go elsewhere.