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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Multiplex A Go!

CKRM's Tom Vernon and the Voice of the Warriors James Gallo report a 60% YES vote in the Moose Jaw referendum.

That means the Moose Jaw is getting their new arena. Congratulations!!


Caesar said...

And their taxes go up an average of 87%!!! Yikes! But glad you got it!

Next up, the Saskatchewan Dome!!!

Anonymous said...

Caesar do you have to post a comment for EVERY posting Roddy makes ? You're making a fool of yourself. People don't care about your car getting broke into, you bring a buddy to a Pats game, or who is on Price is Right - ha ha ha.

Please do yourself a favor and back off on the postings. No one finds your comments interesting and all you're doing is taking up bandwidth. I know any time I see your name I scroll right past as you don't have much insight or you keep repeating the same thing over and over.

So do all us loyal readers a favor.... don't post - just read.

dtjensen said...

Taxes I believe will be on the rise in the Jaw, but at least the multiplex is being built. The Warriors are staying in Moose Jaw and thank God for that because they are the only team the Pats can beat...
A few questions I am wondering though is if the Mulitplex will have a centre ice score clock? or if the bathrooms will have hot water? I also wonder if the people there will have to wash their hands in a trough with everyone after they are done going to the washroom? In cold water yet... I am going to catch a few flies and deposit them in the Multiplex. It's not fair that we are the only ones with flies in January...
Yup thank God we have Evraz Place an arena we all can be proud of... Awesome now we are the ones with the shi**iest arena in the dub... Mind you not the shi**iest team, but we are also closing ground there too... Right on...

Thomasean said...

Taxes will not be going up 87%, they'll be going up 4% for some and 8% for others.

Bakes said...

I would gladly pay a 4% increase in taxes to have a nice rink that does not smell, have flies, and has a center ice score clock.

Congrats Moose Jaw a long process but its finally done. WE HOPE !!!

I wonder if the 'dome will get over looked now for some events because Moose Jaw will have a state of the art facility and we have a "not" so state of the art facility. (sorry was trying to be politically correct)

Anonymous said...

Good for Moose Jaw!!

Anonymous said...

Moose Jaw is movin' on up in the world.

To make it even better for them... by the time they step foot in the new rink, their young hockey squad should be pretty good too !!

Congrats MJ... It's good news for you and the province.

Anonymous said...

congrats Moose Jaw, now build the dome in Regina!

Caesar said...

Well, anonymous do us all loyal posters a favor and just read. That is what a discussion is for, discussing. IF you can't do that in a civil manner, just keep skipping over mine and read the others.

Pot calling the kettle black with the taking up bandwidth useless post!

Anonymous said...

Brandt Center WAS state of the art went it was new. It is over 30 years old and due for a remodel.

I know football stadium/hockey rink all in one!


Anonymous said...

"Moose Jaw is movin' on up in the world." are you kiddin' me.

Moose Jaw will always be Moose Jaw, just another suburb of Regina. It ain't gettin' any world class events, maybe Barenaked Ladies and Riders Basketball Charity event.

Good Luck with the arena, at least it'll be fresher than Agridome, oops Brandt Place.

Anonymous said...

Remember it's not just an arena. It's a new curling and indoor soccer facility too!

It will be a great addition to the City of Moose Jaw and surrounding area. Great job!