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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hitmen 6 Pats 3

Calgary, Alberta – If the Pats wanted to get back into the race for the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference, they would have to play their best game of the season against the WHL’s top team in the Calgary Hitmen Wednesday night.

It started off great for the Blue & White as Jordan Eberle found Mitch Czibere on a 2-on-1 for his 11th of the season and a 1-0 lead. The Hitmen tied it 31 seconds later on a tip in by captain Carson McMillan only to see the Pats take the lead just 41 seconds after on Alex Pym’s 3rd of the season.

The Pats had clear control but it was wrestled away when Calgary was awarded six of the next eight powerplays.

It was all Calgary the rest of the way as Brett Sonne tied it at the 9:11 mark and then Joel Broda made it 4-2 Hitmen with his league leading 48th of the season.

The second period saw the Pats grab make it 4-3 on the power play as Eberle found a pinching Victor Bartley who netted his 14th of the year. However two Hitmen goals late in the second period by Sonne and Broda pulled them to an insurmountable 6-3 lead.

That’s the way things finished off and with the Prince Albert Raiders and Edmonton Oil Kings both winning, the Pats now have themselves a five point hill to climb for the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference with eight games left. They can help out their cause Friday night with a win over the Kootenay Ice in Cranbrook, an 8:00 start Regina time (7:35 Press Box Sports Bar Pats Pregame on 620 CKRM).

All three stars were Calgary Hitmen with the Taylor Toyota Hardest Working Pat being Linden Rowat.

(Postgame wrap-up by Dan Plaster/Rod Pedersen)


Anonymous said...

I think we can all agree now this Pats team is not a playoff team and really does not deserve it either. This team was officially done when they couldn't beat Edm and PA at home a couple of weeks ago. They must have some issues within the organization or the dressing room to have fallen so much or they overachieved to start the season.

Maybe this will finally create a shake-up within the organization. It is so sad that supposedly one of the best junior hockey organization's (so they say), and they haven't won a championship since 1980. Been way to long and I don't see the drought ending any time soon.


Anonymous said...

The preformance by the team this year is not acceptable. I do not believe the problem exists in the dressing room alone. It goes as high as the senior front office staff.

Anyone that needs proof just needs to check and see how many teams heading to the playoffs are put on the spot with their GM's skating with the teams during late season practise. The last thing these young players need is extra preasure when their backs are against the wall. (See Brent Parker on CTV Regina Sports.)

This is the season of saving money on hockey. Like most season ticket holders that I know I did not purchase 2010 World Junior tickets since Hockey Canada decided not to allow season ticket holders to gaurntee their seats for the tournement and now the Pats not making the playoffs.

It is to bad as WHL playoffs and the World Juniors have been fun events to attend in previous years.


Anonymous said...

Until the Parkers leave, this team is destined to go no where.

Anonymous said...

How are Leffler and Teubert?

Anonymous said...

yeah I totally agree , watching those kids play last night was like men vs boys and that is the difference between the top team (CGY) and the pats , they are better off not making the playoffs and re building , time for Parker to step down and let someone run the show , he has trried to build winners here but with absolute no sucess , team gets worse every year , Truly dissappointing ,

Caesar said...

So LE, why is Calgary and Vancouver soo much better!?

Is it scouting? Is it management? IS it coaching!??

Anonymous said...

I went to the game last night and let me say this....brutal officiating. I thought the refs called all of the weak stuff and let a lot of obvious penalties go. Two obvious interference penalties in the first period alone on calgary were missed. Aside from that the pats seemed to get tired late in the game and didn't have any sense of urgency. They need to play like it matters now or they won't even make the playoffs!

ed said...

Sure Caesar 47 shots is alot to face and would have looked alot better if they didn't score six goals on him but enough about that.Wow is Calgary's pp great hard quick passes tape to tape the Pats pp looks like they are doing it in slow motion. But no wonder Calgary has 55 win with all the breaks they get from the refs.With that being said u can't u just can't run around in your own end on in this team they will make you pay.Why do we on rushes turn away from the net take the puck to the net they do and look at what happens.For the love of god clear the front of the net enough with these 2 and 3 shots.Dudas oh what can I say about Dudas other than the fact that he is not worth his weight in dirt sorry to say a draft pick was to much to give up for him.Kiss the playoffs good bye.

ed said...

One last thought wgy in the world would the Pats put Bell in that game for against the second maybe the best team in the CHL. I'm not saying that he does'nt deserve to be up with the team but Calgary really they have 5 guys in the top 10 for scoring the top dman for points and one of the best goalies in wasn't fair to him to put him in what until we play the Ice. Oh yea thanks sportsnet for putting this game on coast to coast.

Anonymous said...

Well Caesar probably the biggest difference seems to be that the Hitmen and Giants have some very good hockey people there in charge making good hockey decisions. Just look at the personel involved with both teams. They also don't have a family member running the team.

They also know what it takes to win, because they seem to reload like we did in the 80's, not rebuild like we seem to try and do now. The Hitmen trade for Broda, the Pats trade for Dudas. When was the last trade the Pats had that really made a difference?

And coaching seems to be a huge difference. I don't know if Derkatch is the guy and I think we are realizing how valuable Hunt was to the team. But the Hitman and Giants have two great coaches that have been successful and they know how to get the best out of their players.


Dave H said...

Regina shored up a weaker position at the deadline with the acquisition of a defenceman. Obviously by adding Dudas, Parker felt the offence was fine. Eberle and Weal were pretty consistent and Robertson got off to a hot start when he came over from the Raiders. Leffler has slowed, Strueby has stopped, Cerverny never started. It's good to see that Czibere has picked it up as of late.

The price to get Broda was probably going to have to include Mitchell, and personally I wouldn't get rid of him for a mid-season rent-a-player.

Since the deadline the Pats are 6-13-0-1, but 8 losses to Calgary, Saskatoon, and Swift Current, three teams that Regina just can't skate with, even for a team with two NHL first rounders. It's the 4 losses to Edmonton, PA, and Moose Jaw that hurt and those were games where the offence just wasn't there, outscored 10-4.

Personally, I don't understand why everyone gets so twisted up if the team doesn't make the playoffs, or win a championship, or win the Memorial Cup. What's it to you? The players are the ones who achieve something. What do fans get? A new t-shirt or a ball cap? You're unhappy with the performance, spend your money watching movies or sit around the house all day. There's 21 other teams in the league, not all of them can be elite, so get the stick out of your ass.

Somewhere here somebody mentioned getting nothing for OAs like Doucet, Hill, DePape, and Elder. These are guys that teams could have got for free anytime during the season, and they didn't. So why the hell would Parker have gotten anything for them back in October?