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Tuesday, December 18, 2018


The Saskatchewan Roughriders have signed national defensive lineman Zack Evans to a four-year contract extension, keeping him with the club through 2022.               
Evans (6’4 – 295) is a veteran of seven seasons after originally entering the CFL with the Riders as a territorial junior in 2012. The 28-year-old Regina native spent two seasons with the Green and White before being selected by the Ottawa Redblacks in the 2013 CFL Expansion Draft. After four years in Ottawa, Evans returned home to Saskatchewan, signing with the club ahead of the 2018 season.  

Last year, Evans started 18 regular-season games, collecting 15 defensive tackles and one quarterback sack. He also registered four fumble recoveries, returning one for a touchdown. He added one defensive tackle in the Western Semi-Final.

In 104 career games, Evans has amassed 102 defensive tackles, 23 sacks, five fumble recoveries and one interception. He is a two-time Grey Cup champion – winning with the Riders in 2013 and with Ottawa in 2016. 

Evans was eligible to become a free agent on February 12.

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(Vancouver) The BC Lions Football Club is pleased to announce that members of 2019 coaching staff have been finalized.

Following last week’s announcement that offensive coordinator Jarious Jackson and receivers coach Markus Howell would be retained for the 2019 season, Lions head coach DeVone Claybrooks has added the following coaches to his staff:

Rich Stubler – Defensive Coordinator & Linebackers Coach
Ryan Phillips – Defensive Backs Coach
Chris Ellis – Defensive Line Coach
Bryan Chiu – Offensive Line Coach
Nik Lewis – Running Backs Coach
Drew Tate – Quarterbacks Coach
Taylor Altilio – Special Teams Coordinator
Keith Stokes – Special Teams and Offensive Assistant

About the BC Lions Football Club
The BC Lions Football Club is Vancouver’s and British Columbia’s most successful professional sports organization with six Grey Cup titles: 1964, 1985, 1994, 2000, 2006 and 2011. Drawing on pride, decades of tradition, passion and a spirit of excellence, the BC Lions Football Club seeks to touch the lives of our community in a positive way and is dedicated to serving partners, sponsors and fans.

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1. JONATHAN JENNINGS IS CASEY PRINTERS: The Jonathon Jennings-to-Saskatchewan talk has made me uneasy from the get-go. And the more I think about it, the more convinced I am he is another Casey Printers waiting to happen.

Think about it.

Both burst onto the scene with an MOP-like year, earning NFL interest. Both fell flat on their face after an offseason of hearing their own hype.

Both made the B.C. Lions front office mad over their poor attitude/work ethic. Both had agents who ran their mouths with little regard for their own players employability.

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats got burned bigtime for taking a chance on Casey Printers. The Riders should learn from that and not do the same with Jonathon Jennings.

And besides, as legendary CFL scribe Lowell Ulrich of 3DownNation pointed out on the Cage last week, ‘Jennings didn’t mesh with Jarious Jackson last season, who is a product of the Chris Jones-Stephen McAdoo system’.

So why on earth would any of us think he would be for a fit for Saskatchewan?

2. HOPSON RIGHT ABOUT COACHES SALARIES: Jim has always owned his responsibility in driving coach costs up as he presided over the most successful decade in franchise history, in his time as Roughriders CEO.

In his memoirs, RUNNING THE RIDERS, Jim admits to starting the trend of expanding coach staff sizes and overpaying for football operations staff. It worked great for a Rider nation sick of playing the poor country cousins but also created an unsustainable model for the rest of the league.

Now the players will get a raise in the new CBA and they bloody-well deserve it. 

3. JEFFERSON IS ROUGHRIDERS REAL QB: Pretty clear that we’ve hit a down-cycle in quarterbacks, at least in Canada, if not in football all around.

Very reminiscent of the 2000 season when the Baltimore Ravens won a super bowl with Trent Dilfer as their quarterback, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who did the same with Brad Johnson two years later. That was all sandwiched around Marcus Crandell’s unlikely 2001 Grey Cup MVP triumph.

That was our last real DOWN CYCLE and teams didn’t absolutely need to have a great signal caller to win it all. The Ravens had their real leader in Ray Lewis, the Bucs had Warren Sapp among others and the Stamps still had a great defense, led by legendary warrior, Alondra Johnson.

My point: Willie Jefferson is good enough to fill that void for the Roughriders in 2019.

Searching for an affordable ‘game manager’ who doesn’t turn the ball over would go against conventional 3-down wisdom but might not be such a bad option for the Riders. Kevin Glenn could be just that guy.

4. MANZIEL STOCK ON THE RISE: Johnny showed some real flashes at the end of 2018 and without even playing a down this winter, his value is already on the rise. He’s already a more exciting option than anyone else the Roughriders, Lions, Argos, or Alouettes have and if both Bo Levi Mitchell and Mike Reilly get NFL contracts, you can add the Stampeders and Eskimos onto that list as well.

If I needed a quarterback, like the Riders and half the CFL does right now, I would have no problem taking my chances with Johnny Football.

5. BO SHOULD BE A LOCK, REILLY PLENTY GOOD ENOUGH FOR NFL: You’ll never convince me that either Bo Levi Mitchell or Mike Reilly are inferior to anyone the Jaguars, Broncos, Cardinals, Redskins or Bills have playing quarterback right now.

Bo should be a shoo-in, given his credentials and the fact his best years should still be in front of him since he’s the same age Jeff Garcia was when Jeff left Calgary for the 49ers and only a year older than Warren Moon was when he bolted Edmonton for the Houston Oilers.

Reilly will have a tougher time getting signed, but is still younger than Doug Flutie was when he joined the Buffalo Bills and is the perfect conventional pocket passer the NFL loves.

Jags Offensive Coordinator Scott Milanovich will be in Reilly’s corner, I’m sure. I doubt Scott has much say in what Jacksonville does but their head coach, Doug Marrone, has won an awful lot of games in the NFL with both the Jaguars and Buffalo Bills with some pretty lackluster quarterbacks.

Reilly might be the best quarterback Marrone has ever had the chance to sign.

6. BLACK HEAD COACHES: CFL went from zero black head coaches to 3 within one week. Lions GM Ed Hervey says we don’t need no Rooney-rule quota like they have in the NFL to interview visible minorities for head coaching jobs. I’m glad to hear him say that but if Ed or anyone else thinks we’ve come far enough with this than they should think again.

Black players account for a vast majority of the on-field talent in both leagues, and yet make up well under half of the lucrative General Manager and head coaching positions.

It’s probably getting better but don’t kid yourself.It’s still an old boys club. 

7. MONTREAL EXPOS RETURN COULD HELP CFL: The Tampa Bay Rays latest failure to build a stadium has speculation running rampant about a relocation to Montreal as early as 2020. The Alouettes would fear such a move as it would surely eat up a massive chunk of the Montreal sporting entertainment spotlight.

I have a different take.

Expo games on TSN and its French affiliate, RDS, would be used to cross promote the CFL broadcasts on those networks and in turn, the Alouette games.

I might be a little biased, given my photo above and noted obsession with the history of les Expos, but I think their return would actually steer more eyeballs, and not less, to the Canadian Football League.

8. DOUG FLUTIE VIDEO GAME: The geniuses who crapped all over Jeffrey Orridge and pushed him out of the Commissioner’s chair also didn’t like his idea of launching the first quality CFL video game. Apparently, the owners didn’t want to attach their name to something less than Madden quality but also didn’t want to invest any money in getting it that far either.

What a joke.

So instead, the producer (Canuck Play Inc.) has landed Doug Flutie as its brand ambassador and partner. They’re doing it with or without the CFL’s co-operation.

I’m not a gamer but plan to check it out and suggest you might want to as well.

9. MOOSE JAW WARRIORS SYMBOL OF EVERYTHING RIGHT: I was fortunate to do the Pats-Warriors TV broadcast with Darren Dupont in Moose Jaw Saturday night and was just so impressed with the great story that is this year’s Warriors. They were expected by many to suck wind all season like the Pats and Swift Current Broncos have.

Instead, they’re right in the thick of the WHL playoff chase and might be one of the prettiest passing teams I’ve seen in years. Tristan Langan is about as good of a 20-year-old story as I have ever seen.

The up-and-down cycle of junior teams has gotten old for me. Nice to see the Warriors not throwing in the towel on a season in which it would have been easy for them to do just that.

10. THE DONALD: Like Rob Ford as mayor of Toronto, Donald Trump’s time in the Oval Office gave us all some real comic relief in the early days but I’m over it. Wake me up when this over.

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Talking about quarterbacks is at times both the easiest, and hardest, thing to tackle and debate in the CFL. We love to rank them, pick who would be the best fit for your own team, rate the back-ups, and so on.

Back in May, we ranked the top-20 quarterbacks in the CFL. The top of the list has stayed pretty much the same while some moved up, some moved down, and some disappeared forever.

So, in the spirit of keeping the CFL water-cooler chatter 365-days a year, here are the post-season top-20 rankings with their previous ranking in brackets.

1.     (1) Bo Levi Mitchell – Calgary Stampeders

There was a question whether Bo Levi Mitchell could have another great season and win another Grey Cup. He did both and did it with a revamped receiving core and offensive line. Granted the bulk of the season was won by virtue of a great defence, but when needed BLM proved yet again that he was and is the best quarterback in the CFL. The free agent is now trying to convert his CFL success into a potential NFL opportunity. Considering the lack of mid-level pivots down south, he just may get that opportunity.

2.     (2) Mike Reilly – Edmonton Eskimos

The gritty gunslinger led the CFL in passing yards with his third straight 5,000-yard season. He kept his TD-to-INT ratio (30-18) to a minimum and had the highest yard per pass attempt average in the CFL. In the end though, missing the playoffs hurt his chances of taking over the number one spot. Yes, it’s not all on him but with a season like he had, it really should translate into a playoff berth. The other great thing about Reilly is that he played almost every snap at quarterback for the Eskimos in 2018. Reilly is also a free agent and it will be interesting if he stays in Edmonton or looks elsewhere.

3.     (4) Trevor Harris – Ottawa Redblacks

2018 was a bit of a Coming Out Party for Trevor Harris. He had his first 5,000-yard passing season and was lights-out when it counted in the Eastern Final throwing six touchdown passes leading the Redblacks to their second Grey Cup appearance since returning to the CFL in 2014. The Grey Cup was a dud of a game, but as a whole, it was a successful step for one of the league’s up-and-comers.

4.     (8) Jeremiah Masoli – Hamilton Tiger-Cats

Masoli experienced one of the biggest jumps of all the starting quarterbacks in the CFL in 2018. This was the first season that he was alone at the helm of the Ti-Cats. He was able to fend off the distraction of former Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel. So much so that Hamilton traded Manziel. In the end, he rewarded Hamilton with an East Final berth and a 5,000-yard passing season and the number-two passer statistically in the CFL.

5.     (5) Matt Nichols – Winnipeg Blue Bombers

It was an incredibly important season for the seven year vet in his third season as the starting quarterback for the Blue Bombers. He passed, not with flying colours, but he nevertheless had a passing grade in a season interrupted again by injury. There were times Nichols looked like a top-three quarterback and then there were times that he wouldn’t be a starter for most teams in the CFL. It was a decent step in his career that the Bombers hope continues to improve in 2019.
Catch Saints-Panthers Monday night at Famoso Downtown!
Here is where we begin to put the names in a hat and pull them out:

6.     (8) Zach Collaros – Saskatchewan Roughriders

This will be a bit of a “feeling” instead of the pure stats side of things, but the starting quarterback had to overcome concussions, vanilla play-calling and a very mediocre receiving corps to have an average season. Not a great one, not a bad one, just -- ok. The thing that makes it tough to put Collaros this high is that he is capable of so much more but wasn’t able to produce on the field. Where he lands in 2019 is anyone’s guess.

7.     (10) Travis Lulay – B.C. Lions

It was yet another injury-filled season for a player that has battled the trainer’s table over the past few seasons. When Lulay was playing, he was solid but was still prone to the big mistake and only threw two more touchdowns than interceptions (13 - 11). Father time is ticking for the 35-year-old quarterback whose best years are now behind him.

8.     (3) Ricky Ray – Toronto Argonauts

Even with what is more than likely a career ending injury in the second game of the season, veteran quarterback Ricky Ray is one of the top players in the CFL. Who knows what would have happened with the Argos if Ray played the whole season. Marc Trestman would probably still be leading the Double Blue and they would have had a better shot at defending their 2017 Grey Cup title.

9.     (NR) Chris Streveler – Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Here at Out of the Tunnel, we love Chris Streveler. He plays a lot like a young Mike Reilly. As a 23-year-old raw rookie out of South Dakota, he didn’t look out of place when he had to start game one of the season for the Bombers. There were times that he made the mistakes that rookies are bound to make, but boy if there was a potential “next one” in the CFL, it is Streveler.

10.   (6) Jonathan Jennings – B.C. Lions

After a 5,000-yard season in 2016, the former potential “next one” has had a couple of seasons to forget. The soon to be free agent will more than likely not be returning to B.C. and a fresh start may be what is needed for the 26-year-old.

11.  (9) Kevin Glenn – Edmonton Eskimos

The 39-year-old quarterback didn’t take a single snap for the Edmonton Eskimos in 2018, but his past resume, even in 2017 doesn’t change anyone’s mind on how skilled the journeyman is. He will be a great backup for whoever needs him in 2019.

12.  (11) James Franklin – Toronto Argonauts

The former hottest young quarterback had a difficult time when thrust into the starters role when Ricky Ray went down for the season. Franklin looked lost at times and at others he tried to force throws when he shouldn’t have. The talent is still there, and he is still young but a relative no-name when 2018 began, shared starting duties and will compete as a starter in 2019.

13.  (NR) McLeod Bethel-Thompson – Toronto Argonauts

That player competing with Franklin is McLeod Bethel-Thompson. The 30-year-old played in his second season in the CFL and was given a chance to compete as the starting quarterback with the Argos when Franklin struggled. Bethel-Thompson was ok, but was still adjusting to his surroundings and the CFL game.

14.  (20) Johnny Manziel – Montreal Alouettes

It was a very interesting first season for the former Heisman Trophy winner. He began the season with the Hamilton Ti-Cats but was deemed expendable with the play of Jeremiah Masoli. He showed flashes of what made him a great college quarterback but still has trouble reading a defence and still relies too much on his scrambling skills. It will be interesting to see where he ends up at this time next year.

15.  (12) Brandon Bridge – Saskatchewan Roughriders

In 2017 there were times that Bridge looked like he could be a starter in the CFL but 2018 was a step back for the lone Canadian quarterback in the CFL. The arm-talent and athletic ability is there but the rest of the skills needed to be a successful quarterback in the league still aren't there.

The best of the rest:

16. (NR) Antonio Pipkin – Montreal Alouettes

17. (19) Dominique Davis – Ottawa Redblacks

18. (NR) Cody Fajardo – B.C. Lions

19. (NR) Dane Evans – Hamilton Tiger-Cats

20. (20) Danny O’Brien – Edmonton Eskimos

A Canadian to watch in the NCAA
Justin McInnis (Sr.) - WR
Arkansas State
6’6” 206lbs.
Hometown – Pierrefonds, Que.
High School – Lindsay Place High School (Pointe Clair, Que)

After a couple of seasons at Dodge City (Kansas) C.C., McInnis found a home in the Arkansas State receiving corps. In his second and senior season with the Red Wolves, McInnis was second on the team in receiving with 694 yards and five touchdowns.

His performance garnered him a Sun Belt Conference all second-team honour.

He is one of the top players available for the 2019 CFL Draft and you can have a real good look at him on  December 29th as his Red Wolves take on the Nevada Wolfpack in the Arizona Bowl.



The Saskatchewan Roughriders have signed national receiver Patrick Lavoie to a two-year contract extension, keeping him with the club through 2020.             

Lavoie (6’2 – 240) was acquired by the Riders in a trade with the Montreal Alouettes on October 10th and went on to play three regular-season games and the Western Semi-Final for the Green and White. 

Lavoie was originally selected by the Alouettes in the 2nd round (11th overall) of the 2012 CFL Draft. After spending two seasons in Montreal, he was selected by the Ottawa Redblacks in the 2013 CFL Expansion Draft. The 31-year-old spent four seasons in Ottawa before being re-acquired by Montreal in a January 2018 trade.

Through seven CFL seasons, Lavoie has collected 148 receptions for 1,343 yards and seven touchdowns in 118 career regular-season games.

He has added six playoff games and two Grey Cup games, winning with the Ottawa Redblacks in 2016.   

Lavoie was eligible to become a free agent on February 12, 2019.


International quarterback Drew Tate has retired from the Canadian Football League.

Tate played 10 CFL seasons, spending time with Calgary, Ottawa and Saskatchewan.

(Roughriders PR)




Junior – Pool A:
Wiley (Sheldon #1) 8 Szakacs (Riffel #1) 1
Breit (LeBoldus #1) 4 Lussier (Riffel #2) 4
Buckner (Campbell) 8 Lutz (Martin #2) 0
Bennefeld (Knoll) 8 Day (Balfour #1) 0
Kessel (Greenall) 9 Buzash (Riffel #3) 1

Junior – Pool B:
Barnes (O’Neill #2) 10 Ehmann (Sheldon #3) 2
Obinski (Campbell #2) 5 Hak (LeBoldus #2) 4
Simpson (Martin #4) 11 Ross (Sheldon #2) 3
Zankl (Balfour #2) 7 Rabayez (Riffel #4) 3
Lazurko (Miller) 6 Wood (Martin #3) 2


Jr. Boys – Tier 1
Riffel 86 Sheldon 65
LeBoldus 94 Balfour 67
Miller 76 Luther 47
Martin 69 O’Neill 52

Jr. Boys – Tier 2
Johnson 71 Regina Christian 69

Sr. Boys – Tier 1
Sheldon 95 Riffel 72
LeBoldus 97 Balfour 65
Miller 69 Luther 62
Martin 90 O’Neill 73

Sr. Boys – Tier 2
Lumsden 91 Scott 40
Greenall 100 Laval 75
Regina Christian 98 Johnson 36

Sunday, December 16, 2018


TORONTO - Kicker Zach Medeiros, quarterback Noah Picton, and wide receiver Cole Watson all signed with the Toronto Argonauts on Sunday.

Medeiros agreed to a deal through to 2020. The 28-year-old kicker/punter joined the Argonauts in July after spending time with the Montreal Alouettes during the pre-season and being released in June. The St. Thomas, Ont., native played in 11 games for Toronto and was successful on 11 of 15 field goals while punting the ball 59 times for an average of 46.1, third best in the CFL.

Picton finished his career with the University of Regina Rams (2013-2018) as one of the most prolific passers in U Sports history. The five-foot-nine, 180-pound quarterback became the U Sports all-time leader in passing yards this season after throwing for 11,494 yards in his career.

He agreed to a deal through 2021.

Watson returns to Toronto after spending the last two training camps with the club. The American caught three passes for 52 yards in one pre-season game this season after catching seven for 64 yards in two games during the 2017 pre-season. His deal goes until 2020.

(The Canadian Press)


Photo: Marc Smith/DiscoverMooseJaw
MOOSE JAW – The Regina Pats concluded the first half of the 2018-19 season with a 6-3 loss in Moose Jaw Saturday night.

The Pats got on the board early when Robbie Holmes snapped in his fifth of the year, 56 seconds into the first. The Warriors tied it up 23 seconds later thanks to Tristin Langan and it was 1-1. Moose Jaw added a powerplay goal late in the frame to take a 2-1 lead to the break.

In the second, Austin Pratt tied it for Regina on the five on three powerplay, his 13th of the year to make it 2-2. Moose Jaw responded with two goals in the span of 1:53 to lead 4-2. The Pats got it back to within a goal with nine seconds left in the period, Robbie Holmes his second of the night, sixth of the year and it was 4-3 Moose Jaw after two.

In the third, the Warriors scored two powerplay goals to make it 6-3 and that was the final score.

The Pats and Warriors were tied on the shot clock at 27. The Regina powerplay was 2/6 while the penalty kill went 4/7. Robbie Holmes led the offence with two goals and an assist, while Dean McNabb and Max Paddock combined to make 21 saves.

Quick Hits
- Robbie Holmes has two goals and two assists in his first three games since returning from injury.
- The Pats snapped an oh for 20 stretch on the powerplay with two goals in the second period on the man advantage.
- The Pats finish the first half of the season with a 9-24-0-1 record.

What’s Next? 
The Pats (9-24-0-1) are off for the Christmas break until Thursday, December 27 when they visit the Brandon Wheat Kings at 7 p.m. on 620 CKRM. Next home game is Friday December 28 against the Brandon Wheat Kings. Tickets are available at, the Brandt Centre Box Office and at any Regina Safeway, where Fun Zone tickets are $13 plus tax.

(Phil Andrew/


Brock Boeser is heating up. The sophomore sniper notched a goal and an assist, leading his Vancouver Canucks to a 5-1 win over the slumping Philadelphia Flyers. The 21-year-old Boeser has seven goals and two assists in his last eight games.


Mikko Rantanen keeps piling up the points. The NHL's scoring leader had two goals and an assist in extending his point streak to 14 straight games as the Colorado Avalanche recovered after blowing a three-goal lead and beat the Dallas Stars 6-4. Rantanen has a league-leading 56 points this season.


Mathew Barzal had been doing everything but score lately for the Islanders. He broke through against the Detroit Red Wings to get New York a needed win. Barzal scored a key tying power-play goal in the third period and then got the lone goal of the shootout to lift the Islanders to a 4-3 win over the Red Wings.


Canada West will not be repeating as champions at the world junior-A challenge. Griffin Ness scored at 7:35 of overtime as the United States beat the Canadians 3-2 to advance to the title game in Bonnyville, Alberta. The Americans will face Russia for gold after the Russians beat the Czech Republic 4-1 in the other semifinal.


Another triple-double for James Harden. Harden had 32 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists, and the Rockets weathered a fourth-quarter burst to beat the Grizzlies 105-97 for their third consecutive win. Harden, who had 50 points in a triple-double in the Rockets' victory over the Lakers on Thursday, recorded his 10th assist on a pass to Clint Capela with 21-point-3 seconds left.


Samuel Vargas is still NABA welterweight champion. The Toronto native won an ill-tempered, lopsided 10-round decision over Argentine Gabriel Adrian Pereiro. The 29-year-old Vargas scored a second-round knockdown and began to land combinations on his tiring 40-year-old opponent as the fight wore on. But he could not finish him. The judges scored it 100-87, 99-88 and 99-88 for Vargas.




PRINCE ALBERT, Sask. - Justin Nachbaur and Noah Gregor each had a pair of goals as the league-leading Raiders downed Swift Current.

Sean Montgomery, Ozzy Wiesblatt and Parker Kelly also scored for Prince Albert (31-2-1). Brett Balas stopped 7-of-8 shots in 33:52 of relief for starter Donovan Buskey to pick up the win.

Dawson Springer, Ethan O'Rourke, Joona Kiviniemi, Matthew Culling and Alec Zawatsky found the back of the net for the Broncos (6-25-2). Joel Hofer turned aside 49-of-56 shots in defeat.



BRANDON, Man. - Stelio Mattheos completed his hat trick at 2:25 of overtime to lift the Wheat Kings over the Blades.

Connor Gutenberg, Cole Reinhardt and Ben McCartney also scored while Luka Burzan chipped in with four assists. Ethan Kruger made 35 saves for Brandon (15-10-6).

Max Gerlach scored twice as Chase Wouters, Dawson Davidson and Tristen Robins added singles for Saskatoon (21-10-4), which had its four-game win streak halted. Nolan Maier stopped 25 shots in defeat.



EDMONTON - Andrew Fyten capped the comeback with a goal 40 seconds into overtime as the Oil Kings halted Calgary's win streak at five games.

Vince Loschiavo and David Kope scored in regulation to erase a two-goal deficit for the Oil Kings (17-12-6), who got 32 saves from Dylan Myskiw.

Jack McNaughton stopped 41-of-44 shots to help the Hitmen (15-14-4) earn a point. Kaden Elder and Jake Kryski supplied the offence.



LETHBRIDGE, Alta. - Jordy Bellerive had a goal and two helpers and Reece Klassen turned away 37 shots as the Hurricanes dealt Kamloops its sixth loss in a row.

Dylan Cozens, Jake Leschyshyn, Taylor Ross and Nick Henry also scored for Lethbridge (17-9-6).

Kyrell Sopotyk and Connor Zary scored for the Blazers (12-16-3). Dylan Garand kicked out 36-of-40 shots in defeat.



MEDICINE HAT, Alta. - Leif Mattson supplied all the offence Kelowna needed to snap the Tigers' four-game win streak.

Roman Basran kicked out 31 shots for the Rockets (16-17-2).

James Hamblin put Medicine Hat (17-15-3) on the scoresheet as Jordan Hollett made 18 saves in defeat.



EVERETT, Wash. - Riley Sutter scored twice and Dustin Wolf made 21 saves as the Silvertips toppled Seattle to improve to 12-0-2 in their last 14 games.

Bryce Kindopp, Martin Fasko-Rudas, Gianni Fairbrother and Jackson Berezowski also scored for Everett (27-7-2).

The Thunderbirds (11-16-3) offence came from Jaxan Kaluski. Cole Schwebius turned away 33 shots in a losing cause.



KENNEWICK, Wash. - Aaron Hyman scored the winner at 3:26 of the extra period as Tri-City slipped past Portland.

Nolan Yaremko scored twice in the third period to erase a 2-0 deficit while Beck Warm made 32 saves for the Americans (16-12-2).

Joachim Blichfeld and Michal Kvasnica supplied the offence for the Winterhawks (19-11-3). Shane Farkas made 31 saves in defeat.



VICTORIA - D-Jay Jerome scored twice and Griffen Outhouse turned aside 25 shots as the Royals doubled up Vancouver.

Ty Yoder and Dante Hannoun also scored for Victoria (16-13-1).

Owen Hardy and Tristen Nielsen replied for the Giants (21-8-2). David Tendeck stopped 20-of-23 shots in defeat.


Saturday, December 15, 2018


By: Justin Dunk,

The Jacksonville Jaguars worked out quarterback Mike Reilly on Friday, per NFL sources.

Scott Milanovich, the former Toronto Argonauts’ Grey Cup-winning head coach and the 2012 CFL coach of the year,  joined the Jags as quarterbacks coach in January 2017 and was elevated to offensive coordinator in November.
Reilly has thrown for over 5,000 yards in three straight CFL seasons with the Edmonton Eskimos. The 33-year-old threw for a career-high 5,830 yards and 30 touchdowns in 2017,  earning the CFL most outstanding player award.
Back in 2015, Reilly led the Eskimos to a Grey Cup championship and earned CFL title game MVP honours. Reilly was originally acquired by the Eskimos in January 2013 when then-general manager Ed Hervey sent two second-round draft picks (2013 and 2014) to B.C. for the QB and the Lions’ second-round selection in 2013.


CALGARY - An event centre in Calgary that would also be the new home of the NHL's Flames is estimated to cost between $550 million and $600 million.

A city council event centre committee was presented that number Friday by the president and chief executive officer of the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation.

"I'm very confident we can deliver a really good building for the citizens of Calgary as well as for Calgary Sports and Entertainment for that number,'' Michael Brown told the committee.

"It's a strong number. It has respectable contingency in it. What's not included is the cost of land associated with it.''

The city and the Flames are not yet talking on who will pay how much for a building to replace the 35-year-old Saddledome.

"We're not negotiating at all at this point,'' said Coun. Jeff Davison, who chairs the committee."We've had very early days, high-level conversations with the Flames.

"Their expectation is that we bring the vision forward for the entertainment and cultural district and that's what we're doing.''

The event centre, with a capacity of roughly 20,000 for sports, would be at the heart of a larger revitalized commercial and residential district east of downtown.

"We believe the city needs a win,'' Davison said. "I firmly believe the city needs a great vision and that's what we're proposing in this district.''

Council voted in October to try to re-engage CSEC, which also owns the WHL's Hitmen, the CFL's Stampeders and the NLL's Roughnecks, in talks.

Negotiations broke off over a year ago when Flames president Ken King called discussions "spectacularly unproductive.''

But the Flames gave CMLC access to work done by an architect, which was in turn reviewed by two large contractors within the city, according to Brown.

"What Calgary Sports and Entertainment did for us is allow us to get access to some of their design information,'' Brown explained.

The vision for the event centre is for it to be multi-purpose with portions that can be sectioned off for art installations and concerts of different types, including Cirque du Soleil, as well as sports.

"You don't necessarily have to book out the entire building to take advantage of it,'' Brown explained.

"If you want to have something in the Saddledome, you're booking the Saddledome. For a true event centre, you can do many different things with it.''

Before talks broke off, CSEC had offered to put $275-million into a new $500-million arena just north of the Saddledome, and said the city should raise the remaining $225-million through a community revitalization levy.

A CRL allows the city to divert property taxes from new development that would theoretically spring up around a new arena into paying for it.

The city had proposed a three-way split on the cost of a $555-million arena, with the city and the Flames each paying $185-million and the remaining third raised from a surcharge on tickets.

The location on the east side of the downtown came after an $890-million CalgaryNext project pitched by the Flames in 2015. That concept included a hockey arena, football stadium and field house west of downtown.

Flames owners offered $200-million of their own money and proposed a $250-million loan be repaid through a ticket surcharge.

CalgaryNext was put on the back burner when council determined the project would cost as much as $1.8-billion, due to remediation of creosote-soaked soil on site.